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Maddy Osborne - Kassandra Clementi

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To be honest, I think both those characters are at a stage where they need to move on and find someone else otherwise they're going to end up in an even darker place than they are already.If that's each other, then great, if they make each other happy rather than dragging each other into the abyss.

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Maddy should just forgive Sasha and Spencer and get over it I think they are making too big a deal of Spencer and Sasha being together and Maddy always being like stuck in the middle maybe after

Sasha leaves with Sid we will see Maddy and Spencer getting close again

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I have not watched Home and Away very much since the end of 2011 and I am slightly confused.

Why has Maddy decided to stay in Summer Bay please? I thought she arrived as Spencer's secret girlfriend? Did she come for a new start for Spencer? I am not sure why she would stay so long.

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I think it is because her mother was going to send her off to boarding school. Don't quote me on that though :lol:!

Her mother did come to Summer Bay briefly and Maddy initially thought that her mother wanted to reconnect with her, but all she was aiming to do was to ship her off to boarding school after she left Summer Bay briefly.

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I think people seem to forget that Maddy is a teenager and that is the way teenagers act.

If your friend and your ex (for 3 years) started going out behind your back how would you feel ?. Yes she dumped him but the fact is if your friend went out with your ex (for 3 years) without telling you how would you feel ?, let alone a teenager.

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