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The Mole

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A bit of a depressing episode this week...

By the way, shouldn't Shaun have an exemption for the upcoming quiz? Remember in the State Library challenge, Aisha got the 2 exemptions for Quiz 6 and she gave one to Sam. Then in the paintball challenge, both she and Sam lost their exemptions - but as Aisha had two exemptions (one for Quiz 5, one for Quiz 6) she got to keep the Quiz 6 one. Then she made a deal with Shaun and gave him the Quiz 6 exemption - but nothing's been said about it since. So does Shaun still have the exemption?

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I thought for a long time that Ally was the mole. Now I'm thinking either Aisha or Erin is the mole...
Channel 7 have stuffed up though by putting it on so late at night, and it seems to take forever to get anywhere. With the format it's using its meant to air 3 times a week, but that didn't last long at all! I've always enjoyed The Mole, I just wish channel 7 would do something about the timeslot!!

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