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On 19/11/2018 at 02:12, James Martin said:

Interesting that Neighbours is moving up to 6pm.  I wonder if we will see Home & Away take the 5:30pm slot in the new year?  The figures these days are exceptionally low when you consider that in the early '90s it was one of ITV's biggest shows, drawing in a peak of 14m in 1994!  Nowadays, it's around half a million!  I wonder if it's a fragmented audience across the various showings, or a more millennial audience watching via On Demand that's caused that?

An exceptionally long break again mind you.  I wonder if there would be any merit in dropping down to 4 days a week and then taking the show off on bank holidays, which would build up enough slack for us to continue over Seven's break?  So we would be more-or-less synchronous at the start of the year but as Australia piled on the double and triple bills, we'd edge slowly behind until we had enough stock to cover late November to early January the following year?

There’s about 500k at 6pm 400k at 630pm and 200-300k at 1:15pm. So yes the audience is more fragmented and then there’s catch up as you say. I’d prefer 6 weeks over Christmas and stay on the rest of the year just 3 or so weeks behind Aus as others have said. 

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Going down to 4 episodes a week would give us 208 episodes a year, and there's 230 in a season.  I'm not sure there's an easy way to do it though unless Seven go back to a proper 5 night a week schedule.

Ireland came off air on Monday night with the same episode, ending on Raffy having a seizure on Facebook Live - they appear to be a day behind the UK.  I'm surprised they didn't pause for the World Cup as it was lunchtime only during that period.

It's all a bit odd as we could easily complete the season by early January, but I'm guessing it's not restarting until fairly late In Australia - late Jan/early Feb.

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On 17/12/2018 at 14:36, Homeandawayfan. said:

As said before, Channel 5 obviously favour Neighbours over H&A, and H&A is seen as the "unloved younger sibling".

I think it is because Neighbours has always been more popular in the UK than H&A, and more iconic, and the Channel 5 favouring of Neighbours reflects that.

H&A has always been treated well by the channel. They spent a metric F...udgeton on the marketing in 2001 and the first look in 2006.

Would rather Neighbours stayed in its traditional slot tbf.

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