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WAAAAAAAAAAY loved that, especially …..

“Mummy can’t make them, she’s always burns them.” Charlie said as she folded the blanket back over the edge of the couch.

“C’mon munchkins, April and I will try our hand at pancake making.” Ruby made her way back into the kitchen with the twins running in after her and April behind them.

“You know when it comes to pancakes I’m no use,” April sighed. “I’m about as good as Charlie and Bianca are at making them.” April gave a little laugh.

“You are way better than Bianca and my mum,” Ruby answered as she pulled the frying pan from the cupboard and placed it down on the hob. “Give yourself some credit.”

“Mmm, Heath don’t.” Bianca shrugged away from him as she moved to the side and turned to face him.

“What?” Heath sighed. “I was good enough for you last night but not now?” Heath shook his head as he folded his arm across his bare chest.

“I eh...last night was amazing. It always is, but,” Bianca pursed her lips together as she shook her head lightly. “We can’t be together.”

“Why?” Heath questioned. “We both love each other and want to be together. Please just let yourself be happy. You’re allowed to be happy, Bianca.”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “Because if I was allowed to be happy then I’d still have Rocco.”

“You make me think of Rocco too, but, I’m glad I have that. That I have you to help keep his memory alive.”

“I guess I haven’t really looked at it that way,” Bianca tucked her hair behind her ear as she looked back up to him. “I’ve thought of it as a bad thing. That being with you makes me think of Rocco and it’s sad. But, I guess it could be a good thing. That because I have you, I’ll never be able to forget him.”

“Oooh,” Noah’s eyes lit up. “Thank you Apil.”

“You’re welcome bud.” April smiled down at the boy.

“You’ll need to cut it.” Ruby said as she took the little knife and fork from her sister and cut her pancake up for her with April doing the same for Noah. April smiled lightly as she glanced at Ruby. She loved how great she was with her siblings. She couldn’t help but think of them together with kids, and knew they’d make a great team. That the kids would be lucky to have Ruby as a parent.

“Here, let me.” April stepped forward and wiped her hand over Ruby forehead, removing the flour. Ruby stared into April’s eyes; never quite noticing their true beauty until now. She’d always thought April was beautiful in a friendly way, but now, looking to her, she found herself thinking more of April. April gave her a smile, letting her hand linger on her forehead.

“Eh,” Ruby cleared her throat as she pulled her head back and looked down to the pancake, giving the pan a little shake by the handle. “Could you get the twins a glass of milk?” Ruby spoke quietly and didn’t look up to April.

“Sure.” April pursed her lips together as she opened the fridge and took the milk out before looking back to Ruby, who had gotten the twins’ cup out of the cupboard.

“The yellow one is Ella’s and the green one is Noah’s.” Ruby said still not looking at April. She flipped the pancake over in the pan and exhaled lightly, not being able to stop thinking that maybe, just maybe, she did like April as more than just a friend.

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