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Adored that, most especially …..

“Could you give us some privacy?” Bianca said as she looked to her friend.

“No, Charlie can stay,” April spoke quietly. “Just in case it gets out of hand again.”

“It was a shock for me too, believe me,” April answered. “But I know what I am and I can accept it. I just need to know if you can.”

Bianca pulled at a bit of play dough that was on the table, making it into a circle in her hands. “I think if you want to experiment with girls then, you should.”

“I don’t want to experiment, Bianca,” April already felt annoyed at her sister. “I am gay. I don’t need to test it out.”

“If you’ve never been with a woman you can’t exactly say you are gay, surely,” Bianca replied. “Just because you haven’t enjoyed being with Xavier or Dex doesn’t mean that you won’t find that connection with another guy. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be.”

“Maybe it’s because they had a little too much penis and not enough breast.” April spat and Charlie bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. She understood how April felt, but she did find the comment rather funny.

“Oh April that’s -” Bianca went to talk, but April cut her off.

“I only feel attracted to women,” April sighed as she gave Charlie a glance, Charlie deciding not to talk unless she felt it absolutely necessary. “Why can’t you be more like Charlie and just accept this without any problems?”

“Because I love you too much,” Bianca answered. “And I can try and be supportive but I’m sorry, I just don’t believe this is what you really want,” Bianca said. “Like I said, I’ll support you if you need to experiment and get this gay thing out of your system, but you’re my little sister April. You’re not gay.”

“Why don’t you try to get some revision done and I’ll go now to get you some clothes? With you and Rubes planning on sneaking out to that party tonight you’ll need something nice to wear in case you meet any nice single girls.” Charlie raised her eyebrows as she stood up from the seat.

April screwed her face up, confused as to how Charlie would have known about the party. “How did -”

“Another thing about mothers, April, we know everything.” Charlie said as she rubbed April’s shoulder before she left the house to catch up with Bianca.

As much as he didn’t want to be her father because he knew his marriage may not stand that revelation, he deeply wanted a third child and felt Charlie wasn’t as keen on the idea, at least not anytime soon, but of course he knew that was no reason to hope he was the father, and anyways he was pretty sure he hadn’t cheated on Charlie, although his drunken nights had left him not remembering getting home some nights so anything could have happened in between.

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LOOOVE how Rubes is slowly falling for April!!!!!!

ADORED that, most especially …..

“Now, Rubes, about this party tonight -”

“What party?” Ruby tried to look confused but it was no use, Charlie knew about it somehow so there was no use lying.

“Don’t give me that,” Charlie said. “I know you’re planning on sneaking out to this party. Why can’t you tell me about it?”

Ruby looked to April accusingly before looking back to her mother. “This girl Sadie at school, well her sister is in uni so there will be uni students there and alcohol and no adult chaperones really - unless her sister and her uni friends counted - since their parents are out of town for the week so.....well alcohol, uni boys and no chaperones doesn’t exactly tell me that you’d let me go.” Ruby exhaled.

“I see,” Charlie nodded. “Well as long as you promise me that you won’t touch any alcohol and given the fact that you have a boyfriend, I’m sure I don’t need to worry about a uni boy having his way with you so, you can go.”

Ruby felt a smile forming on her face. “Wow, thanks. I thought you’d make us stay home and study.”

“Look you are 17,” Charlie exhaled. “You’re old enough to know yourself what could happen if you don’t study enough. As long as you do a good bit more today and tomorrow then you can go out tonight.”

It’s not as if they fit Ella anymore. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal,” Brax exhaled. “Geeze. “

Charlie exhaled as she rubbed her forehead. “Ah you know what; the clothes are the least of our issues right now.” Charlie pursed her lips together as she sat down on the couch.

Not wanting your possible love child around isn’t really taking it out on her, as such,” Charlie raised her voice. “As long as she is here we are going to argue and do you really want that? All this tension between us because the twins will pick up on it soon enough Brax, they’re not stupid. Even she knows something isn’t right,” Charlie said as she pointed to Katie. “Probably why she was up crying half the night because she is in a strange house with strangers.”

“I don’t know,” Brax shook his head. “She seems pretty settled to me.” Brax looked down to Katie who still wasn’t ready to give up on his thumb and gave a little smile.

“Maybe she can sense she’s in daddy’s arms,” Charlie retorted as she stood up from the couch. “I had her most of the day yesterday and all of last night but she’s your problem so you can deal with her from now on.” Charlie said before walking down the hall to the twins’ room to check on them.

She was wearing a purple strapless dress that cut at the knee and hugged her in all the right places, pushing her assets up rather nicely, Ruby noted. Ruby shook her head lightly as she couldn’t shake the image of kissing April from her mind.

Ruby put her hands around April arm as they laughed lightly before looking into each other’s eyes, April wanting to kiss her so much but thinking she didn’t feel the same way, used all the power she could to resist it. Ruby telling herself she was straight and into Romeo.

“So yeah, let’s go.” April said as she straightened herself up.

“Yeah.” Ruby once again cleared her throat, wondering if she’d just had another moment with her friend before linking arms with her and walking out of the bedroom to leave for the party.

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