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To Love Again (by Danni02) - comments

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Just caught up on the last few Chapter missed so much but just not had time to read much lately

Loved every chapter

So glad Charlie and Brax finally got to hold Issac :wub:

Awww Xavier proposing was so sweet

And as always Grace was just beyond cute :wub:

I really do like that Carla and Roberto are supportive of Charlie and Brax love that they all get along

Felt a little sad for Brax... so obvious he would love t marry Charlie but at the same time I live how understanding he is and how he doesn't push her

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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Aww such a good chapter Danni :) Love when Charlie, Brax and grace visit Isaac..was even sweeter with Roberto and Carla there! I really like Xavier and Ruby in this fiction! You do a great job...I wonder if Charlie will say I love you anytime soon? :) Xx

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Oh the part when Gail and Richard was there talking to Carla and Roberto was written really good, very tense and awkward for everyone.

It's nice to see Xavier and Ruby so happy. :)

Maybe Charile and Brax could have a commitment ceremony on the same day as Xavier and Ruby's wedding. That way Charile doesn't marry Brax, as she has said she doesn't want to get married again But with the commitment ceremony idea it shows him how much she loves him Just a idea for you.

Look forward to see where you will take this next

On another note is Nothing Lasts Forever posted on here? Not sure I have read that story

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Sarah I do not post on fanfiction.net so someone has taken my story and passed it off as their own! Thank you for making me aware of that, it’s not cool.

You are so welcome, Danni02. :) Glad I told you after I saw it on fanfiction.net. I hope you told the person (who stole and posted it on fanfiction.net) off.

Okay back to my review for this chapter. :P

Liked Carla and Ruby's chat.

Loved the sweet moment between Chax

Update soon xx

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