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To Love Again (by Danni02) - comments

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Great Chapter Danni

Had to laugh at Grace calling Heath and idiot, she was dead on point lol

Just adored Chax in that last chapter, love how you have them spending time together, even if Charlie isnt ready yet I think she is slowly getting there :D

Cant wait for the next chapter :)

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Chapter 9 - Heath was so rude. <_< Glad Brax told Charlie the truth about Tegan.

Chapter 10 - Charlie and Brax are going to try out some cocktails. :D Poor Xavier, ruining the clothes. :lol:

Chapter 11 - Aw, Grace called Brax sweetie. I'm glad Carla told Charlie it's ok to move on.

Chapter 12 - I liked Charlie and Brax's talk. I hope the drugs were only a one time thing with Ruby.

Chapter 13 - I wonder if anything will happen between Ruby and Andy? I loved Charlie sorting Brax out.

Chapter 14 - Had to laugh when Grace called Heath an idiot. :lol:

Chapter 15 - I was hoping Brax was going to kiss Charlie.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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Poor Charlie, I felt so bad for her..I hadn't even thought about why she was so angry/upset with Bianca until just now! :(

I can't believe Ruby! So glad she stopped when she did..feel sorry for poor Xav! Awesome chapter Danni, pleae update soon! Xx

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Awww I didnt even think about how Charlie would feel with the whole Bianca and Heath thing... feel so bad for her :(

:o Ruby, Ruby Ruby... what is she thinking. At least she got out of there before things went further just hope she realises before it's too late that this Andy guy isn't good for her

Great chapter as always :)

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Awww loved Bianca and Charlies chat..so glad Bianca has told Charlie to go for it! She deserves to be happy! Glad Ruby didn't miss the movie with Xav..I wonder if she will tell him? He is so sweet :) Looking forward to more! Xx

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