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Maybe I'm Wrong

Guest christine king

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Story Title: Maybe I'm wrong
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: The 2014 cast

Other Characters: Lily Smith
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama & Romance
Does story include spoilers: Yes - UK Spoilers
Any warnings: Will warn at the beginning of each chapter if necessary
Summary: Tough times are ahead for the residents of Summer Bay, its a new year and new relationships are forming, old friendships are reunited and just when you think you know who's a friend you get burned.

Chapter 1

Heath wakes from underneath the rubble, he gets his bearings and realises what happened moments earlier, he looks around for Bianca, Irene and Ricky, he spots Ricky on the ground unconscious, he then sees Bianca on the other side of the room, he looks to his other side and sees Irene lying their too, he hesitantly gets up and moves towards Bianca and try's to wake her, Nate comes to his aid and they both lift her out of the room, they put her down on a hospital pad, Heath moves back into the room but he doesn't see the roof collapse on him until its too late.

Maddy and Josh walking the beach hand in hand, they stop for a break and sit down on the sand, Maddy asks Josh "are you happy without your brother around?", Josh looks at her and sighs knowing that its complicated question which leads to more complicated answer, Josh says "I'm happy with you and I might miss my Brother but I don't need him and until hes gets that, hes not going to be in my life", Someone approaches them on the beach and they are shocked "what are you doing back?".

Irene wakes and tries to move a park of the roof off her, shes makes enough room for her feet and she pushes it until she can get out, she looks around and spots Ricky running towards her, she looks for a pulse and finds one but its weak she starts giving her CPR and Ricky finally breathes, Irene helps her up and they start to make their way out of the room...

Evelyn and Oscar try to rouse Kyle, they eventually get him awake, Kyle asks "where are we?" and "what happened?", Evelyn and Oscar explain that their dad whos now a leader of a cult kidnapped them and locked them in here, they think they've been here for hours, Kyle realises he missed the end of the festival and thinks Tamara will kill him. Oscar explains that they have to get out of here but knows their is no escape without the key, their stuck.

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Chapter 2

Zac is standing outside the juice bar and Angelo's, he pulls out his phone and dials 'Hannah' but gets no answer, he looks frustrated, Tamra comes across telling him he hasn't found the twins or Kyle yet, Zac tells Tamara hes headed to the hospital to tell Hannah whats happened and Tamara says shes come, so she can tell Heath his brother is missing, they run towards Zac's car and gets in, they speed off, Someone is watching them from afar and sets off to the hospital to follow them after overhearing their conversation

Hannah is on the floor unconscious when Irene and Ricky notice her, Nate arrives back and he revives Hannah, the two nurses get Irene and Ricky into a hospital room down the corridor, a park of the hospital that didn't get bombed. Irene mentions she heard a cave in earlier but was to out of it to see where about's it was, Ricky assumes it was near them and Nate tells them Heath headed back in to save them, Ricky and Irene get worried faces and Nate tells the three girls to stay here while he goes and checks it out.

Zac and Tamara arrive at the hospital and notice smoke coming off a couple of floors, they move to get inside but are blocked by security people saying "its not safe there's been an explosion", Zac tells him they have family inside but the security guy says he can't risk it, Zac heads off around the back of the hospital while Tamara gets out her phone and calls Casey.

Andy is talking to Josh and Maddy at the juice bar but neither is forth coming with conversation. They tell him that school is better now that Ms Montgomery has gotten fired and left town and that the music festival was awesome. Andy asks Josh when is coming home but Josh tells him i'm not, Summer Bay is my home now and asks Andy why he doesn't move here permanently, Andy looks shocked and says I didn't think you wanted me around here, Josh says "I do, just not as my keeper".

Nate enters and sees the cave in and assumes that Heath would be underneath it, he goes to move towards it but another cave in comes down on top of him trapping him.

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Alf arrives at the hospital with SES team. They go secure the building and make their way into the hospital. Alf runs into Ricky and Irene and helps navigate their way out of the hospital. They explain that "Bianca, Heath and Nate are still in there possibly hurt", Alf radios another member and tells him to tell all other members there's still people inside. Alf, Ricky and Irene make it outside, Alf sends them to the ammo's to get checked over, Alf radios some other people and they tell him they have have found Heath and Nate and are trying to get them out right now, Alf tells the guy hes coming back inside to help.

Casey arrives at the hospital and runs up to Tamara "asking what happened?", Tamara explains that there was a bomb explosion and that Heath, Bianca and Ricky were hurt and that Heath and Bianca are still inside. Casey then asks about Kyle and Tamara tells him that Kyle, Evelyn and Oscar have been missing since the festival yesterday and she thinks somethings bad happened. Casey tells her to breathe and to focus on one thing at a time, they will wait until Zac comes back and then they will find Kyle.

Zac arrives back telling Casey and Tamara that he couldn't find a way in the back. Just at that moment they see Hannah coming out of the hospital, Zac runs towards her asking if she is ok, He leads her over to the ammo's so they can check her over but she reminds him she is a nurse herself but Zac tells her to humor him then and she agrees. Hannah tells Zac that Ethan was in the hospital when the bomb went off but that a wall came down and she couldn't get to him. Zac runs over to an SES worker and tells them hes brothers in there, they tell Zac they will do everything they can before they radio more people inside the building.

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Chapter 3

Alf finds SES members inside the hospital, he asks them if they got any more people out, they tell him they are still looking for people, Alf keeps moving forward and eventually gets to where Heath and Nate are trapped, him and the SES workers start moving the rumble trying to get them out but they realise they need more people and radios them, they now have more hands and eventually get them out just as more parts of the roof come down blocking their exit.

Zac sees some SES workers pulling Ethan out of the hospital, they take him straight to the ammo's, hes bleeding alot and they start to try to repair the damage, Zac asks them how bad it is, they tell him they can't answer that right now and that its really bad. The ammo's give Zac Ethan's phone saying they found it with him. Zac checks the call log and finds a number Ethan called a few times in the last week. He goes over to Casey and Tamara and explains his brother has taken the twins and Kyle but doesn't know where and that he thinks hes got help and shows them the phone number on his brothers phone, he asks them what they should do? Casey says they should wait for them to call Ethan's phone and hope they leave a voice-mail message. Zac goes over to Hannah asking her why Ethan was at the hospital, Hannah tells him that Ethan came to talk to her, to tell her they didn't need to worry about the twins anymore, Zac tells her that Ethan has taken the twins somewhere.

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