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Trust in Me

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 11

Charlie woke up to see two sets of little eyes staring down at her. “Why you sleep here?” Noah asked as Charlie sat up on the couch, Noah climbing up onto her knee. Charlie yawned as she looked up to see April walking into the room.

“I guess I just fell asleep here when I was seeing to Katie.” Charlie answered as she looked back down to the twins.

“Silly mummy,” Ella giggled as she climbed up next to her. “You bed is comfierer.”

“Hmm yeah,” Charlie lightly rubbed the back of Ella’s head. “You kids want some breakfast?”

“Pannycakers.” Noah shot both his hands in the air and Charlie heard April laugh at his mispronunciation of what she assumed was pancakes.

“Ah well daddy makes the pancakes so you’ll need to go see if he is up.” Charlie said.

“Brax went out with Katie.” Ruby answered and Charlie looked around to her daughter who was coming back into the room from the kitchen with a glass of juice in her hand.

“Oh,” Charlie stood up from the couch as she placed Noah back on the floor with Ella too jumping down. “Do you know where he went?”

“The hospital,” Ruby answered. “Mumbled something about a paternity test.”

“Oh okay,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked to April before looking back down to the twins. “Right, what do you want for breakfast?”

“Pantcakes,” Ella sighed. “We said mummy.”

“Mummy can’t make them, she’s always burns them.” Charlie said as she folded the blanket back over the edge of the couch.

“C’mon munchkins, April and I will try our hand at pancake making.” Ruby made her way back into the kitchen with the twins running in after her and April behind them.

“You know when it comes to pancakes I’m no use,” April sighed. “I’m about as good as Charlie and Bianca are at making them.” April gave a little laugh.

“You are way better than Bianca and my mum,” Ruby answered as she pulled the frying pan from the cupboard and placed it down on the hob. “Give yourself some credit.” Ruby said as she reached into the cupboard again for the mixing bowl as April opened the fridge and took out the milk and eggs.

“I’m not so sure,” April shook her head. “I could never do pancakes.”

“Apil you will.” Ella nodded as she pushed a seat from the dining table across the room, a scraping sound being heard in the room as it moved across the floor.

“Ahh Ella, don’t scrape it.” Ruby walked over and picked it up and carried it the rest of the way. Ella and Noah climbed up onto it, ready to help make the batter as Charlie grabbed a towel from the cupboard.

“I’m just heading for a shower; you’ll be alright with them yeah?” Charlie questioned.

“Yes mummy.” Noah answered.

Ruby gave a little laugh as she looked to her mother. “We’ll be fine.” Ruby said and Charlie disappeared out of the room to go for her shower.

“Right,” Ruby pulled the jar of flour down from the shelf. “Let’s make some pancakes.” Ruby smiled down at the twins who both had big grins on their faces, excited for their breakfast to be ready.


Bianca woke up and turned around in the bed, seeing Heath lying there still sleeping. She exhaled lightly as she got out of the bed, careful not to wake him, and put on her dressing gown before leaving her bedroom and walked into the kitchen. She flicked the kettle on and took a mug out of the cupboard before adding a tea bag and taking the milk from the fridge and pouring some into the mug. She rested her hands against the worktop as she waited for the kettle to boil and closed her eyes, thinking about what happened the night before. She didn’t regret it, she loved Heath and she loved being with him, but she felt she couldn’t after Rocco’s passing. She would feel too guilty for being happy with Heath after their son died. “Not going to make me a tea too?” Bianca jumped in fright as she felt Heaths hand go around her stomach as he stood behind her and placed a soft kiss on her neck.

“Mmm, Heath don’t.” Bianca shrugged away from him as she moved to the side and turned to face him.

“What?” Heath sighed. “I was good enough for you last night but not now?” Heath shook his head as he folded his arm across his bare chest.

“I eh...last night was amazing. It always is, but,” Bianca pursed her lips together as she shook her head lightly. “We can’t be together.”

“Why?” Heath questioned. “We both love each other and want to be together. Please just let yourself be happy. You’re allowed to be happy, Bianca.”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “Because if I was allowed to be happy then I’d still have Rocco.”

Heath sighed lightly. “Rocco being taken from us was bad luck, and it’s something that we are never fully going to get over, but don’t punish yourself, or me, we deserve to be happy. Rocco would want that.”

“No,” Bianca felt herself tearing up. “Rocco wanted milk and cuddles and liked being rocked to sleep. He was just a baby, Heath, he was....” Bianca stopped talking as a tear rolled down her cheek. “What right do we have to be happy and continue on like nothing happened, like Rocco didn’t exist?”

“We wouldn’t be doing that,” Heath exhaled. “We would still remember our son. We’ll never forget him Bianca, but we still deserve to be happy together. We’ll still go to his grave and remember him, have a little cry that he’s not with us, but we can also still live our lives and be happy together and maybe one day we can bring some brothers or sisters into the world for him.”

“A new baby?” Bianca curled her nose up. “You think I’ll can just have a new baby and everything will be okay?”

“No,” Heath answered. “I’m just saying that you can’t stop living your life because of what happened. That it’s okay to feel happy and smile and laugh and move on. Being happy doesn’t mean you’ll forget about him.”

Bianca pursed her lips together as she looked down. “You just remind me so much of Rocco. It’s hard to be with you and not think about Rocco.”

“I know,” Heath answered. “You make me think of Rocco too, but, I’m glad I have that. That I have you to help keep his memory alive.”

“I guess I haven’t really looked at it that way,” Bianca tucked her hair behind her ear as she looked back up to him. “I’ve thought of it as a bad thing. That being with you makes me think of Rocco and it’s sad. But, I guess it could be a good thing. That because I have you, I’ll never be able to forget him.”

Heath gave a little smile as he stepped forward and lightly rubbed her arm. “That’s the way I see it.”

Bianca exhaled lightly as she looked up into his eyes. She brought her hand up to his face and rested it against his cheek. “And you’re done with drugs? You don’t....you know....”

“No,” Heath shook his head. “I left that life behind when you eh....when Rocco was in here.” Heath said as he placed his hand on Bianca’s stomach. “You know that.”

“And you’re not going to screw me over?” Bianca questioned.

Heath shook his head. “You’re all I want.” Heath whispered before placing a soft kiss on her lips, Bianca responding, letting it deepen a little as she wrapped her arms around him.


The twins were now sitting at the table, holding their little knife and forks in their hands waiting for the pancakes to be ready. April took a banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it open, before cutting it up and dividing it out between the two plates. “So, syrup for Noah and chocolate spread for Ella, right?” Ruby questioned and her siblings nodded as Ruby pulled the jars from the cupboard, before handing the syrup to April to put onto Noah’s pancake.

“Ruby?” Ella questioned.

“Yes petal?” Ruby glanced at her sister before looking back down to the pancakes as she drizzled the chocolate spread over the bananas.

“We go the beach?” Ella asked.

“Maybe you could,” Ruby answered. “You’ll have to ask mummy.”

“No mummy,” Ella answered. “Me, you, Apil and Noah.”

“Ahh well April and I need to study for exams.” Ruby answered as she picked the plate up and put it down in front of Ella with April doing the same for Noah.

“Oooh,” Noah’s eyes lit up. “Thank you Apil.”

“You’re welcome bud.” April smiled down at the boy.

“You’ll need to cut it.” Ruby said as she took the little knife and fork from her sister and cut her pancake up for her with April doing the same for Noah. April smiled lightly as she glanced at Ruby. She loved how great she was with her siblings. She couldn’t help but think of them together with kids, and knew they’d make a great team. That the kids would be lucky to have Ruby as a parent.

“Mmmm Apil,” Ella widened her eyes as she stuffed some of the pancake into her mouth, already a ring of chocolate spread forming around her mouth. “This the best.”

“Aww thank you,” April appreciated the comment, even if it did come from a two-and-a-half year old. “I’m glad you like it. What do you think Noah?” April questioned but Noah was too busy stuffing the pancake into his mouth to answer.

Ruby laughed. “I think that answers your question.” Ruby walked back over to the hob, to make some pancakes for her and April.

“Yeah,” April watched as Ruby poured more of the pancake mixture into the pan. “You have a little flour on your face.” April gave a little laugh at the sight as she pointed to the flour on her brow.

“Where?” Ruby wiped her face with her hand, but she missed the flour altogether.

“Here, let me.” April stepped forward and wiped her hand over Ruby forehead, removing the flour. Ruby stared into April’s eyes; never quite noticing their true beauty until now. She’d always thought April was beautiful in a friendly way, but now, looking to her, she found herself thinking more of April. April gave her a smile, letting her hand linger on her forehead.

“Eh,” Ruby cleared her throat as she pulled her head back and looked down to the pancake, giving the pan a little shake by the handle. “Could you get the twins a glass of milk?” Ruby spoke quietly and didn’t look up to April.

“Sure.” April pursed her lips together as she opened the fridge and took the milk out before looking back to Ruby, who had gotten the twins’ cup out of the cupboard.

“The yellow one is Ella’s and the green one is Noah’s.” Ruby said still not looking at April. She flipped the pancake over in the pan and exhaled lightly, not being able to stop thinking that maybe, just maybe, she did like April as more than just a friend.

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Thanks for the comments. :)

Chapter 12

Bianca took a deep breath before she knocked on the door. “Bianca,” Charlie smiled as she answered it. “Come in.”

Bianca walked into the house to see Ruby and April at the kitchen table with the twins building things with the play dough. “Shouldn’t to two be studying?” Bianca asked.

“They have been all morning,” Charlie answered of their behalf. “They’re just having a little break right now.”

“I see,” Bianca pursed her lips together. “Well I was hoping to talk with you, April, if you’ll listen.”

April put the play dough down on the table as she nodded. “Yeah, I eh...it’s fine.”

Bianca glanced at Charlie before looking to Ruby and the twins. “C’mon you two, I’ll take you for ice-cream.” Ruby stood up from table and held her hands out for the twins to take.

“Yeah icey cream.” Ella cheered as she jumped down and took her sisters hand.

“Vallina.” Noah said as he jumped down from the table and ran over to Ruby. Ruby looked up to Charlie, and knowing exactly what she wanted Charlie walked over to the little table by the door and picked up her purse and pulled out a $20 bill before handing it to her eldest daughter.

“Thanks.” Ruby smiled as she put it into her pocket before leaving the house with the twins.

“Could you give us some privacy?” Bianca said as she looked to her friend.

“No, Charlie can stay,” April spoke quietly. “Just in case it gets out of hand again.”

Bianca nodded lightly as she walked further into the kitchen and took a seat at the table opposite April, with Charlie taking a seat in the middle of them. Bianca looked to Charlie before looking at April and going to talk, but April spoke over her. “It’s fine, she knows. She was a lot more understanding than you.”

“Look,” Bianca exhaled. “I’m sorry. It was just a little bit of a shock.”

“It was a shock for me too, believe me,” April answered. “But I know what I am and I can accept it. I just need to know if you can.”

Bianca pulled at a bit of play dough that was on the table, making it into a circle in her hands. “I think if you want to experiment with girls then, you should.”

“I don’t want to experiment, Bianca,” April already felt annoyed at her sister. “I am gay. I don’t need to test it out.”

“If you’ve never been with a woman you can’t exactly say you are gay, surely,” Bianca replied. “Just because you haven’t enjoyed being with Xavier or Dex doesn’t mean that you won’t find that connection with another guy. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be.”

“Maybe it’s because they had a little too much penis and not enough breast.” April spat and Charlie bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. She understood how April felt, but she did find the comment rather funny.

“Oh April that’s -” Bianca went to talk, but April cut her off.

“I only feel attracted to women,” April sighed as she gave Charlie a glance, Charlie deciding not to talk unless she felt it absolutely necessary. “Why can’t you be more like Charlie and just accept this without any problems?”

“Because I love you too much,” Bianca answered. “And I can try and be supportive but I’m sorry, I just don’t believe this is what you really want,” Bianca said. “Like I said, I’ll support you if you need to experiment and get this gay thing out of your system, but you’re my little sister April. You’re not gay.”

April pursed her lips together. “I thought you coming around here was because you believed me and could accept it.”

“Well I’m sorry, but I’m not going to accept what I don’t believe is real,” Bianca said, before she stood up from the chair, throwing the piece of play dough back onto the table. “I guess you’ll be staying here longer?”

“I don’t want to live where I am not welcome or believed,” April answered. “So as long as it’s okay with Charlie, yeah, I’ll stay here.”

Bianca looked down to her friend. “You can stay as long as you want.” Charlie said as she looked to April.

“Well I’ll go then.” Bianca said before she left the house. Charlie exhaled as she looked to April, who looked like she was about to cry.

“I thought you said she would come round and that she was just shocked.” April sniffed back, not wanting to cry.

“I thought she would,” Charlie leaned forward and rubbed April’s arm. “Maybe she just needs more time.”

“Whatever,” April shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t need her in my life if she can’t accept me for who I am. But eh...I do need clothes.”

“I’ll go and get stuff for you,” Charlie smiled lightly at the girl. “And I’ll have a talk with Bianca too.”

“You don’t have too.” April shook her head.

“I know, but, I want too,” Charlie answered. “Why don’t you try to get some revision done and I’ll go now to get you some clothes? With you and Rubes planning on sneaking out to that party tonight you’ll need something nice to wear in case you meet any nice single girls.” Charlie raised her eyebrows as she stood up from the seat.

April screwed her face up, confused as to how Charlie would have known about the party. “How did -”

“Another thing about mothers, April, we know everything.” Charlie said as she rubbed April’s shoulder before she left the house to catch up with Bianca.


Brax was still waiting in the waiting room. He’d been there a long time but they were really busy and he didn’t have an appointment so he’d have to just wait until he could be seen. He looked down to Katie who was lying sleeping in his arms. He’d dressed her in a little pink dress with brown polka dots that used to belong to Ella. It was his and Charlie’s favourite dress to put her in when she was little and they’d kept some of the twins’ clothes in case they had another child, so when he was grabbing the moses basket, he’d looked out the girls’ clothes too. He smiled lightly as he rubbed her forehead. She was a cute little thing, her dark hair, all sticking up on end, like a lot of babies hair did. As much as he didn’t want to be her father because he knew his marriage may not stand that revelation, he deeply wanted a third child and felt Charlie wasn’t as keen on the idea, at least not anytime soon, but of course he knew that was no reason to hope he was the father, and anyways he was pretty sure he hadn’t cheated on Charlie, although his drunken nights had left him not remembering getting home some nights so anything could have happened in between. “Brax,” Sid smiled down at him. “Sorry about the wait, I can take you in now,” Brax smiled as he stood up and walked down the hall and into the room with Sid, taking a seat on the chair. “She’s not yours, is she?” Sid looked confused. Had he missed Charlie being pregnant and giving birth?

“That’s what I am here to find out,” Brax answered. “I eh....some lady came to the house yesterday and told Charlie I was the father and left.”

“I see,” Sid nodded. “So, you’d like a paternity test?”

“That’s exactly what I want,” Brax answered. “I’m pretty sure I am not the father. I’m 80 per cent sure I never slept with anyone else, but there have been a couple of drunken nights out around when she would have been conceived so...” Brax trailed off.

“Right,” Sid exhaled. “Well I hope for the sake of Charlie and the twins that you all get the result that you want.”

“Yeah,” Brax answered. “So, you can do the test?”

“Are you aware if you are on the birth certificate?” Sid questioned.

“I don’t know, I eh....I wasn’t there when she was dropped off. I don’t think the mother said. Why, what’s that got to do with anything?” Brax screwed his face up.

“Well because you are not married to the mother, I would need her consent to do the test,” Sid answered. “If you were on the birth certificate it would be easier to do it without asking for her consent.”

“Oh,” Brax rubbed his forehead. “I eh....well I don’t know.”

Sid exhaled lightly as he looked down to the child before looking back to Brax. “I’ll do it.” Sid said, wanting to help him out.

“Well I don’t want you getting in trouble.” Brax replied.

“I won’t,” Sid answered. “You should know if you are the father or not.”

“Right okay, well thanks.” Brax gave him a weak smile.

“I’ll just get a kit and get it done now.” Sid said before he left the room. Brax looked down to Katie and exhaled lightly.

“How could you’re mummy leave you, hmm?” Brax lightly rubbed her little hand with his finger. “Poor little mite.” Brax exhaled as he looked to the baby, trying to see if she had any of him in her, any of Ella or Noah as he waited for Sid to return.

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Thanks everyone. Just to let you know that updates will probably be a little less frequent over the next few weeks.

Chapter 13

Charlie walked back into the house to see Ruby and April sitting at the table revising. “I put the twins down for their nap, I hope that’s okay.” Ruby said as she looked up to her mother.

“Fine,” Charlie nodded as she put the bag of clothes down on the kitchen floor. “Here’s some stuff for you. I hope I packed things that you still like wearing.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, thanks,” April smiled thankfully at Charlie. “How did the talk with her go?” April doodled on the edge of the paper and Charlie could see she was nervous for an answer.

“I think she just needs more time,” Charlie said. “Let’s not push her yeah; it’ll only make things worse.”

“Right,” April sighed. “Well thanks for talking to her anyways.”

“It’s fine,” Charlie answered. “Now, Rubes, about this party tonight -”

“What party?” Ruby tried to look confused but it was no use, Charlie knew about it somehow so there was no use lying.

“Don’t give me that,” Charlie said. “I know you’re planning on sneaking out to this party. Why can’t you tell me about it?”

Ruby looked to April accusingly before looking back to her mother. “This girl Sadie at school, well her sister is in uni so there will be uni students there and alcohol and no adult chaperones really - unless her sister and her uni friends counted - since their parents are out of town for the week so.....well alcohol, uni boys and no chaperones doesn’t exactly tell me that you’d let me go.” Ruby exhaled.

“I see,” Charlie nodded. “Well as long as you promise me that you won’t touch any alcohol and given the fact that you have a boyfriend, I’m sure I don’t need to worry about a uni boy having his way with you so, you can go.”

Ruby felt a smile forming on her face. “Wow, thanks. I thought you’d make us stay home and study.”

“Look you are 17,” Charlie exhaled. “You’re old enough to know yourself what could happen if you don’t study enough. As long as you do a good bit more today and tomorrow then you can go out tonight.” Charlie looked up as she heard the door opening and saw Brax walking in with Katie sitting in his arms, her little hands grabbing onto his thumb.

April saw the exchanged that they gave each other. “Do you want us to...” April trailed off as she pointed to the door.

“No, you’re fine,” Charlie answered as she walked through to the living room with Brax following her. Charlie turned to face him and it was then she noticed that Katie was wearing Ella’s dress. “Is that Ella’s?”

“Yeah,” Brax gave a little nod. “I remember how much we loved dressing Ella in it and though she’d look cute in it too,” Brax smiled as she cooed down at Katie. “And I was right.”

“What’s wrong with the clothes her mother left for her?” Charlie questioned, not liking that Brax had dressed Katie in Ella’s clothes.

“Well it’s the middle of November,” Brax answered. “You know it’s coming into summer and I thought that the dress would be a bit cooler for her than the baby grows.”

“But that dress is for our child. Not her.” Charlie scrunched her face as she looked to Katie, her hands still gripping onto his thumb.

“It’s not as if they fit Ella anymore. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal,” Brax exhaled. “Geeze. “

Charlie exhaled as she rubbed her forehead. “Ah you know what; the clothes are the least of our issues right now.” Charlie pursed her lips together as she sat down on the couch.

“Yeah,” Brax cleared his throat as he sat down on the arm chair. “You not coming to bed last night would be one of them,” Brax said. “Why did you...you slept on the couch. Why?”

Charlie shrugged her shoulders. “I guess after the third time of me having to get up with her I figured it was best to stay close to her. Seemed like it was going to be a restless night for her.”

“And that’s the only reason?” Brax asked.

Charlie gave a little shrug. “Maybe I just felt I didn’t want to share a bed with someone who doesn’t trust me not to cheat on him,” Charlie spoke rather dryly. “Okay yes, so in my past I might have cheated, but I’m so happy with you. I love you so much and for the last 5 years I have done nothing but prove that to you. You and the twins are my whole life and I would never do anything to jeopardise that.”

“I know and I....I didn’t mean what I said, I’m sorry. But you’re accusing me of cheating too.”

“Because someone came to the door with a child,” Charlie raised her voice as she pointed to Katie. “How else would she get your name? How did she know where Darryl Braxton lived? You said yourself that maybe on a drunken night out something might have happened, so if even you are doubting yourself what the hell am I supposed to think? You must see how it looks for me.”

“Fair enough,” Brax ran one hand over his forehead while keeping hold of Katie with the other. “Well I’ve got a paternity test done now so we’ll know within the week.”

“A week?” Charlie questioned. “She’s not staying here a week.”

“C’mon Charlie she is just a baby,” Brax sighed. “Don’t take this out on her.”

“Not wanting your possible love child around isn’t really taking it out on her, as such,” Charlie raised her voice. “As long as she is here we are going to argue and do you really want that? All this tension between us because the twins will pick up on it soon enough Brax, they’re not stupid. Even she knows something isn’t right,” Charlie said as she pointed to Katie. “Probably why she was up crying half the night because she is in a strange house with strangers.”

“I don’t know,” Brax shook his head. “She seems pretty settled to me.” Brax looked down to Katie who still wasn’t ready to give up on his thumb and gave a little smile.

“Maybe she can sense she’s in daddy’s arms,” Charlie retorted as she stood up from the couch. “I had her most of the day yesterday and all of last night but she’s your problem so you can deal with her from now on.” Charlie said before walking down the hall to the twins’ room to check on them.


“Keep your eyes shut.” Ruby hit Aprils shoulder. She was trying to do her eyeshadow for her but April kept opening her eyes.

“Sorry no one has ever done my make-up before.” April answered.

“Right but when you put eyeshadow on surely you shut your eye, no?” Ruby scrunched her face up as she gently brushed across April’s eye lid.

“Well yeah I guess so,” April answered as Ruby put the eyeshadow down and picked up the eyeliner. “So, what are you going to let me do with your hair tonight?” April questioned.

“Uhm, I was thinking about straightening it but it takes a while so maybe not.” Ruby answered.

“Aww you should,” April felt Ruby’s other hand press down against her cheek as she applied the eyeliner to her. She smiled lightly at her soft touch. “You never wear your hair straight.”

“Because it takes forever,” Ruby sighed. “And actually my hair straighteners are broken so I’d need to ask mum for hers and I really don’t want to bother her right now.” Ruby exhaled. The rest of the afternoon and dinner had been very awkward for everyone, with even the twins being quieter over dinner time, sensing the need to be quiet. Ruby was glad that she had the party to go to tonight, so she had an escape from the house.

“Fair enough,” April answered. “Actually your hair is gorgeous as it is so just run a brush through it and you’ll be fine.”

“Yeah,” Ruby laughed as she put the eye liner down. “Don’t want to impress the hot uni boys too much do we?” Ruby laughed. “I mean me I guess because you...” Ruby trailed off. “Sorry, I’ll just stop talking.”

“It’s fine,” April gave a little laugh. “I only told you yesterday. You still have to get really used to it.”

“Mmm,” Ruby nodded as she told April to open her eyes. She’s did a smoky look for her and she thought it really brought her eyes out. She couldn’t help but think she looked gorgeous. “You lot hot.” Ruby nudged her arm.

“Wow thanks,” April felt herself blushing as she looked at herself in the mirror. She would love Ruby to think she was hot in that way, but knew it was most likely said in a friendly manner, although she couldn’t stop thinking about their little moment in the kitchen that morning. “It looks great.”

“You can put your own mascara on,” Ruby said. “I eh, I can’t do that on other people.” April smiled lightly as she picked the tube of mascara up applied it to her eyes.

As April applied her mascara Ruby picked up her sliver clutch bag and put her phone, camera and house key into it, thinking that was probably everything she was going to need. She looked back at April who had turned around and picked up her black clutch bag. She looked her friend up and down. She was wearing a purple strapless dress that cut at the knee and hugged her in all the right places, pushing her assets up rather nicely, Ruby noted. Ruby shook her head lightly as she couldn’t shake the image of kissing April from her mind. “You ready?” Ruby cleared her throat and tried to think about Romeo, who she was meeting at the party.

“Yeah,” April nodded as she slipped into her shoes. “Although I haven’t wore heels in forever so I might need your support till I get used to them again,” April gave a little laugh as she wobbled, Ruby stepping forward to catch her. Ruby put her hands around April arm as they laughed lightly before looking into each other’s eyes, April wanting to kiss her so much but thinking she didn’t feel the same way, used all the power she could to resist it. Ruby telling herself she was straight and into Romeo.

“So yeah, let’s go.” April said as she straightened herself up.

“Yeah.” Ruby once again cleared her throat, wondering if she’d just had another moment with her friend before linking arms with her and walking out of the bedroom to leave for the party.

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Thanks for the comments. Hope this one is okay.....And I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Chapter 14

Charlie placed a soft kiss onto Noah’s forehead as she tucked him in. “You all ready to sleep?”

“Yes mummy,” Noah nodded. “In my bed.”

“Yeah, like a good boy hmm?” Charlie lightly rubbed her son’s forehead.

“Like Ella,” Noah pointed to his sister who was already tucked in her bed and drifting off to sleep. “She good sleeper today.”

“She must be tired hmm?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah,” Noah gave a little nod before he yawned. “Nighty mummy.”

“Goodnight sweetie,” Charlie smiled before placing another kiss on her son before she stood up and walked out of their bedroom, switching the light off but leaving the door slightly ajar so the hall light gave a little light for them. She walked down the hall and into the living room where she saw Brax cooing over Katie as he changed her nappy. “I’m going to go out for a bit.” Charlie said, causing Brax to look up at her.

“Where?” Brax questioned.

Charlie shrugged her shoulders. “Bianca’s maybe.”

“Do you have too?” Brax asked as he lifted Katie back into his arms. “I need to feed her but once I’ve done that I’ll put her down and we can watch a movie or talk. Maybe we should talk some more.”

“About what?” Charlie questioned. “I’m not sure we really have anything left to say to each other right now. You might be her father, you might have cheated,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Let’s just leave it at that for now and wait till the results come in.”

“And if I am the father?” Brax questioned. “We can work through it, right?”

Charlie gave a little snigger as she shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I’ll know when we find out.”

“Fair enough,” Brax exhaled. He knew not to push Charlie when she didn’t want to talk and that he was probably already in her bad books, he didn’t need to go making things worse. “You think you’ll be long?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie answered as she made her way out of the living room to the front door, with Brax following after her. “See you.”

“Bye,” Brax said as she walked out of the house and down the drive to make her way to Bianca’s house. “Aww Katie,” Brax sighed as he closed the house door and looked down to the baby. “You might be a cute little thing but you presence is causing problems,” Katie let out a babble as she grabbed onto Brax’s thumb, her brown eyes widening. Brax smiled as he ran his hand over her hair. “C’mon, I’ll get you some dinner.” Brax said as he waked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of her milk.


“Charlie,” Bianca said as she answered the door. “Here to give me more lectures about accepting April for who she is?”

“No,” Charlie answered. “I’ve said all I want to say there,” Charlie said. “I eh, I just thought we could hang out for a while, but if you want me to leave, I will.”

“It’s fine,” Bianca smiled lightly at her friend. “Come in. Can I get you a coffee?”

“You have anything stronger?” Charlie questioned as she walked into the house and leaned herself against the kitchen worktop.

“Just white wine,” Bianca answered. “Is that okay? I know you prefer red.”

“White is fine.” Charlie gave her friend a smile as she watched her take the bottle from the fridge, before taking two glasses from the cupboard.

“Everything alright with you?” Bianca questioned, sensing Charlie came around with something in mind to talk about.

Charlie sighed as she took the glass of wine from her friend. “Brax might have a 4 month old daughter,” Charlie said as she saw the look of shock forming on Bianca’s face. “Oh and she is currently living with us.”

“What?” Bianca gasped. “When did this happen?”

“Yesterday the mother dropped her off,” Charlie sighed. “Said Brax was the father and he could deal with her.”

“Charlie, I don’t know what to say,” Bianca shook her head, still in shock. “Brax loves you so much, surely he wouldn’t cheat? What he’s saying about this?”

“At first he said he wasn’t the father and he didn’t cheat but then he said maybe on a drunken night out he might have,” Charlie spoke quietly as she looked to her friend. “I don’t know what to believe and we have to wait a week for the paternity results and we just keep arguing and I don’t want the twins to pick up on anything and then.....how are we going to explain who the baby is to them if he does turn out to be the father and then...” Charlie trailed off as she pursed her lips together. “The twins and Brax are my whole life and we’re a great family and I don’t want it to be over.”

“It doesn’t have to be,” Bianca shook her head. “You can work through it. You guys are so much in love and I don’t think he would ever mean to cheat on you. That guy worships you, Charlie.”

“Bit of a big ask, is it not?” Charlie questioned. “Forgiving a drunken one night stand is one thing, but a baby too?” Charlie shook her head. “I don’t know if I am strong enough to forgive that. And seeing him with her, I don’t think he’s sorry at all. The way he treats her, like she’s his little princess and I think he wants her to be his.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” Bianca rubbed Charlie’s arm. “He wouldn’t want to ruin things with you and being this child’s father might do that. Surely he’s not going to wish that.”

“He wants a third child,” Charlie exhaled. “He knows I’m not as keen on the idea so maybe this was his way of getting one.”

“Look let’s just try and give him the benefit of the doubt till the results arrive,” Bianca said. “You know, let’s not punish him until the results are in.”

“Easier said than done,” Charlie sighed. “But hey, I left the house to get away from Katie and Brax and...” Charlie ran her hand though her hair. “What’s new with you?” Charlie questioned.

Bianca, sensing that Charlie didn’t want to talk anymore about it, thought now was the time to share with someone her news about her and Heath. “I slept with Heath last night.”

“What,” Charlie was gobsmacked. She never thought Bianca would ever get back with Heath. “So what does this mean? Are you two.....are you....what?”

“We’re back together.” Bianca gave a little smile.

“Aww Bianca that’s great,” Charlie smiled. “I’m happy for you.”

“Yeah, well we’ll see how it goes.” Bianca said.

“Ah it’s exciting,” Charlie smiled as she took Bianca’s hand into hers and dragged her though to the living room where they took a seat on the couch. “You have to tell me everything.” Charlie grinned as she looked to her friend, wanting to hear everything.


Ruby stood and watched as April was chatting to Violet. As she saw April laugh at something Violet said, she couldn’t help but feel jealous that April was getting on so well with Violet. She felt herself wanting her to be the one to make April laugh and smile. She knew April liked her, so was April trying to make Ruby jealous? If she was, it was working perfectly. “Here.” Romeo smiled as he handed Ruby a drink.

“What’s this?” Ruby asked as she looked up to her boyfriend.

“Just lemonade,” Romeo answered. “I know your mum would freak if I let you drink.”

Ruby gave a little laugh as she took a drink. “Well thanks,” Ruby looked back up to where April and Violet were but she saw that they were no longer there. “Where did April go?”

“I don’t know,” Romeo shrugged. “She was talking with Dex before so maybe they are off making up.” Romeo gave a little grin.

“Doubtful.” Ruby muttered.

“What was that?” Romeo questioned.

“I just don’t see them ever getting back together,” Ruby exhaled. “Not when she....” Ruby trailed off. She’d made her promise not to tell anyone, and she wasn’t about to change that now. Especially when today she was having feelings that you don’t normally get for just friends. She just needed to work out what they were in her mind. “C’mon, let’s go for a walk or something.” Ruby sighed as she put the lemonade down on the table and took Romeo’s hand into her and made her way out of the house, and down towards the beach.


April and Violet were sitting on the beach, talking. “Can I ask you something?” Violet questioned.

“Sure, anything.” April said. The girls were hardly friends, Violet being in the year above April, but they started talking at the party, and although April had felt the moments of the day with Ruby, she didn’t think anything would ever happen with them, so thought maybe trying with someone else, wouldn’t only help her get over her feelings for Ruby, but would let her finally be in a relationship that she was happy with.

“Are you gay?” Violet asked.

“Wow eh....yeah I am.” April answered. “That obvious?”

“Just a gay-dar thing,” Violet exhaled. “Have you known long?”

“About 6 months,” April answered. “I’ve been trying to cope myself with it, but obviously I needed to come out. Breaking up with Dex was the start of it, but it took me a while after that to come out to anyone. Yesterday I told my best friend and my sister. Bianca didn’t take it so well so I’m staying at Ruby’s place. I guess it would be a shock for her.”

“My mum is still like that now,” Violet sighed. “I came out almost 2 years ago, when I was 16, and she refused to meet the two girlfriends I had since then,” Violet tucked hair behind her ear. “My dad and big brother are supportive though so I’m not all alone.”

“That’s good,” April smiled up at Violet, never really noticing her beauty until now. “Ruby’s mum has been great and Ruby has too really,” April exhaled. “I guess I’m lucky to have them.”

“Well you can have me there for you.” Violet gave April a smile.

April laughed lightly. “We’ll be the talk of the whole school next,” April said. “The two lesbians hanging out together.”

Violet gave a little laugh. “Well we could really give them something to talk about then.” Violet raised her eyebrows as she looked into April’s beautiful eyes. She leaned forward and put her hand onto April’s cheek and rubbed it gently, before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her lips. April pulled back for a moment, before she smiled at Violet, and placed a kiss on her lips.

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Chapter 15

Charlie walked into the bedroom and exhaled as she threw her mobile down onto the bedside table. “You’ve been gone a while.” Brax said as he walked back into the bedroom from being in their en-suite.

“Have I missed curfew?” Charlie questioned.

“You don’t have a curfew,” Brax screwed his face up. “I just didn’t expect you to be gone as long, that’s all.”

“I was just catching up with Bianca,” Charlie answered as she began to undress herself to get ready for bed. “It’s not a problem, is it?”

“No,” Brax shook his head as he watched his wife taking her bra off and laying it on the chair in the corner of the room before putting her singlet top on. “So how is Bianca?” Brax questioned. “It’s been a while since we’ve chatted properly.”

“She’s good,” Charlie exhaled as she put her shorts on. “Her and Heath are going to give things another go.”

“Ah that’s great,” Brax smiled as he watched Charlie disappear into their bathroom, most likely to clean her teeth. “I’m glad for them. I know it’s what Heath really wanted all along.”

“Yeah,” Brax heard Charlie say as she spat into the sink. “Hopefully they can be happy together again.” Charlie appeared back in the room and walked over to her bedside table and pulled her face wipes out from the top drawer as Brax got into bed.

“Did I ever tell you Heath was all set to propose?” Brax questioned as Charlie sat on the edge of the bed and wiped her make-up from her face.

“No,” Charlie sounded surprised at Brax’s comment. “When was this?”

“Before Rocco died,” Brax answered. “He’d bought the ring but then Rocco was early and then he was back at the hospital with meningitis, then of course he died and Bianca broke up with him so he didn’t obviously get the chance to propose.”

“Oh wow,” Charlie widened her eyes. She never saw Heath as the type to be married. He’d changed when he met Bianca, but she still didn’t ever think marriage would enter Heath’s mind. “Well I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid and propose right away. It won’t do him any favours.”

“Give him some credit, Charlie,” Brax sighed as Charlie got into the bed. “He’s not completely stupid. He won’t propose after being back with her for 5 minutes.”

“Right.” Charlie mumbled.

“So, I see you’re sharing the bed with me tonight.” Brax gave a little smile as he looked to his wife.

“Doesn’t mean anything other than the couch isn’t as comfy and our little visitor is in the living room so you’ll need to sit there when you are up with her and giving her her bottle.” Charlie spoke dryly as she turned around in the bed and lay down to sleep, her back facing Brax. Brax exhaled lightly. This wasn’t a normal bedtime routine for them. No kiss goodnight, no hug, not even a smile. Normally Charlie would like to cuddle close to Brax and fall asleep in his arms. Brax liked the closeness too, but not this. He sighed lightly as he turned the light off, knowing Charlie had a right to be upset, of course anyone would if they found out their husband had a possible love child, but he felt Charlie was being too hard on him right now, given they didn’t know the results from the test yet, and the fact that Brax was more sure he didn’t cheat than that he did. Just as he got himself comfy in the bed, the door creaked open and Brax saw the little outline of his son running across to the bed.

“Oh it dark mummy.” Noah said as he climbed onto the bed.

Charlie sighed as she put her side light on and sat up in the bed, allowing Noah to climb up onto her knee, so he was facing her, each leg hanging by her sides. “What you doing awake?” Charlie questioned as she ran her hand through his hair.

“I sleep in here?” Noah smiled sweetly at his mother.

“No, big boys sleep in their own beds.” Charlie yawned.

“It not comfy like this.” Noah hit his hand against the mattress.

“Yes it is.” Charlie laughed lightly as she stood up and carried her son out of the room. As they were walking down the hall Noah looked towards the living room.

“Mummy, Katie stay forever?” Noah questioned as she walked back into his bedroom.

“No,” Charlie answered as she put him down into his bed. “Just a little visit. She’ll go back to her own mummy soon.”

“Oh,” Noah scratched the side of his head. “I get a baby brother?” Noah questioned as Charlie tucked him in.

“If you want a baby brother you’ll definitely have to sleep in your own bed.” Charlie mumbled.

“Huh?” Noah scrunched his face up, not quite understanding what his mother was saying.

“Goodnight Noah.” Charlie exhaled as she placed a soft kiss on his forehead before leaving him to fall back to sleep. She walked back into her bedroom and saw Brax staring back at her. He gave her a little smile as she got back into the bed and Charlie managed a weak smile back at him before she switched the light off and lay back down to sleep.


“Someone had fun at the party last night,” Ruby said as she joined April at the kitchen table. “Getting a bit friendly with Violet were you not?” Ruby made a kissing face.

April felt herself blushing. “I eh,” April cleared her throat. “We might have had a kiss...or two... or more.” April said shyly, wondering how Ruby had known.

“Yeah I saw,” Ruby exhaled. “Not worried about other people seeing then?”

“Kinda late for that now,” April said. “You know it just kind of happened. One minute we were talking and the next we were.....well you saw.”

Ruby smiled weakly, still not able to shake the feeling that she wished it was her April had been kissing. “So, how was it? Did you like it?”

“Ahhh,” April sighed almost dreamily. “It was so much better than kissing Xav or Dex,” April answered. “It felt nice. It was nice. I liked it.”

“Don’t sound too convinced?” Ruby said questioningly.

“Well it was my first girl kiss,” April answered. “I was probably nervous and...” April bit her lit as her phone beeped. She looked down to it on the table and Ruby saw a little smile form on her face.

“Violet?” Ruby guessed.

“Yeah,” April answered as she opened the text and scanned her eyes over it. “She wants to meet me today.”

“Ah,” Ruby said. “Do you want to meet her?”

“I dunno,” April shrugged. “I mean she’s nice and I enjoyed the kiss, but...” April pursed her lips together. “I eh....” April looked at Ruby and couldn’t quite decide what her eyes were trying to say. Of course she was still in love with her best friend, and she was pretty sure the moments happened and they weren’t just in her mind, but she had no idea how Ruby felt about it. “Would you be okay with it?”

“Me?” Ruby tried to look confused as to why April would ask her this, but inside she wanted to scream no, of course she wouldn’t be okay with April seeing Violet. Not when April confessed to liking her and not when Ruby was having some sort of feelings back, but she was with Romeo and she was straight, as far as everyone was aware, and Ruby herself believed she was straight too. “It doesn’t have anything to do with me.” Ruby answered.

“Just, you know, with what happened yesterday and with -”

“What happened yesterday?” Ruby questioned. Of course she knew fine well what April was taking about but she still needed to work out what they meant herself first before she started playing with April’s feelings. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt her, especially because April had already confessed to liking her, she had to be 100% sure before she said anything back to her. “I don’t recall anything.”

“Right, no, sorry,” April shook her head as she drank the last of her orange juice. “I’m going to go for a shower.” April picked up her phone before leaving the kitchen. Ruby watched as she walked away before hitting her hand against her head as she sighed in frustration, knowing she’d have to sort her feelings out quickly, because she may be about to lose to April to Violet.

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Chapter 16

Charlie, Brax, Heath, Bianca and the twins were spending the morning at the beach. Brax and Heath had the twins in the sea as Bianca and Charlie were sitting watching as the kids giggled and splashed around. Charlie looked to her friend and saw the longing look in her eye as she watched Noah being thrown up in the air and caught by Heath. “He’s so great with kids,” Bianca spoke quietly. “That really surprised me about him.”

“People are often full of surprises.” Charlie answered as she glanced at the pram where Katie was sleeping.

“Are you going to leave him?” Bianca asked. “If he’s the father, could you work through it or would it mean the end of you two?”

Charlie sighed lightly as she glanced out at her husband as she played with her wedding ring on her finger. “Until we know what the results say I don’t know what I am going to do. I don’t want us to be over but....we’ll I don’t know how I am going to feel until the results are back.”

“When did you say they would be back?” Bianca asked.

“5 more days,” Charlie answered. “I hate just going on like nothing is wrong but the kids are....you know they need...”

“I no,” Bianca nodded. “But they look happy. They don’t know anything is going on.”

“I hope it stays that way,” Charlie sighed and Bianca gave her arm a little rub of comfort. “So, what about you and Heath? I know you’ve only been back together a day or two, but it’s going good?”

“Yeah it’s nice,” Bianca smiled lightly. “I think we should take things slow, but, I do love him and hope we can work out this time.”

“I think you would have worked the last time,” Charlie answered. “If you stayed together after Rocco. You could have helped each other through.”

Bianca pursed her lips together at the mention of her son. “Ideally yeah, I should have handled things differently but my baby had just died and.....well I wasn’t really thinking straight.”

“Yeah I can’t begin to imagine how you must have felt,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “When I look at my babies and think about what it would mean if they were taken from me I...” Charlie trailed off, not wanting to upset Bianca too much. Although she’d lost Rocco around 14 months ago now, she knew it would always be hard to talk about his death. “Well it must be hard.”

“It’s always hard,” Bianca nodded. “But I guess I need to be glad for the time I did get with Rocco. I’d rather have had that than nothing.”

“It’s a nice way to look at it,” Charlie said as she saw Ella running up to her. “Hey petal how was the water?”

“Good,” Ella answered as she climbed up onto Charlie’s knee getting her rather wet. “Where Ruby?”

“Ruby is at home, hopefully revising.” Charlie answered.

“Oh,” Ella answered. “And Apil too?”

“Yeah, April too,” Charlie said. “I think anyways.”

“Why April not with you Bee?” Ella scrunched her face up as she looked to Bianca.

“Eh,” Bianca paused. “She’s just having a few days at your house,” Bianca said and Charlie looked to her friend with raised eyebrows. “I still can’t understand it,” Bianca sighed. “It’s not the April I know.”

“She’s still the same person,” Charlie said. “So she likes girls and not boys. She’s still the same April Scott that you’ve know all your life. She still likes everything else the same as she always did.”

“But she’s not who I thought she was,” Bianca answered as she watched Ella picking up clumps of sand and throwing them down onto her mother. “She’s my sister and she’s not....she not gay,” Bianca shook her head, still in denial. “And maybe you wouldn’t be saying this if it was Ruby or Ella or Noah coming to you and telling you that they were gay.” Bianca said with a scrunched up face.

“As long as my kids are happy and in love then that’s all that matters to me. It doesn’t matter if Noah comes to me in 16 years time and tells me he like boys or Ruby turns around and says you know what, mum, I think I like girls too,” Charlie said. “As long as they are happy, I will love and support them.”

“Well maybe you are just a better person than me then.” Bianca said as Brax, Heath and Noah came back up to join them. Noah pushed at Ella so he was sharing Charlie’s knee and Brax immediately went to the pram and lifted Katie into his arms as he made cooing noises. Charlie and Bianca exchanged a glance with each other and Bianca could see the hurt in Charlie’s eyes, that Brax was bonding with Katie already.

“Mummy I hungry now.” Noah said.

“How about I treat you all to lunch then?” Heath said.

“Yeah uncy Eath.” Ella jumped up from Charlie’s knee and started to run up the beach towards the diner.

“Ella,” Charlie shouted after her daughter. “You need to get your clothes back on first, come here.”

“Hurry then.” Ella said as she ran back down towards them as Charlie and Heath got the twins dried and dressed for lunch as Brax seemed oblivious to the goings on as he continued to coo over Katie.


Romeo leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s neck. “Romeo,” Ruby pushed him away. “I’m trying to study.”

“C’mon we’ve got the house to ourselves,” Romeo once again placed a kiss on Ruby’s neck. “Let’s take a little break.”

Ruby sighed as she pushed her chair back a little and looked to her boyfriend. She still found him attractive, but she felt something wasn’t there anymore. Even if it had only been a couple of days since she found out about April and her feelings, there was already something that she didn’t feel anymore. “Romeo, these exams are important to me. I need to do well.”

“I know that, but, you can easily take a little break,” Romeo tucked her hair behind her ear. “We could always go practice some biology,” Romeo raised his eyebrows as he gave her a cheeky grin. “Hmm.” Romeo leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips. She hesitated for a moment before kissing him back, letting it deepen as Romeo stood up and pulled her to her feet, before lifting her into his arms, letting Ruby wrap her legs around his waist as the kiss continued to deepen. She needed to see if she still wanted to be him and thought this would let her know and so far it was working, this kiss wasn’t like other kisses they’d had. She no longer felt the feelings in her stomach; she didn’t want it to keep going. Just as Romeo kicked the door to her bedroom open, Ruby pulled back.

“Wait, stop,” Ruby said. “Put me down.” Ruby jumped down to the floor before she sat down on the edge of her bed, with Romeo taking a seat next to her.

“Is everything alright?” Romeo screwed his face up. “You’re making me feel a little bit worried Rubes, what is it?” Romeo put his hand around her back.

“Romeo you’re lovely. You’re such a great guy. You’re so sweet and loving and you’ve been nothing but great with me, but, I....” Ruby pursed her lips together. “I think we should break up.”

“What?” Romeo was gobsmacked. He thought everything was going great with Ruby. “I don’t understand this. What have I done wrong?”

“Nothing,” Ruby answered. “I....” Ruby played with her bracelet on her wrist. “It’s not you, it’s me and -”

“Ahh don’t throw that old cliché at me, Rubes,” Romeo sighed. “Tell me what I’ve done wrong and I’ll fix it.”

“That’s the thing,” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t know what it is,” Ruby said. “I just know that I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“But there has to be a reason Rubes,” Romeo looked frustrated. “Everything was going great. I love you so much and I just don’t understand why you want to break up.”

“I’m sorry Romeo,” Ruby sniffed back a tear. “I do love you but I...I need to try this. How I’m feeling....I need to see where it goes.”

“Where what goes?” Romeo screwed his face up. “Do you have feelings for another guy?”

“No.... no, no, I don’t like another guy,” Ruby took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, but we’re over and I think you should go.”

“So that’s it?” Romeo questioned. “You want us to be over so that’s it? You can’t give me a proper reason as to why either.”

“I’m sorry, I just, I need time to think, please just go.” Ruby looked up to him as he stood up from the bed, trying his best to hold back tears.

“Think about what? Whether you want to be with me or not?”

“No,” Ruby answered. “I’m sorry; I don’t want to be with you anymore. Now I think you should just leave.” Romeo exhaled lightly before he shook his head at Ruby and left the house, slamming the door shut as he left, resulting in Ruby giving a little jump in fright before she collapsed on the bed in tears.

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Chapter 17

Charlie, Brax and the kids walked back into the house and the twins ran down the hall, hoping to see that they could go into Ruby’s room to play. “Ahh it’s still red.” Ella moaned as she banged her foot down against the floor.

“We no can play?” Noah pouted sadly.

“It red Noah.” Ella sighed as she put her hand on the door.

“What you two saying?” Charlie questioned as she appeared next to the twins.

“We no can play,” Noah sighed as he looked up to his mother, his eyes looking sad. “It always red.”

“Aww well why don’t you go see if daddy will play with you?” Charlie said. The twins looked to each other before running down to the living room to look for Brax. Charlie knocked on the door as she heard the muffled sounds of her daughters crying. “Rubes are you alright?” Charlie walked into the room to see Ruby lying in the foetal position on the top of the bed. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Charlie took a seat next to Ruby and lightly rubbed her back.

Ruby wiped her face of her tears as she sat up. “Romeo and I broke up.”

“What?” Charlie was surprised. She thought everything was going fine between the two. They always looked so happy together so she didn’t understand how this could have happened. “How did....who....”

“I broke up with him,” Ruby sniffed back another tear. “I’m not sure I really wanted to but I felt I had too,” Ruby trailed off. “I...” Ruby shook her head as she leaned herself forward and rested her head against her mother’s chest.

“Rubes,” Charlie rubbed the side of Ruby’s head. “What made you break up with him? You seemed to be getting on great.”

“We were,” Ruby answered. “But I just felt something changed. I eh...”

“It’s alright,” Charlie spoke softly seeing Ruby wasn’t ready to talk about it and she wasn’t about to push anything out of her. “You don’t have to tell me right now, it’s okay.”

Ruby smiled thankfully at her mother. “I will talk, when I’m ready,” Charlie smiled lightly at her daughter as she moved her hair back from her face. “So, how are things with you and Brax?”

Charlie shrugged her shoulders as she exhaled. “We haven’t really spoken to each other today unless it’s been about something to do with the twins. He is bonding with Katie too much and while it hurts to see him like that with her, I also don’t want him to be hurt if it turns out he isn’t the father.”

“Makes sense,” Ruby pulled back from Charlie’s chest so she was looking up at her mother. “You think he wants to be the father?”

Charlie bit her lip as she nodded her head. “Yeah. I think he does. He wants a third child. I think he wants to start trying now but I want to wait a bit longer.”


“Ella’s behaviour is up and down these days. I don’t need to be pregnant and deal with her. My pregnancies with you and the twins were horrible, especially with the twins. I was so sick with them and I was in hospital a lot, it wasn’t an easy pregnancy and I don’t want to have another pregnancy like that. We have to go through a lot being pregnant.”

“Yeah, I remember you being sick all the time with the twins.” Ruby said.

“And babies cost money too.” Charlie sighed.

“Well you’re not exactly struggling are you?” Ruby questioned as she looked slightly concerned. “I can get a part time job and give you money if you -”

“No no,” Charlie shook her head. “You just concentrate on school. We’re not struggling but there’s no way we can afford another child right now. Once the restaurant is re-opened and we start making profit from it, then yeah, I want to have another child with him but we have to be sensible. We have that loan to pay off and the mortgage too.”

“So if you’re thinking about more babies with him then you’re going to be alright?” Ruby questioned.

“Well there’s that to consider too,” Charlie answered. “I don’t want to leave him. I want us to be a family and be happy but if Katie is his child....” Charlie trailed off as she pursed her lips together. “Well, we’ll see.”

“Mummy,” Noah ran into the room. “Daddy say he no playing.”

“Ah well how about you play with me instead?” Ruby cleared her throat as she smiled down at her little brother.

“It’s red.” Noah said as he pointed to the door.

“Oh,” Ruby laughed lightly. She’d already forgotten about the door thing she’d done for the twins a few days beforehand, but it seemed the twins hadn’t. “Well I can change that,” Ruby smiled down at her little brother as she walked over to the door and changed the sign from red to green.

“Ella Ella Ella it’s green, it’s green. We play, we play Ruby.” Noah shouted as he ran out of the room, clenching his little fists in excitement.

Charlie laughed at her son’s enthusiasm as she stood up from the bed. “You sure you’re alright to play with them?”

“Yeah, they’ll cheer me up.” Ruby smiled at her mother as the twins ran excitedly into the room.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Charlie rubbed Ruby’s arm as she gave her a smile before she left the room, leaving the siblings to play with each other.


“Thanks.” April smiled as she took the drink from Violet.

“You look really nervous,” Violet said. “I’m not going to bite, you’ll be fine.”

April gave a little laugh. “Sorry, it’s just...this is my first date with another girl.”

“But you dated boys, right?” Violet answered. “You were with Dexter and Xavier before that.”

“Yeah but they were boys and I didn’t feel so nervous around them or like I needed to impress them. I didn’t feel bothered if they liked me or not.” April answered as she fiddled with the straw from her smoothie. Violet smiled lightly, thinking April being so nervous was rather cute.

“Well you’re doing pretty well so far so you can relax,” Violet said. “Maybe this will help,” Violet spoke quietly as she leaned forward and put her hand onto April’s cheek before going to kiss her. April cleared her throat as she moved her head away and glanced in the direction of the pool table, where a group of Year 12 boys were playing pool. Violet looked over in the direction April was looking before looking back to her. “So you’re not totally ready to come out yet then?”

“Sorry,” April bowed her head down. She desperately wanted to but she had the fear of being judged for her choices in the forefront of her mind. “Coming out to my sister didn’t go that well so what’s everyone else going to think?”

“Why do you care?” Violet questioned. “As long as you’re happy with who you are what does it matter what anyone else thinks?”

“It just matters to me,” April answered. “Can you say you don’t care at all at what people in school say about you?”

Violet shrugged lightly. “I don’t love it but it’s not going to stop me being who I am. I’m not going to date boys just to make some stupid homophobes happy,” April smiled lightly at Violet, admiring her strength. “And most people are fine with it. You know, they know I’m still Violet Green. I get teased more for having two colours as my name than the fact I’m gay.”

April gave a little laugh. “It’s just the ones who I do hear saying stuff, you know, they’re....it’s really hurtful with what I’ve heard and I don’t want to go through that.”

“We’ll get it together,” Violet said. “The last time I had a girlfriend I got it worse than I did when I was single. So, I’ll be right there beside you and taking some of the abuse too.”

“It shouldn’t be that way though, should it?” April questioned.

“Just the way life is sometimes,” Violet answered. “They’re lives are obviously that sad and boring if they need to make fun of us to get some entertainment.”

“Yeah, true,” April said before looking over to the group of boys again. She took a deep breath before looking back to violet. “Do you want to go for a walk? Maybe somewhere where we won’t bump into someone from school?”

Violet sighed lightly. She didn’t care who saw her kissing April, but she was already out and she knew it was hard to do, especially with the kids at school and knew that April just needed a little more time. “Sure, let’s go.” Violet gave her a smile as they stood up and took the smoothies with them, walking away from the surf club and down the pathway, making their way back to Violet’s house. Violet looked around to see that no one was in sight before she stopped walking and turned to face April. “Can I give you a kiss here?” Violet questioned.

April pursed her lips together as she looked around, making sure no-one would see. She bit her lip as Ruby’s face came into her mind. She still couldn’t shake the feeling it was her she’d rather be kissing. She thought Violet was pretty and she seemed a lovely girl, but when she was in love with someone else, April knew Violet was going to have a hard time winning her over, but April knew she needed to try to get Ruby out of her mind. “Mmm, we can kiss.” April smiled before she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Violet’s lips. Violet smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen before she placed her tongue into April’s mouth. April pulled back for a moment, before she kissed Violet once again, this time slipping her tongue into her mouth too. She didn’t exactly feel fireworks, but she liked it, and felt herself wanting to continue kissing her.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 18

Charlie was in the kitchen, preparing the dinner when Brax walked in to prepare a bottle for Katie. He looked to his wife and exhaled lightly, feeling the tension between them. “When’s this going to stop?” Brax questioned as he picked up the bottle from the worktop and put the formula into it.

“What?” Charlie questioned, as she continued to chop the carrot up, not bothering to look up to her husband.

“This tension between us,” Brax replied. “When will it stop?”

“Hopefully when the results come back.” Charlie answered.

“Why only hopefully?” Brax questioned as he put the water into the bottle.

“Because if it turns out she is yours I don’t think we are just going to be able to continue on as normal, do you?” Charlie questioned. Brax exhaled as he put the lid onto the bottle and started to shake it so it mixed properly. “Best case scenario her mother comes back for her and says she made a mistake, clearing you from cheating and reproducing with someone who’s not your wife. Yeah we’re still going to have to sort out issues because clearly we both have a little bit of trust issues with each other, but we can get passed that a heck of a lot easier than we’ll get passed you being her father.”

Brax gave a gentle nod of understanding. “You know she has a name,” Brax said. “Wouldn’t hurt to use it.”

Charlie sniggered. “Also wouldn’t hurt for you to remember you have two other children.”

“What the hells that supposed to mean?” Brax asked.

“Noah and Ella wanted to play with you before but you brushed them off because you were with her,” Charlie raised her voice. “Sorry Katie.” Charlie added as she saw the look on Brax’s face.

“I had them in the water all morning,” Brax retorted. “I was putting Katie to sleep.”

“She was already sleeping,” Charlie banged the knife down onto the worktop as she turned to face Brax. “You could have put her in the moses basket instead of sitting all gooey eyed over her.”

“Well sorry for wanting another child.” Brax spat.

“How can you seriously want her to be yours?” Charlie questioned. “Look what she is doing to us already. If it comes back she’s yours....it’s....we.....you think I am just going to forgive you because you were too drunk to know what you were doing?” Charlie questioned. “Because news flash for you Brax, it’s not going to be that simple.”

“Nothing ever is with you, is it?” Brax questioned. “And everything has to be your way too. I want a baby but you don’t so that’s it, discussion over.”

“I said I would have another child with you, but just not right now.” Charlie said.

“See, not right now,” Brax held his hands out in front of him. “You’re way.”

“Because I’m the woman,” Charlie raised her voice. “You get to have your night of fun then I have to deal with the rest. I’m the one who gets sick; who gets backache and headaches and has to feel uncomfortable for months on end. Me, not you, me,” Charlie hit her index finger against her chest. “I have to go through it so I should get to decide when I do, alright, because I hate it. As much as I love the end result, I hate being pregnant and I should have the right to choose when I put myself through another pregnancy.”

“Well that’s not exactly my fault,” Brax answered. “I can’t help the fact you get really sick or that it’s women who carry babies. It’s just the way it goes.”

“I didn’t say it was your fault,” Charlie shook her head. “And I don’t actually know why we are arguing about this now anyways,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Because if she is your child I don’t think we’ll be planning on having a baby anytime soon, do you?” Charlie questioned.

Brax shrugged his shoulders as Katie cries could be heard in the kitchen, the girl getting impatient in waiting for her bottle. “I eh -”

“Mummy, mummy,” Noah came running into the kitchen. “I did a poop.”

“Where?” Charlie questioned. “Ruby took you to the potty?”

“No,” Noah shook his head. “I poop here.” Noah pointed down to his shorts.

“Ahh Noah,” Charlie sighed as she walked over to her son. “You’re supposed to tell someone.”

“I tell you now.” Noah answered as Charlie took his hand and walked him through to the bathroom.

“You’re supposed to tell someone before you need so we can take you to the toilet,” Charlie answered. “You know this and you do it some of the time so why not all of the time?”

“I no no.” Noah shook his head and gave a little shrug.

Charlie sighed as she took his shorts from him and his underwear before starting to clean his bottom. “No that’s not right.” Charlie heard her daughter squeal at the top of her lungs.

“Ella, calm down.” Charlie heard Ruby’s voice.

“No no no.” Ella continued to squeal and Charlie turned her head to see Ella lying in the hallway banging her fists and feet off the floor.

“Ella, c’mon.” Ruby said as Charlie saw her bending down and rubbing her sisters back as her tantrum continued.

“Leave her Rubes,” Charlie shouted out from the bathroom. “Ignoring it is the quickest way to get her to stop.”

“Why she do that?” Noah questioned.

“I don’t know,” Charlie shook her head. “She likes being naughty sometimes.”

“I always so good, ay?” Noah nodded as Charlie put the paper into the toilet before taking more off the roll.

“Well not when you always want to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed and can’t do this whole big boy toilet thing right.” Charlie sighed.

“I trying mummy.” Noah answered as Ella’s screams were still being heard.

“I know,” Charlie smiled lightly at her son. “You’ll get there in the end.”

“Here.” Ruby walked into the room and handed Charlie a clean pair of Noah’s underwear.

“Thanks.” Charlie flushed the toilet before putting the clean underwear onto Noah.

“I wear a nappy?” Noah questioned as he tried to push the underwear down.

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “You’re too big for nappies,” Charlie put Noah’s shorts back onto him before lifting up his dirty underwear. “Go put them in the washing machine.” Charlie scrunched her face up as she handed them to Noah and he ran out of the room.

“What caused her meltdown?” Charlie questioned as she stood to her feet and washed her hands.

“I rolled the dice and she just freaked out.” Ruby said as Ella could be heard still screaming.

Charlie raised her eyebrows as she walked out of the bathroom and looked down to Ella. She shook her head before walking down the hall to the living room to see Brax was sitting feeding Katie, not even bothering to see what Ella was having a tantrum about. She exhaled lightly as she walked back into the kitchen to finish preparing the dinner. “I help you mummy?” Noah questioned as Charlie saw he’d pushed a seat over to where she was preparing the vegetables and had a piece off half eat carrot stick in his hand.

“Sure you can.” Charlie smiled as she walked over and finished preparing the dinner with the help of her son.


“Mmm,” Violet and April continued to kiss, their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Violet ran her hand up and down April’s thigh as the kiss continued to get more and more passionate. “Do you eh....we can move this to my bedroom if you’d like?”

“No,” April shook her head, shocked at what Violet seemed to want to do already. “Eh, sorry, don’t you think it’s a bit soon? It’s only our first date.”

“We pashed a fair bit at the party last night.” Violet said.

“Well yeah but still,” April said. “It’s only date number one.” April fiddled with a loose string on the cushion.

“I get it,” Violet nodded. “If I’m the first girl you’ve kissed you won’t have done anything else either. Sorry, I sometimes get a bit carried away. Especially if I really like the girl.”

“You really like me?” April questioned.

“Isn’t the amount of times we’ve kissed today made that a bit obvious?” Violet asked. “I’ve always thought you were gorgeous but you’ve had boyfriends so I thought my gay-dar was off.” Violet said.

“You probably knew I was gay before I did.” April gave a little laugh.

“Before you wanted to admit it maybe yeah,” Violet gave a little nod. “But either way I’m glad you have.”

“Me too,” April gave a smile before she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Violet’s lips, Violet smiling into the kiss, letting it deepen once again as April rested her hands on Violet’s back. “Mmm what was that?” April questioned as they pulled apart.

“Probably my dad or brother coming home,” Violet answered. “And I’ll get in trouble because I was supposed to have dinner on.”

“Oops sorry, did I distract you too much?” April bit her lip.

“Oh yeah.” Violet laughed as she stood up from the couch and April followed her through to the kitchen. “Hey dad, this is April.”

“April,” The man smile as he held his hand out for April to shake. “Brian. Brian Green.”

“April Scott.” April smiled nervously. She didn’t plan on seeing Violet’s family that soon.

“Are you joining us for dinner April?” Brian asked. “Not that it seems Vi started making it yet.”

“Sorry, I’ll start now,” Violet said. “And you can totally stay if you want.” Violet smiled as she looked to April.

“Eh no, Charlie’s probably made a start so I should get back.” April said as she pointed to the door.

“Nice to meet you Mr Green.” April smiled at the man once again.

“You to April.” Brain said as Violet walked out of the house with April and walked her down the path to the sidewalk.

“So, eh, today was fun.” April smiled nervously.

“Yeah we should totally do it again,” Violet said. “Could meet you tomorrow if you want?”

“Eh, I think I should revise tomorrow,” April said. “Since I didn’t really do any today.”

“Well we could always revise together?” Violet suggested. “You could come around at 11? You know last weekend of revision before exams start on Monday.” Violet made a face to show fear for her up and coming HSC.

“Yeah okay,” April answered. “I’ll see you then.”

“Cool.” Violet said before the pair looked at each other silently for a moment before they leaned in and kissed softly.

“Oooh Violet’s got a new girlfriend.” April pulled back as she heard the voice. She looked up to see a man of around 20, 21, who she vaguely remembered seeing around the high school when she was in year 7, maybe year 8.

“Shut up Declan.” Violet rolled her eyes at April.

“Hey, I’m Vi’s super cool brother Declan, but call me Dec.” Declan smiled at April.

“April.” April smiled up at him.

“Well good luck if you are going to date her because let me tell you, and this is from having to deal with her as a little sister for all the 18 years she’d lived for, she is a nightmare.”

“Shut up Dec,” Violet hit her brother’s arm. “Ignore him.”

“Nah,” Declan laughed. “She’s a cool girl, but anyways I’ll leave you to your pashing but don’t pash to much longer because you’re making dinner tonight Vi.” Declan said before he walked up into the house.

“Sorry you had to meet them.” Violet looked embarrassed.

“It’s fine, it’s not as if they are embarrassing. They both seem really nice,” April said. “I guess I should return the favour and let you meet my family but my family is Bianca and she hates the fact I’m gay so it probably won’t go down to well.”

“Maybe not,” Violet answered. “But I’ve technically met her anyway. You know, her being my teacher and all.”

“Very true,” April gave a little laugh. “Anyways, I should get back to Charlie’s place. See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah see you.” Violet placed a soft kiss on April’s lips before April walked away a smile forming on her face about how her day had gone.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. :)

Chapter 19

Charlie started to clear the table after dinner. It had been pretty quiet, Brax and Charlie not making much conversation and Ruby and April feeling awkward every time they spoke because of that. The only conversation was that coming from the twins. “I’ll do that for you, Charlie,” April said as she lifted up hers and Ruby’s plates. “You made a lovely dinner, please let me clear up.”

“If you are sure.” Charlie said as Ella and Noah jumped from their chairs and left the room.

“Of course.” April answered.

“I’ll help her,” Ruby said as she took the salt and pepper pots back to the cupboard. “Go relax or play with the twins or whatever.”

Charlie gave them a smile before she left the room, seeing Brax already straight back over to the moses basket to check on Katie as Ella pulled at the bottom of his t-shirt, craving for some of her daddy’s attention. “Ella stop it.” Brax batted her hand away.

“But you see me daddy.” Ella moaned. “We play.”

“Ella,” Brax raised his voice. “I’m going to give Katie a bath.”

“No, you play.” Ella banged her foot against the floor.

“Surely you can bath her when the twins are in bed.” Charlie said as she and Noah put some of the twins’ toys back into the play box at the back of the living room.

“Nah I’m just going to do it now,” Brax answered. “There’s a footie match coming on that I want to watch later eh.” Brax once again pushed Ella’s hand away before he lifted Katie into his arms.

“So you’re not even going to bath and put the twins to bed tonight?” Charlie questioned. “It’s your night for the bed time routine.”

Brax gave a shrug. “If I have too.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she shook her head as Brax walked out of the room with Katie. “Daddy.” Ella ran after him, her voice sounding like she was about to cry.

“Ella go play with mummy.” Charlie heard Brax raising his voice.

“I can’t help?” Ella questioned.

“No, just go play.” Brax said and Ella came running through to the room with a tear rolling down her cheek and she ran into her mother’s arms, Charlie mad that Brax had made his two and a half year old cry.

“It’s alright petal,” Charlie spoke softly as she rubbed her back. “Me, you and Noah will play a game yeah?”

“We play princess game?” Ella questioned.

“Well I am not sure Noah will like that one, hmm?” Charlie questioned as she pulled back and wiped the tears from Ella’s face.

“Noah will play for me,” Ella nodded. “Ay Noah?”

“Uh-huh,” Noah nodded. “You kay Ella?” Noah rubbed his sister’s arm in concern.

“Mmm.” Ella nodded.

“We play trains next okay.” Noah said and Ella gave a little nod.

“Princess’ first.” Ella sniffed back as she ran to her bedroom to find the game with Noah running to help her. Charlie exhaled as she stood to her feet, shaking her head at her husband’s behaviour. She knew he needed to look after Katie but she hated the way Brax seemed to be going about it, practically ignoring his twins in favour of her and he wasn’t doing himself any favours when it came to their relationship either.

“We ready mummy.” Noah came running though with Ella following behind with the game. She smiled down at her kids before she sat on the floor cross legged as she helped them set up the game.


“So, you’ve been awfully quiet. Hardly said anything since I’ve been home, you alright?” April questioned as she stood against the doorframe of Ruby’s bedroom.

“Romeo and I broke up.” Ruby said quietly as she didn’t make eye contact with April.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry,” April moved further into the room and took a seat on the bed next to her. “What happened?”

“I eh....it just wasn’t working out.” Ruby said as she pursed her lips together.

“You wouldn’t have known then, seemed like you were rock solid,” April said. “I’m sorry.”

Ruby shrugged her shoulders. “Felt like it was something I had to do,” Ruby sighed. “Eh, how was....how was your date with Violet?”

“It was good,” April smiled. “She seems lovely.”

“Good.” Ruby smiled weakly at the news. April was trying to get over her. Should she just leave her and let her try with Violet or should she tell her? After all she was the reason she split up with Romeo and she was the reason Ruby was feeling like this. Problem was, Ruby didn’t know what the feelings meant, that she still needed to work out. A few days ago she felt only friendship for April, so how come now, she was suddenly feeling something more? It didn’t really make sense to her. And she found herself wanting to talk to her mother about it before going to say anything to April.

“Yeah, I’m going to see her again tomorrow. We’re going to do some revision together for the exams.” April smiled lightly.

“So you’re happy with her then?” Ruby questioned.

“Well we’ve been on one date,” April answered. “But I like her, she’s a nice girl.”

“Got over me quickly then.” Ruby muttered.

“No,” April shook her head. “But I have to try to move on, right, I mean you’re straight so...” April trailed off as she looked at her friend.

“Mmm,” Ruby pursed her lips together as she gave a little nod. “Well I think I might have an early night so...” Ruby looked up to her friend. “If you don’t mind.”

April exhaled feeling like Ruby wanted her gone. “Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Night.” Ruby smiled weakly at her friend as she left the room. She sighed as she fell back in the bed before slapping her forehead with her palm, not knowing what to do.


Charlie turned around in her bed so she was facing the middle of it. She put her hand out and lightly rubbed the side of her son’s head. He’d came through at least 5 times before Charlie gave in and let him sleep in their bed. She knew it was wrong to let him get used to this, but, it was going on for 2am and they both needed sleep. She looked passed Noah to her husband who was sleeping soundly by the looks of it, before she got out the bed and walked through to the kitchen, surprised to find the kitchen light on and Ruby sitting at the table, a glass of water in front of her. “Can’t sleep either?” Ruby shook her head as Charlie took a seat at the table next to her. “That all it is?” Charlie questioned as she saw the look on Ruby’s face.

Ruby shrugged her shoulders lightly. “Exams start on Monday,” Ruby spoke quietly. “Guess I’m just stressing about that.”

“You’ll do fine,” Charlie answered. “You’ve done a lot of revision and you’re far from stupid.”

“Thanks,” Ruby smiled weakly at her mother as she ran her hand up and down the glass. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.” Charlie said, sounding intrigued.

“How did you know that you liked Joey more than a friend?” Ruby questioned as she looked up to her mother. “You know, another woman.”

“Oh,” Charlie was taken aback by her daughter’s question. She didn’t expect it to be that. “Well I....I got nervous around her, but felt excited at the same time, I was always glad when I bumped into her. I’d sometimes take a different route to work in hope I bumped into her, I would get a funny feeling in my stomach if she touched my arm or wherever. I’d day dream about us being together,” Charlie stopped taking as she pursed her lips together, remembering her time with Joey. “Pretty much the same as when I started to like a guy.”

“Would you date another woman?” Ruby questioned.

“I plan on being Brax for the rest of my life,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “Might not be the case now with everything we are going through, but, I really hope that’s the case. But if I did end up single again I wouldn’t rule it out. You know, if it happened, I’d go with it.”

“And what if I said I like a girl?” Ruby questioned.

“I’d tell you to try it,” Charlie said. “If you’re having feelings for someone, anyone, you should give yourself the chance to be happy.”

“So you wouldn’t care if I turned out gay?” Ruby questioned.

“Well it would be a bit hypocritical of me if I did, would it not?” Charlie questioned. “Does this have anything to do with why you broke up with Romeo?”

“Sort of,” Ruby nodded. “Well, yeah it does.”

“And you have a girl that you like?” Charlie questioned. “April by any chance?”

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded her head. “She told me when she told me she was gay that she liked me. Ever since then I’ve not really been able to think about anything other than me and her. So it wouldn’t be fair on Romeo for me to be with him but be thinking about someone else.”

“That’s true,” Charlie nodded her head. “So you’re going to tell April this?”

“Well I don’t know,” Ruby shrugged. “She met this girl Violet at the party and had a date with her today and she’s seeing her tomorrow. If she is going to be happy with someone else then I don’t want to ruin that for her.”

“Well the way I see it is if she told you that she liked you just a few days ago, things with this Violet girl probably won’t be that serious right now, right?” Charlie questioned and Ruby nodded her head. “She likes you and if you think you like her, then, talk to her. You need to try if you think you have genuine feelings for her because you might regret letting her go in the future if things with Violet did get serious.”

“But what if I try and I don’t actually like it and end up hurting April and I would have ruined her and Violet before it really started,” Ruby said. “I don’t know what to do, mum.”

“You could also end up hurting yourself if you don’t try,” Charlie said as she leaned forward and lightly squeezed her daughters shoulder. “It’s completely up to you but just know that whatever you decide you’ll have my support okay?”

“I appreciate that.” Ruby smiled at her mother.

“But if you are going to tell April, do it sooner rather than later, yeah?”

“Yeah I know I need to tell her soon if I am going too,” Ruby took a deep breath. “Kinda scary though, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it definitely is,” Charlie answered. “But once you get her, it’s so nice. You’re in a relationship with someone you love and you get to be happy.” Charlie smiled lightly.

“I’d love that,” Ruby answered. “Thanks you’ve helped a lot, honestly.”

“That’s what mothers are for.” Charlie smiled.

“Sometimes daughters can return the favour,” Ruby smiled lightly at her mother. “Anything you want to talk about? I heard you and Brax before...it’s not getting any better is it?”

Charlie shook her head sadly. “Going from bad to worse,” Charlie sighed. “But it’s for me and Brax to sort out. I’m not going to get you involved.”

Ruby exhaled, seeing Charlie’s reluctance to talk about it. “Well if you change your mind, I’ll be here for you.”

“I know you will.” Charlie smiled appreciatively.

“And if you want me to I can take the twins and Katie out tomorrow and let you two talk.” Ruby said.

“No,” Charlie rejected the offer. “Us talking right now will only make things worse. And besides, I don’t have anything else to say to him right now.”

“Well again, if you change your mind, I’m here,” Ruby said as she rubbed Charlie’s hand. “Well I’m going to try to get some sleep,” Ruby stood up from the table and gave her mother a kiss goodnight. “Night.”

“Night.” Charlie said as Ruby picked up her glass of water and left the kitchen. Charlie exhaled as she turned her head to the fridge and noticed the picture of Brax with the twins. She sighed lightly as she rubbed her forehead before standing up and taking herself back to bed.

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Thank you all so much for the comments.

Chapter 20

Brax walked into the kitchen to see the twins eating their cereal as Charlie was making herself a cup of tea. “Morning kiddies.” Brax smiled down to his kids. Ella looked up to him to see Katie in his arms before giving him a scowl and going back to eat her cereal.

“Katie go home daddy?” Noah questioned. “And you play with us?”

“I can still play with you when Katie is here,” Brax said resulting in him hearing a snigger from Charlie. He glared at his wife for a moment before looking back down to the kids. “We had fun at the beach yesterday morning, didn’t we?”

“Yeah,” Noah answered. “But no the house.” Noah shook his head before putting his spoon into his mouth, some of the milk dripping down onto his chin.

“Well how about daddy makes it up to you today?” Brax questioned as Charlie joined the kids at the table and poured herself some cereal. “He could take you all to the aquarium. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

“Really?” Ella spoke quietly as she looked to her father, unsure. “You would?”

“Yeah of course we can.” Brax smiled as he walked over to the fridge and pulled out an already made up bottle, putting it into Katie’s mouth, where she accepted right away, hungry for some breakfast.

“You think?” Charlie said as she looked up to Brax. Brax immediately knowing by the look on her face she was not happy with the idea.

“Like you say, we need to keep things good in front of the kids,” Brax spoke quietly, but Charlie made out what he was saying. She shook her head at him. She didn’t want to go into Sydney today and walk around the aquarium playing at happy families, especially when Katie was going to be around, having people think that she was their child, the baby sister of the twins. “So what do you say mummy?” Brax gave her a smile.

“Please mummy.” Noah and Ella spoke at the same time, as they clasped their hands together like they were praying.

“It be fun to see the animals.” Noah said.

“We see fisheses,” Ella smiled. “Please mummy.”

Charlie sighed. She could hardly say no now that Brax had said it. If she did they would be in a foul mood all day, especially Ella. And maybe if they did get away from the bay and spend time as a family, it might do her and Brax some good. “Sure we can go,” Charlie said. “If you’re finished your cereal you can go play in your room till daddy and I are ready.” Charlie said and the kids jumped down and ran from the kitchen, excited for their day out.

“Should be a good day.” Brax smiled as he looked down to Katie, who was still taking her bottle. “I’m glad you want to go.”

“Didn’t really leave me with much of a choice, did you?” Charlie shook her head. “And actually we don’t even have a car seat for her so how are we supposed to put her in the car?”

“We still have the twins’ baby car seats in the garage. I’ll give one of them a wipe and Katie will sit fine in there,” Brax said, with emphasis on her name. “I get you are mad at me and fine, be mad at me, but not Katie. She’s just a baby. She’s done nothing wrong. Be nice about her.”

“She might ruin our family. I know that it’s not directly her fault, but all this is happening because she is around,” Charlie said. “I cannot hold her and coo over her and be happy that we have a baby around right now. You can’t expect me to be fine with having your possible love child around. I hate that the results are taking so long to come back because every day that she is here, we are drifting further and further apart. And I don’t want that, of course I don’t. I don’t want us to have to be over, I hate that we are constantly arguing right now and I hate seeing you care for her and....and fall in love her.”

“Charlie I’m not falling in love with her, I...” Brax trailed off as he looked down to Katie, her big brown eyes staring up at him.

“You are,” Charlie answered. “You’re getting attached and forming this bond with her and it hurts to see you do that with a child that’s not mine. One that would have been conceived through betrayal. I understand she needs to be looked after but you are falling in love with that child and I don’t want to see you hurt, if – and I pray it does – it comes back that you are not the father.”

“So what, do you want me to take her to DOCS right now?” Brax questioned. “Maybe if I knew for sure that she wasn’t mines then yeah, she’d be there, but like I said, Heath and I had those nights out and I’m sorry to say that I can’t be sure and I would never forgive myself if I put my daughter into care.”

“That’s what you wouldn’t forgive yourself for?” Charlie questioned. “Not that you cheated on me and the kids. Because you would have, you would have hurt us all. Betrayed us.”

“Of course I would be sorry for that and I would spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, but if she is my child then I will be a father to her. I will not cut her out of my life for anyone.” Brax said and Charlie noticed him taking a tighter grip of the child.

“Right,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she stood up from the table. “Well at least I know where the twins and I stand now.” Charlie said as she started to walk out of the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” Brax questioned.

“To get the twins ready for the aquarium. I suggest you get your precious little Katie ready.” Charlie spat before she turned around and walked down the hallway and Brax jumped slightly as he heard the twins’ bedroom door being slammed shut.


“Morning.” Ruby yawned as she walked into the kitchen to see April sitting eating breakfast, already dressed for the day.

“Hey,” April smiled as Ruby took a seat at the table and picked up a banana from the fruit bowl. “You still looked shattered.”

“I am,” Ruby yawned again. “Hardly slept last night.”

“Exams on your mind?” April questioned as she took a bite of her toast.

“Something is anyways,” Ruby answered as she peeled open her banana. “Do you know where mum and everyone has gone?”

“She said they were going to the aquarium,” April answered. “I guess they are trying to keep things together.”

“Yeah.” Ruby took a bite of her banana as she nodded her head.

“Do you think I should leave?” April asked. “I feel so bad being here when they are going through this.”

“I’m sure it’s fine you are here,” Ruby answered. “Mum would say if she wanted you gone. Don’t feel bad, honestly. It’s not like you are causing anything.”

“No, I guess not,” April answered. “So what’s your plans for today?”

“Revision,” Ruby answered. “I thought maybe you could help me with some last minute biology.”

“Oh, I’m revising with Violet, remember?” April questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Ruby smiled weakly. “Maybe you could blow her off,” Ruby said hopingly. “Help out a friend. You did say you’d help with biology.”

“I did,” April exhaled. “But things are just starting out with Violet and I want to see where they go.”

“You can’t care about her that much,” Ruby sighed. “I thought you were supposed to like me.”

“I do like you Ruby, I am totally completely madly in love you but -”

“You’re in love with me?” Ruby sounded gobsmacked by April’s revelation.

“Yes, I told you that.” April answered as she fiddled with the tie on her skirt nervously.

“No, you told me that you liked me,” Ruby said. “You didn’t say anything about loving me.”

“Well what do you care?” April asked. “You’ll never feel the same so why can’t you just leave this and let me try to move on with Violet.”

“Because I don’t want you to be with Violet,” Ruby answered, slightly shocked at herself for saying it so quickly but knowing now she had to continue. “I want...I....” Ruby pursed her lips together. “Ever since you told me you were gay and liked me....loved me....I,” Ruby took a deep breath. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my head.”

“Oh.” April didn’t know what to say.

“I thought you would have said more than that.” Ruby gave a nervous laugh.

“I just didn’t expect to hear that,” April said. “Ever.”

“Hey, I didn’t really expect it either it, but it’s how I feel. At least, the last few days, I....” Ruby rubbed her hands over her face. “I’m a bit freaked out by these feelings. I mean it’s all happened so fast but mum said if you like someone then you should just go for it because otherwise you may end up hurting yourself and....April I.....I don’t know because you’re with Violet now and maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and let you be happy with her but....”

Ruby was cut off by April’s lips smacking against hers. Ruby was slightly startled, she was so caught up in talking she didn’t even realise that April had moved from the chair and was now kneeling in front of her. “What....” Ruby looked into April’s gorgeous brown eyes and gave her smile.

“Sorry I just had to shut you up,” April gave her a smile as she lightly rubbed her cheek. “Ruby I like you. I really really like you. I’m in love with you already okay, that’s for sure, but you have to be sure you want this because I don’t want to get hurt or mucked around. I’ve known for a long time that I’ve liked women. If you’ve only had these feelings for a few days then....as much as I would love to be able to call you my girlfriend I want you to be sure this is what you really want.” April tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear before once again rubbing her cheek.

“I....” Ruby cleared her throat. All she could think about was the little kiss April had given her and that she wanted to kiss her again. “I want to try, April. These feelings are new to me, but, they’re as strong as they would be if it was a new guy that I liked. I want to...I want....” Ruby leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on April’s lips. April smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen, her heart fluttering and the feelings of fireworks in her stomach at finally kissing Ruby after liking her for so long. She’d dreamed about this moment but it was so much better than even her dreams. It felt amazing just kissing her. April slipped her tongue into Ruby’s mouth as Ruby did the same; the funny feelings in Ruby’s stomach growing stronger as the kiss grew more passionate.

“Mmm.” April pulled back and rested her forehead against Ruby’s, the pair of them with a big smile on their faces.

“That was eh...”

“I know.” April bit her lip.

“In fact, I think we should do that again.” Ruby whispered before placing a kiss on April's lips. April let it happen for a moment, before she reluctantly pulled back.

“I need to go to Violet’s.” April said.

“Really, you are still going to go study with her?” Ruby questioned, looking both confused and disappointed.

“Of course not,” April shook her head as she stood to her feet. “But I do need to tell her that I just want to be friends.”

“Oh,” Ruby gave a little smile. “But don’t tell her that we...I mean you know, that I -”

“I won’t,” April shook her head. “I know exactly what you mean. I’m not there yet either.” April softy kissed Ruby’s forehead before she left the house, leaving Ruby sitting at the table, a big smile on her face at what just happened.

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