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At The Same Time

Guest Kyle

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Title: At The Same Time

Type of Story: Medium/Long fic

Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Leah, Heath, Vj

BTTB Rating: T, A

Genre: Romance, Drama

Spoilers: No

Warnings: SC, V/D, L

Summary: Teenage chax are young, happy and in love. Fast forward a few years and the ride hasn't been smooth to say the least! Will these two make it out together or is young love best left...young?

So if you read the summary above you might have an idea what this story is about. Below is the prologue and the next update will be chapter 1 the actual chapters will be 1000+ words however this is obviously short - so sorry about that.


"Brax, we need to talk." Charlie said into the phone.

"I'll be there in five" Charlie heard he boyfriend say but her mind was elsewhere. How was he going to take the news? Was Leah right, would he support her?

Hearing him making small talk with her father downstairs she made her way out of her room.

"Brax, up here" Charlie's voice echoed around the house as she stood at the top of the staircase.

Grinning at her he allowed himself to be pulled by her into her bedroom. "Alright so I was talking with Leah and she said to rip it off like a bamd-aid, so thats what I'm gonna do." Charlie took a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant." She watched her boyfriends face waiting for his reaction.

His expression was blank, he gave away nothing. He opened his mouth but no words came out. "Baby please say something." She whispered as she sat down beside him.

"I...I...I need to go." He stood up and rushed towards the door.

"Brax if you leave. We're done, for good." She said her voice laced with anger, Leah had promised he wouldn't leave her.

Slowly walking towards the girl he cupped her face, "Charlie I love you and I will support whatever decision you make but babe I need to go. I've got to clear my head, I'm sorry." He placed a light kiss on her forehead before turning around and leaving Charlie.

Charlie felt her eyes glaze over with tears as they began to trickle down her face her sobs got louder.

"Charlie, Charlotte. Sweetheart what's wrong?" Elsie asked walking into her daughters room.

"We made a mistake mum, a really big one." She murmured into her mothers shoulder.


Charlie tapped her pen against the desk as she did her homework. Attempting to block her parents arguing. Her mother, while shocked gave Charlie her full support. The two women had made there way into Ross' office and while Elsie had rubbed her daughters back Charlie had told him.

Of course he'd been outraged, yelling at Charlie until her mother had sent her upstairs. The two had been yelling ever since, Ross didn't understand how she could support their 16 year olds mistake.

Charlie heard the front door slam shut and after a few minutes a knock at the door.

"Charlotte." Her mother called.

Her mother smiled at whoever was at the door before returning to the kitchen. Charlie pulled the door back further so she could see who stood there. Brax stood there with a small smile and a brown gift bag.

"Okay before you say anything I just want to say," He said leaning towards her engulfing her lips with her his own. Their kiss became more passionate as he slowly pulled her outside her house and up against the brick.

As Brax pulled away he handed her the bag. Tearing the tap off the top she opened it, pulling out a light green baby grow. Smiling as she saw it she looked up at him.

"Do you wanna do this?" Charlie nodded at him.

"We're going to be parents baby." He grinned placing a kiss of her lips.


From the doorway of the kitchen Elsie smiled as she saw her daughter running up the stairs with Brax. Brax was a good kid, he grew up without a father and was always there for his younger brother. His mother was lovely as well, she wouldn't kick Brax out because of Charlie's pregnancy.

Ross however was a different story, threatening to kick out his own daughter if she didn't have an abortion. Elsie had immediately screamed for him to get out and only come back if he was going to accept their daughter was staying put whether he liked it or not.


Alright so that's it for now I'll update after I get a few comments.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

The next chapter will skip ahead.

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Lovely start, Chax. And of course because it has my Charlie in it it's even better. :P Loved that Brax came back with the baby grow and said he'll support her and that Charlie at least has her mothers support. :) Not sure things will be smooth sailing for Chax though as you do have a story to tell. Looking forward to more.

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