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A Familiar Face Pays a Visit to Ramsay Street

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Source: http://neighbours.com.au/10658.htm


Someone else is following Toadie’s progress closely on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother, and this familiar face will hit screens in 2013 ...


Toadie's mum, Angie, is back to shake things up - as always! The seasoned performer recently filmed a guest appearance on Neighbours. Her no nonsense character, the unconventional matriarch of the Rebecchi clan, makes an unannounced visit to Ramsay Street to welcome her grandchild. Without giving too much away, Toadie finds himself negotiating his way through a minefield of personality clashes…not unlike his present situation.

Lesley joined Neighbours in 1995 as a regular character for a year and has since made regular guest appearance for those milestone events in her son’s life including his weddings to Dee Bliss and Steph Scully. She was also part of Neighbours 20th Anniversary special episodes.

“Angie is one of those wonderful characters without even being conscious of it, causes strife from the moment she steps through the door and it’s always lovely to have Lesley come visit us again,” said Richard Jasek, Neighbours Executive Producer.

Lesley is one of a number of returning characters to Neighbours to feature in storylines during 2013. Watch out for Angie’s on-screen arrival next month in Australia and March for UK viewers.
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This is brilliant news. I'm really glad to hear that Angie is returning. It's realistic as well considering her granddaughter was just born now.

I can't wait to see her interaction with Callum, and I bet she'll clash with Sonya. Angie always provides good laughs for the viewers. I wonder if 'Big Kev' is returning as well.

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I love larger than life Angie (in small doses, mind you) and I really like how they manage to get her back for those key moments in her son's life. I know that it probably depends on the actor's willingness/availability to return for the role, but I sometimes wonder if they even bother to try once they've left and I have to say, I've enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with Neighbours over the past few months and the way they've managed to slip in updates or mentions of past characters with little effort - they even managed to slip in a mention of Mrs Mangle.

Knowing Angie, I can see her clashing with Sonya, especially about how to raise a Rebecchi. Used to love the little rivalry between Mrs Mangle and Madge, so wouldn't mind seeing Angie and Sheila getting into it over something.

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