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title: She

type of story: med/long fic

genre: drama

starring: Bradley, Kyle plus OC'S

rating: A

spoilers: no

warnings: adult themes, language

plot: Kyle's foster sister Bradley shows up in Summer Bay. Kyle is glad to see her, but what secret do the hide from the town and can she be trusted?


Kyle was kneeling down behind the bar at Angelo's he couldn't see anyone but her heard their footsteps.

"We're closing" he said without looking at the customer

"Shame, I was kinda hoping an old fried would be in the mood to buy me a drink" a husky female voice replied

Kyle looked up over the bar

"Bradley" he said while smiling and walked around the bar and wrapped his arms around her.

Kyle looked at her blonde wavy hair.

"You changed your hair since last time I saw you" he said still smiling

"Yeah well, fresh star fresh look" she told him

"So how about that drink" she said sitting down and putting her bag on the bar

"Whiskey?" Kyle asked

"You read my mind" Bradley replied

"Hey Kyle i'm off" Tamara said

Tamara stopped and looked at Bradley

"Oh, I thought this place was empty" Tamara said

"I thought you were off" Kyle said to Tamara

"So what the deal with her" Bradley asked once Tamara had left

"Who, Tamara? nothing" Kyle answered

Bradley raised her eyebrows

"She's my brother's girlfriend and I made a move on her and she knocked me back" Kyle told her

"Brother?" she asked

Kyle smiled


"I thought we hated those guys" she said

"I decided to give 'em a go" Kyle said passing Bradley her drink

"Drink up" he said

"Cheers" she replied


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