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Shannon walked inside and saw Natalie sitting at the kitchen table

"Everything ok?" he asked as he got the orange juice out of the fridge and drank out of the bottle.

"No" she replied wiping away tears

Shannon put the bottle on the table and sat down next to her and put his arm around her

"Talk to me" he said

Natalie was silent but showed him a pregnancy test she had taken not that long ago

"Are you...?" he asked

she nodded

"Is it..." he asked pointing to himself

she nodded again

Shannon stood up she could tell he was angry.

"What are you thinking?" she asked

"Don't worry, i'm not angry at you" he told her

"We need to figure out what we're gonna say to Zac" Natalie told him

Shannon was quiet for a few minutes

"Nothing" he told her

"What?" she asked

"You're just gonna tell him your pregnant and it's his baby" Shannon answered

"I'm not gonna make Zac raise a child that isn't his" Natalie argued

"Well you should've thought of that before you had sex with me, we agreed no strings and a baby is pretty big string"


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Shannon was sitting at the diner by himself

"Seat taken?" Sasha asked standing infront of him

"Sure take it" he replied not looking up

Sasha sat down

"I said you could have the seat, I didn't say you could sit there" he told her

Sasha just smiled

"Can I buy you a coffee or something you look pretty down" she asked

"Despite the colour of your hair, i'd usually be hitting so much your head would be spinning, but I guess it's just bad timing" he replied

"What's wrong with the colour of my hair" she asked

"I prefer blondes" he replied

"Hey, Shan, I have some news" Zac said

Zac stopped and looked at Sasha

"Sorry am I interrupting something" Zac asked

"No, she just sat down, I don't even know her name" Shannon told him

"Sasha" she butted in

"What was your news?" Shannon said turning to Zac.

"Nat's pregnant, i'm gonna be a dad" Zac said a little excited

"Is that right?" Shannon replied not excited for him at all

"Congratulations" Sasha said to Zac

"Yeah mate, congrats" Shannon said getting up patting Zac on the back and walking out

Zac looked at at Sasha confused

"I think it's just bad timing" she said


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