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Matt Page - Alec Snow

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I thought Matt was a great character and it was a shame to lose him. I felt Alec Snow has such natural charm and charisma playing him, and I do feel that they missed a chance to really test his acting

I think Matt is a complex character in the sense that he can act like a very unlikeable person at the best of times but there's another side to him that I can see especially when he's just with Sasha

Yeah he was quite good. His really good in comedy scenes which are hard to do. But I really thought he was brilliant with Roo and especially good in his scenes with Ellie.

On 1/3/2018 at 09:16, jodlebirger said:

As I said in an another tread, Matt should have been Irene's grandson. Matt's father was played by the same actor who played Nathan Roberts, Irene's son. I think they missed a huge chance to do something great with Irene's character and also with Matt and Nathan's. Nathan was a drug addict, he could have had a son he didn't know about at first and then got the responsibility for after a while (and Ellie too). Nathan could have kept that as a secret and didn't want to involve Irene, because of their history. And then suddenly Matt could have come to the bay. I didn't like the river boy side to Matt, I don't think he suited to be a river boy. But Matt had something interesting with him. Then he could have been a long term character if the actor wanted to. 

How could Nathan be Matt's father as Nathan was in prison when the character Matt was born in 1996. 

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On 9.1.2018 at 10:03, j.laur5 said:

How could Nathan be Matt's father as Nathan was in prison when the character Matt was born in 1996. 

That is only a small detail that could be written differently. Matt could have been younger or older.... And who knows, was Nathan in prison in whole 1996?? Or was he let out off screen?? A lot of things can have happened off screen, since the charachters doesn't get mentioned. I think the show doesn't use the potential it have with the charachters they already have developed. The show would have been more grounded if they use the past much more, instead of creating new characters all the time. It feels very random sometimes. 

For me Matt's storyline was very messy, and didn't have a good development, things happened in wrong order. And things that should have been explored and developed further was forgotten. It would have made more sense if Matt had his dad on screen for longer time, and if he had some connections to others in the bay. And it is totally unessescary to create a new role and use an "old" actor, instead of bringing back the character the actor originally played. 



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Nathan went to jail in 94 and returned to the Bay after he was released in 2002. I suppose he could have done more that one stint and been out to knock up Matt's mum then back in.

For the man we saw as Matt's Father to be the Nathan of 2002, would negate all the character development. Nathan left the Bay a reformed man. For him to have been a part of Matt's back story, would have destroyed his growth. Ironically, it would have worked if the 2002 stint on the show hadn't happened - but that was the time Craig Ball played Nathan.

Agreed, that sort of connection to the past can be good (Ryder works better than Ric in that way) and there were parts of Matt's story that were badly written, but having Nathan as his father wouldn't have really helped

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Matt left Summer Bay completely unnoticed!

The episode after Matt left it was like he never existed. He was supposed to be close friends with Mason and Mason was in the episode after Matt left but Mason didn’t even mention Matt leaving. Hunter, who at the time was believed to be Evie's cousin, did not go to their [Matt & Evie's] wedding and did not say goodbye to Evie.

I know a few people went to Matt and Evie's wedding but it didn’t really seem like much of a farewell despite everyone knowing they were leaving. 


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