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Another Side of Him (by tessalove) - comments

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Very Good start, Hopefully this little project will be the start of some good things happening for Nicole. Sounds to me like Geoff's going to alot of effort to impress her. Hopefully he hasn't gone overbroad with the deodorant . :D

Look forward to more. :)

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Wow they opened up alot to each other. It was a sweet chat they both had. It's good to see Geoff feels as lost as Nicole does. I can see this being the start of something really good for the both of them. :)

The cupcake scene was great. Even though they didnt really get much work done. :D Felt like they were getting abit flirty with each other. :wink:

Another really well written chapter. Look for to the next one.

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Aww well isn't Geoff a bit of a sweetheart behind closed doors?!?! I liked he showed her his nice side and hopefully Nicole starts fitting in better in school too. Loved the cupcake scene and did I detect a bit of flirtyness between the two?? (I'm not actually sure that's a word, but hey, I'm using it, ha!)

Looking forward to more. :)

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Geoff is quite the wimp really isnt he? :P He should just tell Steph where to go. But maybe that will cause everyone else at school to turn on him. I don't know. Felt sorry for Nicole.

Seeing as Steph is probably the ring leader for Nicole's bullying Maybe Nicole could put a spider or something she's afraid of in Steph's locker for revenge. Maybe that could make her more popular.

Another great chapter. :)

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