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Ray Meagher tops list of most bankable Australian TV personalities

Guest Mishyy

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IT is the holy grail of TV: finding a personality who can help guarantee the perfect combination of viewing figures and financial return.

But just which local stars give the most bang for their buck?

Industry insiders were asked to compile a definitive list of the top 25 most bankable faces - and the results are surprising.

Audience Development Australia CEO David Castran said bankability involved longevity as well as popularity: "The first thing you will notice is there are no reality or variety people."

Media analyst Steve Allen said: "You also have to ascertain risk. To take a genre, sports stars are seen as risk going towards high, even if they have seemingly nice personalities."

David Knox, who runs TV Tonight website, said favour was fickle but the best stars kept winning fans over a long period.


Ray Meagher

Kate Richie also gets a mention down the bottom. Love ya Ray


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