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We have the knack of asking the day before a decision is made! Increase to 3 episodes per week from 27th April

There was a voiceover message over the closing credits on 5* today from Ray Meagher: “And that’s it until the New Year! So from all of us down under, have a great Christmas and we’ll see you in J

We’ve spoken to Channel 5 this morning and nothing has been decided as yet, but they’ll get back to us once there’s any update.

7 hours ago, baywatcher said:

UPDATE - The third episode will start screening from NEXT week 😃


Even better! Thanks!

Have to say though, this is all getting very complicated for the average viewer. It's ok for us lot being on here and upto date but I imagine many will be missing an episode next week and wondering what happened come Friday when they sit down and wonder if they've missed something!

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9 hours ago, baywatcher said:

The continuity announcer said right at the start of today's ep that it was on Mon, Wed & Fri from next week.

Yes, I was glad to see that. Hopefully we'll get one on Monday as well to remind people.

I notice that we see to have acquired some graveyard repeats: This week's episodes are being shown on Channel 5 Saturday night/early Sunday morning, with the two Neighbours episodes the following night/morning, and next week the day's two Oz soap episodes are being shown in the early hours of the following morning. Hopefully that'll be adjusted to accommodate the extra episode.

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