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Matt Minto talks to ZM's Luke & PJ

Guest Dingo x

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"Luke and PJ talked to Matt Minto as he graces TV screens again but this time hes ditched Shortland Street for Home and Away!"

Kiwi actor Matt Minto who plays Ethan on Home and Away sheds a little bit of light on Home and Away - mainly behind the cameras.

It's interesting.. I suppose it will be more interesting for people who watched Matt play Isaac Worthington on Shorty.

Mainly comparing the two shows productions.

I always thought Home and Away filmed 3 months ahead but according to Matt they film 5 months ahead.

I have seen quite a bit of speculation around of Ethan dying in the finale. But Matt said at this stage it's an extended guest role, and that he will be on and off screen fighting for his kids.

I presume he's talking about after the cult is shut down. Which we haven't even really seen yet.

Also, NZ is one week behind Aus and by the sounds of it this interview was done about a month ago, as Luke and PJ were talking as if NZ had already seen a fair bit of the cult storyline.

so it definitely sounds like he will still be around after the finale.

Interview. Hopefully it's works for you guys outside of NZ.

It doesn't really give away anything but it's enjoyable to listen too.

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