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Character Review for 2012 Xavier Austin


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Character review for 2012 - Xavier Austin

How did Xavier develop as a character until his departure from the show?

What did you see are the strengths of Xavier this year?

What did you see are the weaknesses of Xavier this year?

What has been your favourite storyline/s involving Xavier this year?

What has been your least favourite storyline/s involving Xavier this year?

Please feel free to speculate, as it is most welcome but please remember that spoilers need to have spoiler tags placed around them.

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I was never much of a Xavier fan until he started seeing Kelly last year and by the end, I was sorry to see him leave. I think during his stay, he developed and matured into a rather nice young man, which seems like a rarity these days as a lot of characters take one step forward then two steps back and unlike those characters we’re told are nice guys, yet their actions continually say otherwise, Xavier actually was a nice guy and since Miles left, I enjoyed having another nice guy around the place.

I liked most of his storylines this year, because they showed him maturing from the school leaver into a young man looking to take responsibility. Romeo could learn a few things from him. Even though I still find it rather funny thinking of him as a cop, he had the right motivation for choosing that career and think he will probably become a good cop, especially as he’s well away from Summer Bay, a town that taints and portrays so many cops in a poor light. I didn’t like the usual, have a cop do something wrong for the sake of family/friends part though and it’s a shame we won’t see him develop further into his career, but hopefully,

with his return for the funeral, we’ll learn a little of what he’s been up to since he left.

Even when I wasn’t a fan, I always enjoyed his interaction with John and this year, I started to enjoy his interaction with his mother much more, especially the way he was finally loosening the apron strings and starting to stand up more for himself with her. There were quite a few amusing Gina expressions because of Xavier standing up to her.

I liked the way he stood by Sasha throughout her ordeal, but though I started off as a fan of them as a couple, as he grew into his role as police cadet, Sasha just seemed to come across as far too immature for him and the age gap appeared more than it was, so I wasn't that fussed when they split.

The only storyline of his I didn’t like this year was his exit. I can’t remember the last exit storyline I liked as these days, they seem to be about character assassination before sending them to jail or a coffin or shoving them out the door as fast as they can and Xavier’s exit felt like the latter. One minute he decides to move away, the next minute he’s packed and gone as if he'd never even been there.

Overall, I was happy with the person he became and his development from a teen doing dumb things into an adult taking responsibility and looking to help others in his role as a police officer. I just hope he gets over his accident-proness, as he could prove rather dangerous to himself or others with a loaded weapon. :innocent:

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