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Do you think Melissa George will try and stop The Early Years showing?

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Nah I don't think so. In amongst all of the controversy she did say that she doesn't mind looking at the past, she just doesn't want to constantly talk about it. I think she was misunderstood, she wasn't very diplomatic but I don't think she would try and stop the early years.

I'd be very disappointed if she does. Imo It would show some sort of deeper problem she has with her self image/the way she views herself.

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I doubt she would. She's too busy working and living in the US to bother with H&A.

I agree with you, ScreamingQueen2006. :)

I second that. given she already made some fans upset with her past comments about her time in Summer bay! I would suggest she does as Screaming Queen suggested even though she did an apology for her remarks!

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I doubt she would. Sure she's practically spat on the show (depends how you look at it) but I doubt she'd lobby to block it.

Yes its sad to hear an actor complain yet we probably will never know why she felt that way? I was talking to my friend who had the chance to attend events in Sydney and eleswhere and meet alot of good Aussies and here in America actors are very "unapporachable" now even more than in the past. I use to think the world of Australia and Aussie actors until I heard some stories that didnt impress me. I found out what one actor was like in real life and its ruined my admiration for their show and them. Dont get me wrong theres alot of good Aussies out there. H&A got good people Neighbours does too yet I heard some bad things from Ramsey Street as I do not like how they treated some actors. Other series past like Mcleods and Sea Patrol people have been VERY kind and I dont know if thats because Ch 9 did better PR and I appricated it. Next to Summer bay I only trust Canada and scifi people since they have been so kind. Melissa may have spat on her show yet thats not as bad as one actor who turned down full time work because they "Loathe" having the responiblity of the rest of the shows cast!

I do feel bad for alot of actors! One good thing about H&A and even N they way they set up theres always the chance for a classic actor or someone from another series to show up one day! Example Sonia Todd!

I think they should do the showing!

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I love the fact that when you google Home and Away on the side the logo comes up and it says starting Melissa George, Kate Ritchie, Emily Symons and Ada Nicodemou. Love how she's got too billing!! And Seven did a promo for Roo's wedding and Angel was the first character we saw in the promo. People getting in major digs there I love it!!!

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