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For The Rest Of The Night (by Jen) - comments

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Oh man I could relate greatly with Dex's arkward night of being out the pull, and wishing the earth would just open up and swallow me. :P Glad to see Dex's night ended better though :whistling:

Very good story Jen what an brilliant writer you are :)

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Absolutely FANTASTIC fic !!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooo much to love ….

  • Dex thinking that Xavier would tell those girls that Dex performed surgery with plastic cutlery;
  • the fact that Sasha gets a mention; and
  • Dex discovery the next day that he slept with his new boss [and being tongue tied cos of it], …….

and MUCHLY so much more, but ALL time fave bit of this fic is …..

The conversation moves easily. Dex buying their next round of drinks, and by the end of it, they're both laughing as the girl recounts the time her older sister almost married a prince, but ditched him at the altar for a rock star on a motorbike.

"Okay, you win," Dex replies as he catches his breath, flashing his companion a wide smile.

"I didn't realise it was a competition," she quips.

"Oh, it isn't. But I just know that you've won," Dex concludes.

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Thank you so much for the sweet comments Sarah, pembie and JosieTash. Thanks so much for reading. I actually had this little piece saved for a while and basically didn't post it because I couldn't come up with a title! But, yay for posting it now. (And JosieTash, I really like that bit as well :wink:).

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