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Story Title: Forgiveness
Type of Story: Short/Medium fic
Main Characters: Brax, Charlie, Ruby, Casey, Hayden, Claire and Darcy
Other Characters, Xavier, April and Mentions of Tegan
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Comedy/Action
Spoilers: No
Any warning: No
Summary: Xavier appeared in the bay at the end of Unfaithful and the Braxton's had banned him April told Xavier to leave but why is Xavier back? Will Casey and Brax forgive him for running Heath over while driving drunk? Part 3 of Teen Lust

Chapter 1.

“I don’t think Xavier really left Summer Bay” Casey said

“Neither do I I think maybe he told April he would leave.” Ruby responded

“I think it will be hard if I saw Xavier knowing he killed Heath” Casey said

“Yeah I know maybe we should warn Brax” Ruby responded

“Yeah we should” Casey said

Hayden woke up from her nap.

Ruby got Hayden ready to go out.

They all got in the car and drove to Charlie and Brax, s place.

It only took them an hour.

Casey knocked in the door.

Charlie answered the door.

“Ruby, Casey what can I do for you?” Charlie asked

“We have a problem’ Casey responded

“Brax!” Charlie yelled up the stairs

Brax came down the stairs.

“Hey Ruby, Casey” Brax said

Hi” They both responded

“What’s wrong?” Brax asked

“We think Xavier is back in Summer Bay” Casey responded

“April saw him the other day tried to get him to leave town I don’t think it worked though” Ruby added

“Oh wow that is a problem he ran Heath down now Darcy doesn’t have Tegan or Heath anymore.” Brax responded.

“Where is Darcy?” Casey asked

“Visiting her Gran” Brax responded.

“So you guys got custody of her?” Casey asked

“In the end yeah we did” Charlie Responded

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  • 1 year later...

Thanks for the comments.

I've decided to try and revive this story.

Chapter 2.

"Casey where are you going?" Ruby asked

"To comfort Xavier and ask him to leave" Casey responded

"Case just leave it" Ruby said

It was too late Casey was already out the door.

Casey found Xavier on the beach.

"You need to go" Casey said calmly

"Look I'm just here to get the rest of my stuff" Xavier responded

Brax saw Casey talking to Xavier on the beach.

"You really should leave the bay" Brax said

"Look I'm sorry" Xavier responded

"Still doesn't bring Heath back you left a 12 yr old girl heartbroken" Casey answered

John saw the Braxton's giving Xavier a hard time.

"Look boys Xavier is just getting his remaining things then moving to Melbourne" John said

The two Braxton boys walk off and Xavier follows John.

"You didn't have to do that" Xavier said

"Yes I did they will eventually see that you are sorry" John responded

Hope this is okay :)

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Thanks Sarah :)
So I'm going to throw a bit of a twist that wasn't mention in the previous install ment.
Chapter 3.
April should of never told the Braxton's that Xavier was back in town but they had the right to know.
Xavier was leaving for good hoping maybe one day they would forgive him.
Darcy and her uncles are so angry at Xavier for driving drunk and killing Heath and Badly injuring his wife Bianca and their son Rocco.
Doctors say neither of them may never wake up.
Xavier knew he shouldn't of been driving or drinking.
There was a knock on the door.
April got up to answer it.
"Xavier thought you would of left by now" April said resisting the urge to slam the door in his face.
"Don't worry I'll be on my way to Melbourne by tonight" Xavier responded
"You should of never come back" April said Coldly
"I'm sorry" Xavier said
"Tell that to that Braxton's and my family" April yelled slamming the door.
Xavier picked up his stuff and walked to the bus stop.
I'm not sure I like this chapter I may change it.

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Thanks Sarah.

Chapter 4.

Darcy had convinced her gran to let her take the bus home as Darcy got off the bus Xavier got on.

Darcy couldn't even look at Xavier.

Xavier looked at Darcy he wanted to apologise to her.

Darcy ignored Xavier.

Brax met Darcy at the bus stop.

"You okay kiddo?" Brax asked

"Yes I'm glad Xavier is gone and hopefully for good" Darcy responded

"Yes Darce it's for good" Brax answered

"Good my dad is gone and mum and Rocco may never wake up" Darcy said starting to cry.

Darcy had started calling Bianca mum as Heath had married her when Darcy was seven and Tegan had died in a freak accident when Darcy was just 3 yrs old.

"Let's go home kiddo" Brax said

Darcy picked up her bags and followed Brax to the car.

When they got home Charlie was home playing with Claire.

"Arcy" Claire said

Claire is only one and can't say Darcy properly

"Hi kiddo" Darcy said

"Play" Claire said

"In a sec" Darcy said as she went in to her room and set her bags down.

"Play now?" Claire asked

"Yeah" Darcy answered

There was a knock a the door and Casey and Ruby where on the other side with Hayden who is also one.

"Arcy" Hayden said

"Go play with Darcy and Claire baby" Brax said

"Is she okay?" Casey asked

"Yeah I think so she wanted to catch the bus from her Gran's and she saw Xavier as she got off the bus" Brax answered

"Does this mean he's gone for good?" Charlie asked

"Yes he had bags" Brax responded

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Thanks Sarah I'm not sure if I'll continue this.

Chapter 5.

3 weeks later.

April and the Braxton's had gone to visit Rocco and Bianca.

"Any news doc?" April asked

"Bianca is starting to wake up but with Rocco it's still touch and go April I'm sorry" Sid responded

"Can we see them?" Charlie asked

"Sure" Sid responded

April followed The Braxton's to Bianca's room.

"Bee it's me" April said

Bianca opened her eyes.

"Heath" Bianca said

"Bee he died upon the Impact" April replied

Bianca started to cry.

"Is Rocco okay?" Bianca asked between sobs

"We haven't had news but he may not make it" April responded

Bianca saw the Braxton's.

"I'm sorry poor Darcy" Bianca said

"Until you're fit and if you're willing we will look into getting you custody at the time we had no idea if you'd wake up" Brax said

"Of course I want my daughter back but my son may die who did this?" Bianca asked

"Xavier Austin" Charlie responded

"Is he locked up?" Bianca asked

"No he's in Melbourne left 3 weeks ago" Casey responded

Bianca nodded.

"Well will give you a minute with April" Charlie said

The Braxton's went to see Rocco the baby was on a breathing tube.

"If this little boy is lucky to make it Bianca will protect him" Charlie said

"It's not looking good" Brax replied

April has come out of Bianca's room and was watching the Braxton's look at baby Rocco.

"Ready to go?" Casey asked

"I can walk" April responded"

"None-sense" Casey said

"I wouldn't resist him" Ruby said

Casey had forgotten she was even there.

April nodded in agreement

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Thanks :)

I've skipped ahead.

Chapter 6.

6 months later.

Bianca was out of hospital sadly Rocco didn't make it both Bianca and Darcy we're sad.

"Are you sure you're okay to look after you're daughter?" Charlie asked

"I'm fine" Bianca whispered

"Well you just lost a child" April said softly

"I know but I need to move on for Heath and for Rocco" Bianca responded

Darcy had packed her bags and was waiting in the car.

Brax had told Darcy to wait just In case Bianca changed her mind.

Charlie came out and beckoned Darcy.

Darcy got out of the car and grabbed her bags.

"Is mum okay with this?" Darcy asked

"Yes she wants to move on and you're dad would of wanted her to move on." Charlie responded

For the first few months Bianca had been living with April.

"April this won't be forever just until Darce and I find a place" Bianca said

"I don't mind" April said

"Mum" Darcy said and ran into Bianca's arms.

Bianca hugged her daughter.

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Thanks Sarah :)

I may ask QA if I can repost this or have it placed in the vault until I have more ideas right now I'm running short of ideas.

sorry it's short and a bit lame.

Darcy was born April 15th 2002.

Rocco was born June 17th 2006.

Chapter 7.

Three years ago.

Heath and Bianca had gone to pick up Darcy from school with Baby Rocco.

Xavier Austin had been drinking and he ran a red light hitting Heath and Bianca.

The impact killed Heath instantly and nearly killing Baby Rocco.

Bianca was left in a coma.

Darcy was unharmed walking away with just a few scratches.

Brax had seen it happen he called the ambulance and made sure Darcy was okay.

Brax knew Heath was long gone and Baby Rocco may never make it through.

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  • 2 months later...

Thanks Sarah :)

1 year later.

Chapter 8.

April had meet Dexter a few months ago and they moved in together.

Darcy and Bianca had found their own place a few weeks.

they now live acrossed the road from Brax and Charlie.

Darcy helped look after the kids and Bianca had met a new man his name was Doug.

Darcy liked Doug but she knew that he would never try to replace Heath or her brother .

Doug was serious about Bianca but she wasn't t sure she was ready to marry again.

Darcy is 13 now and Rocco would of been 3.

Bianca and Darcy still got sad when it was Birthday's and Christmas Day.

They spend Heath's birthday watching sad movies and they spend Rocco's birthday buying new toys.

Bianca and Darcy spend Christmas with Charlie,Brax,April and the kids.

Darcy hasn't been the same since her father and brother died.

This may be the last chapter for a while.

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Hey all.

so 3 and a half  years later I thought I would finish this.

Thanks to Tele for helping me with ideas and proof reading.


Chapter 9.

Brax reads the morning newspaper. There are reports of another crash at the exact spot where Heath was killed.  He screws up the newspaper and puts it in the bin determined to forget it.  Bianca is moving on and Darcy has finally got happy again. 

Charlie is at work when she hears about the crash.  She and another officer are assigned to the case. She tells them no at first because of Heath but then she gets curious about it.  She doesn't tell Brax about it. 

Doug proposes to Bianca. When she says yes Darcy overhears and runs away.

Bianca knew she shouldn’t have let another man into their lives but she was determined to move on from Heath she would always love him and their daughter is a reminder of that.

Bianca hoped one day Darcy would get use to the idea and come to the conclusion that Doug would never replace her dad.

“Bianca what’s wrong?” Doug asked

“I think Darcy overheard you propose to me and is a little bit hurt and upset that I said yes” Bianca responded

“She’s a teenager who lost her dad at a very young age I’m sure she’ll get use to the idea” Doug replied

“I hope so” Bianca said with a sad smile.

There was a knock on the door, Bianca got up to answer it and found Brax on the other side of the door.

“Bee did you see the newspaper today?” Brax asked

“No why?” Bianca asked

“There was another accident at the except same spot as Heath I threw the paper out please don’t tell Charlie “Brax responded 

Just then Doug comes out of the kitchen.

“Hello Brax have you seen Darcy?” Doug asked

“No Mate I haven’t” Brax responded

Brax looked at Bianca with questionable eyes.

“Doug proposed to me I said yes I think Darcy overheard and ran away” Bianca said”


Font size.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for the comments :)

earlier in this fan fic I had Xavier move to Melbourne.

Chapter 10


April walks into the diner to ask in there if they have heard anything about Darcy.  She hears them talking about the second crash at the same sight where Heath died and thinks maybe Darcy has gone there.  She calls Bianca and tells her.  
When Bianca and April go there to look for Darcy they find Brax and Casey looking in the same area.  Brax sees Charlie and they argue over her being at the crash site.  Their raised voices bring out Darcy from hiding. 

That’s when the crash investigation team announces that there is a fault with the lights.  Xavier was still drunk but he couldn't have not crashed. 

Brax mutters that they still lost Heath as Bianca tells them they need to forgive Xavier because that is what Heath would have wanted. 

Casey walks on the beach in Summer Bay. It is a year since the second accident.  Bianca and Doug are married.  In the distance he sees Xavier with a group of teens and he moves closer to them hearing Xavier discuss how they shouldn't drink.  Even though they had finally forgiven Xavier, they knew that he would never forgive himself. 


The end.






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