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Another Returnee

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Neighbours fans will see Lucy Robinson make a brief return to Ramsay Street later this year.

Melissa Bell, who plays Lucy, was back on set at the long-running soap a few weeks ago to film her latest stint in the role.


© Channel 5 Melissa Bell

Lucy will be on screen again for two weeks, tying in with a storyline involving her brother Paul (Stefan Dennis).

Her return will come at a "crucial time" in Paul's life, according to Australian magazine TV Soap.

Bell commented: "I'm very pleased that on screen Stefan is exactly the same - always up to something - which certainly makes for an interesting story. Off screen he hasn't changed either, just as much fun and lovely as ever."


© Channel 5 Melissa Bell and Stefan Dennis

Lucy was last seen on screen in 2005 as part of Neighbours' 20th anniversary celebrations.

Bell is the third actress to play Lucy, who was one of the show's original characters when it launched in 1985. The soap star has concentrated on her new career as a fashion designer in recent years.

Neighbours will air Lucy's return in early May on Australian screens and June in the UK.

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Melissa Bell definitely looks differently compared to the last time we saw her in 2005.

Anyway it's great to have Lucy back, albeit for a brief time only smile.gif. I wonder why she'll be coming back in the first place? Is Paul going through a crisis?

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Am excited about Lucy returning out of the three actresses who played her Melissa Bell played her best. I saw Lucy in the re runs that aired in the afternoons about 10 years ago. Kylie Finkler played the original Lucy, Sasha Close played the second Lucy. Sasha exited the series when Lucy was send to boarding school because he was really smart. She came back one year as a blonde siren who tried to seduce her half brother Glen. Not sure how she exited the series Melissa that is as the stop airing the reruns before she did

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