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The Return of a Monster

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Story Title: The Return of a Monster

Type of story: Part of a collection of short stories for halloween
Main Characters: The Braxtons, Charile, Roman John and Jett.
BTTB Rating: A
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Will warn if there are any
Summary: On the anniversary of their death an old foe of the Braxtons returns for revenge more powerful than before they died


Scenes of horror this chapter is quite dark I guess.

The Return of a Monster

Chapter 1

The darkness fell and the sky lit up like a Christmas tree. The forks of lightening blasted their way through the heavy dark cloud cover, illuminating the dark and creepy graveyard with it’s shocking bright casting light. The dead still slept soundly. The old tombstones continue to crumble and fade never the less

Old Larry King was used to dark and stormy nights such this. Having been the graveyard's caretaker for the last twenty years or so, he had started there on the very same day that the cemetery had opened its big brass spooky gates. And from then on he had watched the grave diggers toss up the ground’s dirt making graves big enough for the dead to sleep peacefully in until the end of time came about.

It was Larry’s job to go about watering the flowers which were left behind by the deceased loved ones. Larry took pride in his work seeing the flowers he watered still bloom with life. It gave the graveyard a more uplifting and less depressing feel After seeing to the flowers Larry would also go about expecting the writings upon each tombstone. Making sure no writing had faded away over time or had become chipped or damaged. If any had Larry would report it to the church, who would replace the old writings with brand new ones, which also lifted Larry’s spirits to think that the memoires of the people who were buried would never fade away.

Gazing up into the night’s thundery air Larry allowed the refreshing cold rainwater to wash over his old and tired winkled face. He had enjoyed working here, it was a peaceful job after all, gave him time to think and sometimes daydream. He would miss it he was sure of that. Now though it was time for him to retire and enjoy his later years. He started to hobble along again amongst the rows of tombstones using his trusted walking stick.

“Goodbye Miss Belle Taylor, see you later Mr Noah Lawson, goodbye Miss Alisa Stewart. Today is my last day thank you guys for keeping an old man like me company. I will miss our chats” Larry chuckled he turned to go down the next row of tombstones to say his farewells. But as he did he thought that he had heard a sound. A sound of some very loud knocking, no he was hearing things he probably needed some new batteries in his earring aid that was all it was probably. He was due a visit to see Sid Walker next week; he would mention it to him then. Being unable right now to afford to get any new ones because of waiting his pension to come through.. Larry steadied himself on his feet.

Creaking this time and the sound of scratching Larry was starting to feel very frightened. These sounds that he could now hear were not normal sounds that you would hear in his line of work. Unless you were a character in a horror novel, but with the heavy storm going on these were the sounds of the supernatural.

Some grunts could now be heard by Larry’s old ears, and breathing now that wasn’t a thing that you were supposed to hear while in the company of the dead. The dead did nothing but listen to you. Heavy breathing now and the ripping of ground, Larry could see strands of grass being tossed up into the air he was able to see this by the quick sharp blots of lightening as it pierced the night’s sky.

He was sacred because all this was happening a few rows in front to where he stood now. More scratching heavier breathing more and louder sounding grunts, Larry didn’t want to but this was his job to keep a check on the ongoing activities of the graveyard. It was his duty Larry swallowed hard and begun to limp along with his walking stick. What could have been making such a noise? What the hell was happening here? In all the time Larry had worked as caretaker nothing like this had happened. Nearing the spot Larry didn’t even stop to think as he rounded the corner to see an open grave. Larry kept on walking; it must have been a dog who had dug it up yes a dog it had to be, But no it hadn’t been a dog at all, and Larry could see that because just a few yards ahead stood a dark shadow of a man.

“Hey you no grave robbing on my watch” Larry said shaking his walking stick about in the air.

“What are you talking about old man? Where am I and who are you? Tell me now said the man his voice had a menacing tone to it.

The man stepped out of the dark shadow the thunder over head rumbled.

“Mr Sharp well what are you doing out wandering about when your dead?”

“Well I’m not dead am I?”

“Well yes you are dead. I mean you look dead you have a large tyre track across your face and dried blood on your face your clothes are ripped. I was only sat down next to your grave a hour ago watering your flowers which were left by your sister.”

“Well it would seem I am alive and kicking. You shouldn’t bury people who aren’t dead because they have a habit of coming back and haunting you, seeking their revenge.”

“But Mr Sharp you can’t be alive, look at your left leg it’s twisted backwards from when you got ran down by that car it crushed you”

“Well as you can see my killer didn’t quite do a good enough job And do call me Adam please”

“Adam I can’t sir I’m”

“Oh stop your blubbering and hand me your walking stick.”

“My walking stick but why I need it.”

“Oh no you don’t what is your name old man.”

“I’m Larry”

“Well Larry I am going to share something with you now. You won’t be needing your walking stick no more because I’m taking it from you, NOW GET OVER HERE”

Larry jumped forwards in fright grabbing hold of the Adam Sharp’s tombstone Larry drops his stick. Adam smiled as he picked it up from off the ground.

“Thanks for the stick Larry my friend”

“Give it back I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed”

With a hard whack Larry’s stick connects with his skull the old man falls back into Adam Sharp’s open grave. Using the walking stick Adam covered the grave with dirt leaving poor old Larry to rest peacefully for the rest of all time.

Adam then dragged his deformed body away he had a few old scores to settle with his old friends the Braxtons and he wasn’t going down without a fight.

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Thanks guys for the comments :)

Hope you like this one

Chapter 2

The light rustling of the undergrowth was growing louder and louder, as the large creepy and seemly unstoppable killer kept a watchful eye over the pretty slim and slender looking blonde haired supermodel, Louise Bowes and her rather hot tough looking tattooed boyfriend Brax. He laughed as they panicked tripped and cursed as they tried their hardest to work out his whereabouts.

They weren’t going to find him. He was good at hiding in the shadows. In the shadows of the tall trees of the forest, good at hiding in the shadows of the dim witted couples little cabin they had rented. They were going to die and the killer was going to enjoy killing them.

Louise whirled around to face Brax.

“Do you think we have got away now Brax? I do hope we have I can’t run much further in these heels.”

“Babe I have told you, you should just take them off eh.”

Louise looked to Brax like he had just spoken him some kind of strange alien tongue to her.

“Oh no sweetie there is no way I’m going part with these babies they cost me a bomb.”

Brax sighed.

“Hey listen why don’t you wait here while I go check out the area ahead?” said Brax starting to move forwards quietly.

“Ok but do you really think we should spilt up?” Louise asked running forwards and burying her tear stained face into Brax’s sweaty t shirt.

“Sure it seems like the right thing to do, and plus you know me Louise I’m Brax your very own superhero.”

“Ah that is true. You’re my very own Super Teddy bear my Braxy. No one can take you down.

Brax winked at her as he started to edge his way further into the dark trees of the dark forest.

A branch went snap and Brax froze while peering around a tree.

“Oh what is it now Heath? Press play already” Casey moaned smacking his own face with a pillow, which caused Charlie and Bianca to burst into some girly giggles.

“I just thought I would let you all know that this movie is a load of pants. No offence bro Heath said quickly giving his brother Brax and look.

Brax shuffled awkwardly in his seat.

“Cheers Heath it’s good to know what you think. My chance of a lifetime of being lucky enough to star in a Hollywood blockbuster, and it’s good to know you find it a load of rubbish.” Brax sighed once more before he folded his arms and fixed Heath with a icy glare.

“Don’t worry babe I like your movie. Even though you have never looked at me like you do with that bimbo Louise.”

Brax sighed again.

“It’s called acting Charlie I had to make it seem believable.” Brax rolled his eyes

Heath laughed as he pressed play on the DVD remote the movie started up again

“Brax you’re being pretty dumb here” Heath said as he watched the screen closely.

“How so Heath please do tell me?”

“Well for starters you’re smarter to know that going off by yourself when there is a psycho killer after you isn’t very bright.”

“Acting Heath I’m acting it’s a movie ok it’s not real.”

“Are you sure it isn’t real?” I mean they never changed your name for the movie your still called Brax in it.”

“That’s because they thought I had a strange enough sounding name already and they thought it would fit in with the movie.”

Charlie continued to giggle. Bianca having sneaked away after she had received a text from Marilyn about going to a beauty salon to test out all the different possible kind of make ups that she could wear for her and Heath’s wedding.

Charlie laughed watching Heath question the reasons behind Brax’s strange and out of character behaviour while in the movie Brax all the while insisting that he was only following the script. Casey had gotten down on the floor to play with little Rocco Heath’s young son.

John Palmer lowered his newspaper and shook his head.

“Come on Jett can’t you turn that down now? I think I have heard you kill enough zombies I just want to read my paper.”

“VJ sorry about this” Jett said speaking through his X Box live headset. John could hear VJ’s voice through Jett’s headphones asking him something.

“No John spoke to me, said I need to turn the game down” Jett then chuckled.

“What his saying to you Jett?” John asked

“Oh he said you should come and play the game with us and stop moaning about the noise. Anyway the Braxtons are shouting at each other again I need the volume way up to block them out.”

John got up and bent over Jett so he could speak into the headset’s microphone.

“VJ I would have you know I’m not too old and I will prove that just as soon as I finish having my shower. Then boys it’s game on Jett shout me if the pizza comes.” John then whistled his way out of the room leaving Jett to laugh with VJ over his threat of thrashing them both at killing some zombies.

“BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” screamed his co movie star as Brax got stabbed by the horror movie villain.

“See your dead now, I’m sorry that’s just lame you just walked right into him without even thinking and without a weapon too.” Heath said as he shook his head tutting.

“Heath has a good point Brax, I mean how did that killer managed to get you? I mean you were running and the killer was walking so slow and……………”

“Ok Charlie I get it you guys thought my movie sucked. Hey next time if I get a offer shall I just request I star in the next Hercules film?” Brax shouted having got to his feet in a rage.

“Yeah I should it wouldn’t be so lame as this crappy horror you got part in” Heath laughed.

Outside the wind blew, the moon shone its slivery ghostly glow upon the two houses, One belonging to John and Jett Palmer. the other belonging to the Braxtons. The Braxton’s place hadn’t changed since the last time when he had paid them a visit. Revenge was going to be sweet. The car that Heath had killed him with was now parked in their driveway. Brax had been there too he had been at his side as he had been lying upon the cold road dying. But just before he had slipped into the folds of death he had watched Brax leave, and then soon after Heath had done the same thing. He now stood at the front door to the house which he attended to make into the Braxton’s tomb.

“JOHN THE PIZZA’S HERE” Jett yelled jumping slightly at the sight of John wrapped in a towel. He also had one wrapped round his head as he opened the door to collect their pizzas.

“Prepare to pay for you’re………….”

“There you go eighteen pound wasn’t it?” John said as he stood eyeing the strangest looking pizza guy he had ever seen in his life.

“Who what I…. stuttered the dark stranger who stood looking at rather wet looking John Palmer.

“The pizza, you are the pizza guy aren’t you Angelo’s pizza?”

“No wrong house sorry the Braxtons.”

“Ah next door but before you go give me my money back.”

John yanked his twenty pound bank note from Adam’s dirty hands before closing in his face.

“Who was that John?” Jett asked as John wandered away from the door looking confused.

“Well I never the homeless seem to be knocking on doors now these days. Either that or Angelo’s has really gone down the pan” John said while drying his hair.

The wide smile that he gave confused Brax as he opened the door.

“IS THAT THE PIZZA I ORDERED LIKE A HOUR AGO I WANT A DISCOUNT” Heath yelled now sat on the sofa bouncing Rocco on his knee.

“I don’t know hang on, Hey you buddy you the guy with his pizza?” Brax asked Adam smiled.

“Err I no guess again” Adam sneered.

“ADAM” Brax shouted making everyone jump.

“Yep it’s me and I’m glad to be back.”

Brax was in such a state of shock he crashed back into the sofa.

“Heath how could this be? You said he was as dead as a dingbat.”

Heath looked to Adam

“Well he was the last time I seen him.”

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