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To Love Again (by Danni02) - comments

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AHAHAHA would be hilarious if two Brax loving females took down Heath :D

Absolutely loved this chapter! Carla is so lovely, exactly what Charlie needs! Grace was so adorable calling Brax Sweetie...even if she didn't mean it! I think she is going to love Brax just as much as......someone else very soon! :wub::P Really looking forward to the next chapter, please update soon! Xx

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Great chapter :)

Liked the talk between Brax and Charlie :D

Wondering how Bianca will react to the truth that it is Heath who stole Brax's fiancee and broke his heart.

Whoa at Ruby doing weed with her new friends. :o Glad she promised Xavier she won't do it again but I got a bad feeling she may will if her new friends pressure her into doing it...

Update soon xx

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Awww silly mistake Ruby..but we've all made mistakes trying to fit in! :)Loved Brax and Charlie on the beach! I kind of hope Brax doesn't tell Bianca about Heath..I want him to blurt it out and dob himself in! :) Another great chapter Danni! Have a great weekend! Xx

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Great chapter

Whoa! Heath and Brax has a punch-up. Not expecting Bianca to find out the truth that way. Wondering what would happen next for her and Heath so now she knows...

I wonder if something is going to happen between Andy and Ruby. I got a feeling she may cheat on Xavier with him...

Update soon please. Loving this fanfiction so far. :D xx

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