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Dan Ewing reveals Hollywood Ambition

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Home and Away star Dan Ewing has outlined his intention to break into Hollywood.

The Australian actor, who has played Summer Bay's Heath Braxton for two years, revealed that he would also like to star in a US TV drama

"I'd definitely like to step into American film," he told the Manly Daily. "I think America's doing a lot of good television at the moment as well," he said.

"I think you should never go over there with any fear, because that will restrict you,'' he added. "It's being prepared. Having good representation here, being ready and having your craft down.'

Ewing, 27, said that he would like to follow in the footsteps of former Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth.

"I do like watching The Avengers and stuff but I really like the gritty stories you see," he continued

"When they take the special effects out and they just do really good character pieces and make the action secondary. Like Warrior, that Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy did"

Source: http://www.digitalspy.com.au/soaps/s15/home-and-away/news/a452067/home-and-away-dan-ewing-reveals-hollywood-ambition.html

I honestly hope this means he won't renew his contract and probably next year he'll leave.

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I like his opinion on taking the special effects out and concentrating on the characters. That's a major gripe I have with all TV and film at present, the shift has well and truly gone from being character lead to plot focused over the past decade.

There are awesome underground or less known films and TV shows that are character based, but all the action and thrillers have become too event driven. The film recently staring Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas is a prime example of modern day 'action' - it was trash. No character development or storyline at all, just special effects after stunts after special effects - it was awful. It get's to the point where the actors aren't actually acting, there just screaming or running or jumping.

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Double Post! Oh well while I'm here...

It doesn't come as a surprise to me that Dan is going to give Hollywood a shot, why wouldn't he? I'm pretty sure 95% of the cast under the age of 40 would have an ambition to head over there and work in TV or film, and I'm sure some of the plus 40's would too.

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^I think the problem with the Australian film and television industry is that it is pretty much non-existent compared to UK/USA - here TV especially is dominated by American content and has been for years. We don't have the funds to produce epic movies to rival Hollywood etc and unfortunately I see the whole industry as shallow and sheepish.

Japan have there own TV and film industry, it is huge and they don't care for copying trends in general - they just do there own thing because they are proud of their own industry. Having said that, I think Australian's do like to watch Australian content but the big wigs are too scared of failure, they'd rather bank on importing from the US. If it was a ratings hit over there you can be sure it will be 'fast tracked' over here. Actors want to go where the work is, and it isn't here so they head overseas.

I also think there is this sense of 'Australia isn't good enough'. If a 'celeb' or Aussie TV show or anything 'makes it' overseas, they are so respected and admired. I just think it's a shame that a lot of (of course not all) people in the industry feel like they haven't really 'made it' unless they're recognised overseas.

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