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Oscar MacGuire - Jake Speer

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I really wish I could disagree with Slade's comment but sadly I found myself nodding in agreement with most of it.And I think that's a shame.I did truly believe that Maddy loved Oscar, that she'd grown up and realised what was important.But the way that the storyline played out and the relationship ended, with Maddy choosing to be with Matt for what seem like completely shallow reasons, it's almost impossible to go on believing that.Maddy made all the right noises but her commitment to Oscar disappeared as soon as she had another option.She left the house upset that Oscar was planning to go to Perth without consulting her, found out Matt liked her, came back and dismissed Oscar's attempts to plan their future together with a very telling "Let's wait and see what happens."Even if she tried to back track later, her break-up rant("Look at us! I'm me, you're you and we would never have worked out long term!")gave the impression that she'd always thought she was better than him, that she expected him to be grateful for a short time with her and that she thought she could do better.It must have been a big blow to her ego that instead of being happy being her second choice he was tempted by an alternative option.She's treated the guy that comes along once in a lifetime as a placeholder until she gets what she really wants.

I thought Oscar was wrong when he broke up with her, that he was missing the point when he felt like they weren't like the couples around him who were making out all the time and in fact they had something stronger and deeper than Andy/Hannah and Josh/Evelyn. But it seems that really is all Maddy wants.The general opinion when they got together was that she'd end up breaking his heart.I hoped it was wrong, and surprised that the show went down the alternate route of him breaking her heart(and I admit I didn't really like Oscar at that point), but then their second chance ended the predictable way with Oscar getting hurt.

So, not for the first time it seems I invested in a relationship only for it to turn out to be pointless and meaningless.I hope Oscar meets someone who'll make him happy.He deserves it.

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I don't think I've ever been this angry about Home and Away killing off a character.Certainly not since Chloe.I thought Oscar couldn't be more mistreated than he was last year, when the potential of h

I agree entirely. It feels like Jake Speer has been stuck with a thankless task and risen to it, managing to inject Oscar with personality and likability when it’s clear he’s another one that’s not on

This hit and run was such a good story for him It is long running and has a huge affect on him. That picture was genius. The way he feels about himself is brilliant. I just hope now he calms down and

**** !!!!!! i can't believe that Oscar is DEAD !!!!!!! 


He is [now was] sooooooooooooooooooooo my fave of the current males on the show BY FAR !!!!!!!


Totally cut down just when things were FINALLY going his way [muchly adapting to the adult-er world of uni life etc] !!!


I'm BEYOND going to miss him. I wish that he and Maddy had worked out, but I was looking fwd to the possibility of he and Skye [eventually hopefully] getting together. Oscar's one of my all time fave guys the show has had ..... along with the likes of Blake Dean and Edward Dunglass.


He'll be sooooooooo missed .......... God, I HATE Andy even MORE now [if that’s even possible]!!!!

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His death was only used as a ploy to drag out the Charlotte murder :( I wish Home and Away do more sad and emotional deaths instead of the fast pace shocks they keep doing that do nothing but fatigue viewers. 

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I don't think I've ever been this angry about Home and Away killing off a character.Certainly not since Chloe.I thought Oscar couldn't be more mistreated than he was last year, when the potential of him and Maddy as a couple was completely wasted, with them getting no real storylines while they were together and him being made to look like a bad boyfriend to justify Maddy hooking up with Matt, but no, it got worse.Three months of being treated as part of the scenery and then, much like Denny, he gets a death which isn't about him at all, it's just a cheap publicity stunt: "Tune in and see which of your favourites snuffs it!" I've got used to investing in relationships only for the show to make out they weren't important, but I think this is the first time I've invested in a character, followed him for two and a half years, seen him develop from an awkward abused teenager into a basically sweet and sensitive guy only for it to be rendered completely meaningless by an exit which seemed designed to stick two fingers up at anyone who cared about Oscar.

I should be saddened at the life of a decent young man cut tragically shot but instead I'm angry at the show for choosing to end the character's journey in the most inappropriate way possible.Oscar the character and Jake the actor deserved much, much better.

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I never weighed in on this at the time, but it's been nearly 5 years and I'm still bitter(?) over the fact that I cried A LOT over Josh Willis' death on Neighbours (which was aired a month before both in Australia and in the UK, and was sort of the matching storyline where two members of the same family, including a twin, get killed off following an explosion) and I remember expecting to cry over Oscar's death because he's one of my favourite characters of all time, but then I had no tears WHATSOEVER about it (death's I've cried at include Flynn's and Robbo's).

In comparison to the emotions over Josh Willis' death (even as a character I didn't like) like him wanting his twin's boyfriend to be rescued, most of his family coming to sit with him, and him being on FaceTime with his baby daughter before he died, it was like Roo noticed that there was someone trapped a distance from where she was trapped, told a newly-arrived-in-Summer Bay Tori Morgan that she should have a look, and Tori finding Oscar too late.  And I was just not there with the emotions over him or Hannah.

But I thought they portrayed Evie's grief over losing so many members of her family fairly decently.

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