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Secret Santa 2012 Presents

Guest Barbara

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Hello everyone,

This is where you can post your Secret Santa presents.

When posting your gifts please remember:

- to state who your presents are for.
- to post icons/avatars individually.
- that videos are to be posted as links only.
- that fanfictions are to be posted in the Fanfiction section of the forum, with a completed catalogue form in the first post. Then post a link to your story in this thread.

If you haven’t finished making your presents yet, don’t worry. This thread will remain open until mid-January at least.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year!

Happy holidays! :D

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Presents made for KatieroxNZ

I have made a Heath/Bianca Icon/avatar And a Charlie/Brax Icon/avatar for you.

Hopefully you will like them :D I hope they are the right sizes too.



I have written you a Chax story too because I am nice like that lol But haven't edited yet would you like that as well I don't mind.

Anyhow Merry Christmas Kate.

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Secret Santa gifts for: rosalie

Merry Christmas! I'm going to have to post your gifts over multiple posts because I got a little bit carried away, which I hope you don't mind :P.

Presents include:

[55] icons

[8] wallpapers (sizes can be altered if necessary, just let me know)

Part 1/4





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