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Problem Dog

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Title: Problem Dog

Type Of Story: Med/Long Fic

Genre: Drama

Rating: A

Stars: Zac, Natalie, Shannon plus OC'S

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Language, Adult Themes

Plot: Zac's brother Shannon arrives in town. Zac's over the moon to see him but Natalie is less than happy.

A bit about Shannon Maguire

Shannon left home at the age of 16 not long after Zac went to prison for selling pot, the main reason Shannon left was because he had a fling with and was in love with an older woman he knew he couldn't have (yes, Natalie). Shannon used a fake ID to get into the army when he was 17 leading him to serve in Afganastan. Relationship wise, Shannon has never had a proper relationship yet many flings all with girls with long blonde hair like Natalie's but he would either leave them or cheat on them with girls closest to them (eg: mother, sister or best friend).


Zac and Natalie were walking along the beach talking amongst themselves when Zac looked up to see a familiar face leaning against the fence with a sports bag in the sand next to him

"You little ****" Zac said with a smile

Zac was happy to see his younger brother who had light brown hair green eyes a lot more buffed up than he remembered aand also all grown up.

"Zackie" Shannon said hugging older brother

Shannon stopped smiling when he saw Natalie.

"Nat" Shannon aknowleged Natalie

She smiled at him, but it was clear she didn't want to see him.

"So where've you been the last ten years" Zac asked

"Ah, here, there, everywhere" Shannon replied

"Are you back for good" Natalie asked abruptly

"Dunno yet, maybe if there's something for me to stay for" he replied staring at her

"So where are you staying?" Zac asked

"Mum, maybe" Shannon told him

"Don't be silly, he can stay with us can stay with us can't he?" Zac said looking at Natalie

"It's Leah's house" Natalie said

"You didn't mind letting Casey stay" Zac reminded her

"Well it seems like you don't need my permission then" Natalie snapped


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Natalie and Bianca watched as a dripping wet Shannon walked to the fridge wearing a towel wrapped around his waste. Bianca raised her eyebrows at Natalie as he drank out of the orange juice bottle. Shannon noticed Natalie staring

"What?" he asked

"You could put some clothes on" Natalie said to Shannon

"Nothing you haven't seen before" Shannon replied

"We have company"

Shannon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.and looked at Bianca

"Well from of her, nothing she aint seen before either" he told her and walked in his room to get dressed

"Who was that?" Bianca asked

"Shannon, Zac's brother" Natalie informed her

"Is there something going on between you two" Bianca asked

"What do you mean?" Natalie asked her

"You couldn't take your eyes off him the whole time he was standing there" Bianca noted

"What, don't be stupid. I'm with Zac"

"My point exactly, if I can pick up on it, how long do you think it'll be before he will"

"Bianca, I promise nothing is going on between us, it's ancient history that happened after Zac and I split up" Natalie told her


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Zac and Natalie walked inside Natalie's house.

"Shannon, you here?"

Shannon was laying on Natalie's couch staring at the roof, he went to sit up

"Ok, while Shannon's not here, can we talk?" Zac said

Shannon quickly layed back down.

"Sure" Natalie said

"Ever since Shannon arrived you been cold and distant toward him, why?"

Natalie looked down

"Um, I guess it's because I know he'll just do another runner when you need him the most and you'll just get hurt again and I don't want that for you" Natalie lied

"Thanks, but i'm a big boy" Zac smiled

"Well if I promise to be nicer to him, you promise to take me somewhere nice for dinner" she said wrapping her arms around him.

"Agreed" Zac said kissing her

"I'm just gonna go see if I can find this brother of mine" Zac told her

"Try Angelo's, he's been there alot apparently" Natalie said

Zac walked out Shannon waited until he head Zac leave

"What a load of s**t" Shannon said sitting up

"How much did you hear of that?" she asked

"All of it, what's the real reason you been so what was it cold and distant?" he said walking towards her

"Even someone of your intelligence could figure that out by themselves" she snapped

Shannon smiled then let out a smug laugh.

"You actually thought something was gonna happen between us, god Nat it was just sex and I never promised you anything" he told her

"I thought I meant more to you than a lousy three sentences in a note" she told him

"I was 16, ofcourse you meant nothing" Shannon told her

Natalie grabbed Shannon by the back of the head and kissed him hard before broke free and pushed her against the wall then looked at her for a few second then moved closed and tore the buttons of the back of her dress while kissing her on the neck. He stopped suddenly

"What?" she asked wanting him to continue

He shook his head and took off his t-shirt.

"Nothing" he said and kissed her again

He grabbed her thighs and lifted her legs around his waste.

"Are you sure about this?" Natalie asked

"You're asking me this now" she replied


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Shannon stood at the side of Natalie bed doing his belt up. He noticed Natalie was smiling at him.

"What?" He asked smiling back

"Just remembering old times

"Yeah well, this was a one time thing" Shannon told her

"Yeah sure" she replied she was both relieved and disappointed.

"Thanks for this" he sais as he picked up his t-shirt in the middle of the doorway.

"No, thank you" she replied and layed down on the pillow where he has been laying on only moments earlier, she cold still smell him she clung on to the pillow and buried her face in it and smiled.

Shannon finished getting dressed as Zac walked in.

"Hey man, been looking for you everywhere" Zac said

"I just got back, went for a walk" Shannon lied

"Where's Nat?" Zac asked

"I think she's asleep" Shannon replied

"Hey, thought I heard voices" Natalie said wearing one of Zac's shirts

"Is that my shirt" Zac asked

"Promise I am not checking her out" Shannon said slightly covering his eves

Both Zac and Natalie smiled.

"Hey, how about we scratch tonight's plans and the three of us go out together" Natalie said putting her arms around Zac

"Sounds like fun" Shannon said

"You've changed your tune" Zac said

"I did some thinking while you were gone" she replied


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Zac, Natalie and Shannon sat at a table at Angelo's

"I'll get us some drinks" Zac said and walked to the bar

"So what do we do now?" Shannon asked Natalie

"What do you mean?" she asked

"Well do we go back to not speaking to each other or what"

"Is that what you want?" she asked him

"I only want one thing" he told her

"Yeah, what's that?" Natalie asked

He ran his fingers up her dress and down her underwear

She went to grab his hand

"Relax, no one can see" Shannon assured her

"This is wrong" she told him

Shannon said nothing and just stared into her eyes but kept his hand down her underwear.

Shannon spotted Zac coming back but his hand stayed put

"So Nat tells me you may have a new job" Shannon said to Zac without removing his hand

"Yeah, it's at the local high school" Zac told him

Shannon turned to Natalie and smiled at her

"I have to get some air" she said removing Shannon's hand

"Was it something I said" Shannon said


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