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Where We Left Off

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Hello everyone, sorry for the terribly late update. Between Christmas and New Year and then I have been down in Melbourne for a week I just have not had a chance to update but hopefully it was worth the wait and I still have my amazing readers. Oh and just to let you all no I may be adding a few characters in that aren't in the show but they will not have major roles. :wub:

Chapter Two

Charlie walked to the back of the school alongside her best friends Leah, Martha and Bianca. They had all been the best of friends since 7th grade with Bianca moving to the school in the 9th grade. It was recess and the girls had just finished sport and were gossiping about things they did on the weekend.

"I got these amazing pair of Tiffany earrings" Martha said as the girls sat down next to a shaded tree

"How did you score them" Leah smirked

"Grandad" Martha blushed

Martha's grandad Alf as one of the most well known residents in Summer Bay and Martha was living with him while her mother Roo was in New York. Alf was always buying Martha expensive clothes, jewellery and other accessories

"You're so lucky!" Bianca said

"Anyways, what did you guys do on the weekend" Martha asked

"Well me and Charlie went dress shopping for Noel's party" Leah smiled

"I'm so exciting" Martha grinned as she took a bite of her sandwich

"We spent nearly 5 hours looking for the perfect dresses" Leah smiled

"What did you get?!" Martha asked excitedly eager to know the girls outfits; Noel Kahn's party was the biggest party of the year and she had to know what her best friends were wearing!

"It's a surprise" Charlie smirked

"What! No!" Martha pouted

"Yes" Leah giggled, as did Charlie

"C'mon please I was gonna tell you about mine!" Martha pleaded

"No you'll just have to wait and see" Charlie grinned

"Whatever" Martha said as Charlie and Leah continued to smirk at how annoyed she was

"Anyways, Bianca have you found a dress?" Charlie asked as Bianca had become awfully quite during the conversation

"Aw I'm not going.." Bianca said looking away from the girls

"What?" Leah asked

"You have to come" Martha demanded

"No I don't" Bianca said

"Bianca just because you and Heath broke up doesn't mean you have to miss out on Noel's!" Charlie said

"Yeah c'mon Bee it won't be the same without you" Leah said

"It has nothing to do with that I just said I don't want to go!" Bianca shouted before storming off up the field and passing Brax, Jack and Heath on the way

"What's wrong with Bianca?" Brax asked as he bent down and placed a kiss on his girlfriends lips, as did Jack

"She's not coming to Noel's" Martha explained

"What, why?" Jack and Brax asked almost in unison

But the girls remained silent not wanted to upset Heath that the reason Bianca didn't want to come to the party was because of him. But Heath looked to all three girls waiting for answer before finally realising without a word being said that he was in fact the reason.

"It's me isn't? I'm the reason she doesn't want to come" Heath said and upon receiving no response stood up and began to walk away from the group

"Heath!" Charlie called standing to her feet and going chasing after him

"Just leave me alone" He shouted before continuing to walk away in the same direction Bianca did

"Just leave him to cool off" Brax said grabbing his girlfriend's arm and pulling her back down onto his lap

"Great now they are both upset" Martha said

"What are we going to do about those too?" Jack asked shaking his head

"Honestly? I have no idea" Brax said as the school bell rang and the five of them headed back to class all thinking of a way to stop this constant drama, as it was starting to take a toll on all of them

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