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That was coooool, especially …..

“No no,” Charlie walked down the hall as Noah came running of the bedroom in the nude. “Mummy, I no to wear them okay.” Noah jumped up as Charlie lifted him into her arms.

“Not wear what bud?” Charlie walked back into the bedroom with her son to see Ella already lying in bed, cuddling her little ragdoll close to her as Brax stood with a pair of Noah underpants in his hands. The scene was slightly confusing, as normally it was Ella who would put up a fight to get dress and get into bed.

“Underpants.” Noah answered.

“Ah you need to wear underpants.” Charlie exhaled as she put Noah down on the bed and took them from Brax.

“I like nappies.” Noah sighed.

“Nappies aren’t for big boys,” Charlie shook her head. “C’mon you put these on for mummy, yeah?” Noah looked down to the underpants before looking back to his mother and sighed.

“Okay.” Noah nodded as he put his legs into them and Charlie pulled them up before reaching for his pyjamas and put them onto him.

Brax sighed. “I’ve been trying for the last 20 minutes at least to get them onto him. You come home and all of what, a minute later you’ve got him wearing them.”

“Oh I -” Charlie was cut off by the sounds of Katie’s cries. It was then when Ruby noticed the moses basket sitting in the living room. Charlie exhaled as she saw Brax must have brought Ella’s moses basket in from the basement.

“Um...since when have we had a baby here?” Ruby screwed her face up as Charlie gently rubbed the baby’s tummy hoping this would be enough to silence her.

“Like she’s not our child and we shouldn’t be looking after a stranger’s baby.” Charlie replied.

“Oh so you believe me now?” Brax answered. “Not accusing me of sleeping with every woman in the bay and more?”

“That wasn’t that long after Rocco died. It was hard on everyone. I felt so guilty that my kids were fine, running around and Heath’s kid got taken from him.”

“So the solution to make you feel better was to go have sex with someone else?” Charlie screwed her face up.

“No...I don’t know,” Brax shook his head. “But I do remember a good few drunken nights out.”

“Right, so you can’t even remember sleeping with her? Nice one Brax.” Charlie sighed.

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This is BEYOND wonderful, especially …..

“Ahh I’m such an idiot,” Bianca banged her hand off the dashboard in frustration. She knew she should have never yelled at April the way she did. She knew it must have been hard for April to come out to her. “I’m a lousy big sister.”

“You’re kind, caring, loving....Bianca you are more than a big sister to April,” Heath answered. “That’s probably why you reacted how you did. Because you love her so much.....you’re more of a mother to her than your own mother.”

“You’ve changed.” Bianca gave Heath a smile.

“Really?” Heath gave a laugh of disbelief. He didn’t think he’d changed much at all. “How so?”

“I don’t know, you just have.” Bianca shrugged as she stared at her ex. He was hot, really hot and sometimes she found herself wondering how she could resist his constant offers of a date.

“April when you become a mother you’ll understand that even if things in your life a bit hectic or you’ve got problems with your husband that you’re still going to put your kids’ feelings first.”

“Not your kid though am I?” April exhaled before taking a drink of the water.

“No but I’ve known you since you were the twins’ age so you’re pretty close to me,” Charlie said and April gave her a weak smile as she watched her put a now sleeping Katie back into the moses basket.

“So, Ruby said something about you and Bianca falling out?”

“Yeah,” April sighed. “Eh...I eh....I told Bianca that I was gay and she threw me out.”

“I’m surprised to be honest,” Charlie tucked her hair behind her ear. “She was supportive of me when I was with Joey.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re not her little sister,” April answered. “Or maybe it’s because she told me that she doesn’t think you were gay. That you can’t be if you are with Brax now.”

“I’m not gay,” Charlie shook her head. “I’m with Brax and was with Angelo before that. But I was with another woman and I loved her. I’ve never felt attracted to another woman since Joey but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t ever again. I’m open to it if things with me and Brax go really wrong. But I do plan on spending the rest of my life with him.”

April smiled lightly. “So you don’t regret being with her?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “But I am glad we ended too. I would never have got with Brax nor had the twins if I was still with Joey and I’d never want to swap that for anything.”

“No you eh, you have a great family,” April smiled. “I’d like to think that one day I could have a couple of kids. Guess it’s just not going to be as straightforward though, you know, not wanting to be with a man.”

“You can still have a family,” Charlie answered. “There’s adoption or sperm donation.”

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Chapter 1 - Charlie and Brax seem to have their hands full with Ella. :lol:

Chapter 2 - I wonder what's wrong with April?

Chapter 3 - I agree with everyone, I think April likes Ruby too.

Chapter 4 - I hope Bianca gives Heath another chance.

Chapter 5 - I'm glad April is starting to tell Ruby how she feels.

Chapter 6 - I didn't expect Ruby to react like that, I hope she comes round.

Chapter 7 - Omg, Brax has another child?! I'm really surprised at Bianca's reaction.

Chapter 8 - I'm glad Ruby and April made up. I think Brax might be telling the truth too.

Chapter 9 - I really hope the baby isn't Brax's.

Chapter 10 - I'm glad Bianca came looking for April. I like Charlie and April's talk.

Chapter 11 - I wonder if Ruby's starting to develop feelings for April?

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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