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Guest home and away 1988-2000

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You'd think with all the re-runs there have been over the years, more classic episodes would be around. There are more these days but still not much when you think that there are over 5000 episodes!

But we are in a new era of awesome-ness which is called... the digital era!

The digital era is probably the best thing for soaps from all countries but an epic fail for the movie and music industry. Back when they did the re-runs of H&A all we had was VHS to record on and unless you set it to long play so a 4 hour tape becomes an 8 hour one (which I did for the 04 episodes) that would have cost a bomb and storage was a nightmare.

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I think we've talked about iTunes a lot on here or something similar... I really hope that soaps like H&A, EE, Corrie etc. are all made available in their entireity (or, at least, classic episodes) on a digital platform.

There's so much stored away in the vaults that people would enjoy seeing again. I guess it's a matter of time?!

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