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Who knew Rhiannon Fish smoked?

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I can't believe everyone is still going on about this. It's no one's business! This article should have never been printed. Yes they smoke, so what? going on about it isn't going to make a difference, I highly doubt Reece and Rhi spend their free time going onto fan forums wondering how to make their fans happier. They are both old enough to make their own choices and be aware of the consciences. They should do and be what they want without everyone judging them, it's not like any of us personally know them so everyone just needs to get over it and find something else to talk about. Find something more productive to do with your time instead of whining.

thank you....! You said pretty much what I said in my first post.... its their choice.... their decision, their problem at the end of the day!

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I remember a similar topic a few years ago about Bobby Morley. Someone from the forum had seen him in a bar with his mates smoking a cigarette (this was before the smoking in pubs ban). The poster thought this was disgusting etc etc, and other pointed out he was a grown man and there was nothing particularly shocking about an adult having a cigarette during a night out.

I have to say I agree that seeing an adult smoking a fag is nothing particularly shocking to me. Then again I'm 40-something (blooming heck!) and as recently as 20 years ago when i was Bobby and Rhiannon's age it seemed you were the odd one out if you didn't smoke, certainly in a social setting like a pub or party. Go back only a few years more and there were very few places you couldn't smoke - look at 70s and 80s TV shows and everyone seemed to have a fag in their hand almost constantly.

Although I hate to read judgemental posts, and I'm pretty shocked that seeing a celebrity smoking elicits such a reaction, at the same time I think it's quite reassurring to find such anti-smoking views on a board frequented by young adults. Some of the 'I know someone who knows someone who smokes' statements is rather like the way we would have said 'I know someone who knows someone who takes heroin'. So hopefully the majority of young people aren't falling into the smoking trap the way people of my generation and older did.

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Their life, they are allowed to do whatever they want, just like the rest of us. Nobody asked them to be rolemodels, they don't nessacary have to act like one. I don't like it when people judge famous people for that, it's like they should be allowed to have their own life, it's bad enough society tells everyone what they can or can't do, we don't need to tell more people what they can't do, humanity are not robots, and I don't think I would want to live in a world where everyone acted the exactly same way, just to please some code that doesn't make sense.
Sure if everyone lived in peace and harmony, I can live in that world, but when it's telling others what to do, and expect the world to act a certain way, then it's annoying.

Me personally, I can't stand smokers and I couldn't be around those who are smoking, I tend to cover my face (And I am the only one at my family parties that give a flying crap that there are children running around while they are smokers, but of course if I told them to go away, I would be falling for the above). As not to say I would never date someone like Rhiannon, she's still hot really (Although if she smokes heavily for a long time, then we will see).

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