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Chris Harrington - Johnny Ruffo

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I think people read far too much into him talking to Tamara.He wasn't "hitting on her", he was no more flirtatious with her than he is with Irene and no-one thinks he's hitting on her.He was just trying to be friends, it was Denny he was interested in.I don't see him as a player at all, that was just Denny misinterpreting his mixed messages.It's a shame because I actually liked them together and disagree that she "deserved better".

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I really hope that Chris sticks around!

In my opinion, Chris is sweetest and funniest character on the show at the moment. He deep down, genuinely want to help and wants the best for everyone.

(I said this before but he's also the most versatile - he cant be thrown in a scene with anyone without it being weird! Thats really what SB needs now)

Yes, he can be a bit annoying at times, but I will never understand why everyone groans the minutes he walks through the door like he's absolutely terrible. Seriously, the guy can't catch a break! He comes back from a cruise and Irene, Alf, and Spencer groan in his face. Every time he approaches John, John groans and laughs at him. Same with Sasha, Leah, (and was with Tamara)! I don't understand it! Poor Chris!

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I think Chris is one of the best of the recent characters.He's great at the comedy stuff but also has a sensitive and serious side as well.I think he's got the best relationship anyone's had with Irene in a long time.His relationship with Spencer has also turned out quite well.I wish they'd done more with his quasi-sibling relationship with Sasha too because I liked the way they sparked off each other and loved that he stood by her when Denny was having a go.

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Chris is great, and is the best arrival after 2010.

But he is unfortunately still not used to his potential! He can do more than the funny stuff, and the relationship between him and Spencer should be further developed. We have seen some great scenes but not enough. He should have had a more significant role in the storyline about Spencer and his bipolar disorder, and also other storylines. And the risotto storyline was so frustrating, it did have a lot of potential to develop Chris further. But he was only "sorry" for two minutes... Should have included more scenes with him, Irene and Spencer! Maybe even his parents!

Chris showed that he had potential for the more emotional stuff when he started a relationship with Indi when she had lost Romeo. I think he was great in that role. I don't think that his and Irene's relationship is used to it's potential either after showing some great potential in 2013. But I do agree with RR1 over, and think Chris has the best chemistry with Irene I have seen in many years. So it should have been used more! Spencer and Chris are the best housemates Irene has had since Geoff and Annie years ago. I think Spencer and Chris should have been the key to involve Irene in some great storylines and scenes again.

A bit sad that the love between Chris and Denny wasn't developed further either, but scrapped only to give Casey more drama before he left. But I don't want her back with Chris, that will destroy him I think. He deserve a more heartfelt and good character. I liked his scenes with Sasha too, but I don't want those two together...

To see Chris being wasted in only funny storylines really irritates me. He should have more drama and meaty stuff while still keep his funny sides in between.

I feel Chris is the new Liam, and Johnny Ruffo is the new Axle Whitehead. But both are more than pop singers, they have also a talent in acting.

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