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Matt Page - Alec Snow


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Matt is a typical boy. He is trouble, but has feelings and finds it hard to express but manages it. Somehow he goes back to being his normal self because on one changes. He is a growing character that should not be judged for the bad things if its only through speech.

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Hey guys I'm new (well sorta new to his page) and wanted to get this character to the top of this page as I feel like Alec Snow has been a great addition to the show and I feel like he's not been utilised enough with his amazing acting. I do think it's unfair that's he's only on more or less once a week on the show; I would like to see less of Maddy to be honest.

He's defo one of the better ones and fully deserves a nomination for most popular actor for the Logies (thought he won't get it lol).

I do hope we see more of him in 2015 though

I will be gutted when Sasha (Demi Harman) leaves. I understand the frustration with her character, but I love them together.

I hope Matt is going to be utilised like how Sasha was when she first joined the show to show their amazing acting ability.

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Please note that if an event or an upcoming storyline that hasn't been seen on Australian television screens, then it is classified as a spoiler.

One must either refrain from posting spoilers in this thread or make sure that spoiler tags are added to the spoilers within one's post.

Please remember this in future. :)

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Um Matt is nothing like Aden.

Oh yes, he didn't start off as a guest character, was mean and sarcastic to people to hide his problems with himself and at home, once he left home and was welcomed into someone else's he saw that if he got an education his life could get better. He also didn't fall in love with a smart, dark haired no-nonsense girl.

I could go on. So no he's nothing like Aiden.

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He is absolutely not an Aden.

Not all bad boys portrayed in this show are alike. Even if they both were bad boys and fell in love with a dark haired girl, their storylines and development are completely different.

Aden was about hundred times better written and played than Matt Page. Of course parts of his storylines could have been written better, but this is a soap so there will always be something to pick on.

But Matt Page has been all over the places, and the guy who plays him is far too old looking, and is not capable to seem so young and vulnerable as Todd Lasance did. I haven't been a fan of what i have seen of mr. Lasance after home and away, but in the role as Aden he was excellent.

To be honest I think that Alec Snow should have played someone like his actual age. And I think that counts for more of the cast, actually.

And on the other side, Aden had a good build up. He was put with a girl before his character even was build up, which is typical for the show nowadays.

And Aden had a fairly good development throughout his stay (except from his last 6 weeks), and his (and Belle's) storylines with a lot of development came fast and hard. Maybe they experienced too much in a short time, and that destroyed them a bit.

But with Matt it is the opposite. His backstory is messy, and came far too late. And he seems to be moping around with Sasha and none of them have developed at all. They have really been a disappointment in the 2014 season so far for me (we are currently watching early September 2014 eps here), even if I didn't quite like Matt from the beginning either. But even if I think Alec Snow would have been ore suitable for a more adult role, I think Matt could have been far better with a better backstory and natural development of the character.

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It seemed like, around the middle of last year, there was a conscious decision to model Matt and Sasha after Aden and Belle, with Matt as the guest bully character turned regular with alcoholic father and troubled home life, and Sasha as the trainee journalist living with Irene who took it upon herself to sort his life out.It probably hasn't been as successful which might be why they've moved away from that a bit.Even leaving aside his 2005 stint, Aden was on the show 8/9 months before we got some back story for him: It was only about that before he met Matt's sister and got an idea of his background.It took longer for his dad to turn up and he didn't do much when he did, although given that Aden's relationship with his father became inconsistent, poorly developed and melodramatic the longer it went on, that's possibly not a bad thing.I don't think Matt and Sasha have come to define each other, which is also possibly a good thing, although the character does still feel a bit aimless.

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