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REALLY loving this fic, especially …..

“Mummy she’s stinky.” Ella held her nose as she looked up to her mother. Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked to the baby sitting in the buggy. It wasn’t her fault and she couldn’t leave her in a dirty nappy. She exhaled as she walked over to the buggy and opened up the baby bag that was hanging over the handles. There were a few changes of clothes, some baby wipes, a little brown teddy with a red bow around its neck, and a few bottles of milk, but no nappies.

“Mummy didn’t leave her any nappies,” Charlie exhaled. “What can we do?” Charlie looked down to her kids, not really expecting an answer but Ella replied.

“She wear my panties.” Ella said.

“She can’t petal,” Charlie shook her head. “She’s too little to wear panties.”

“I not, I not,” Ella shook her head. “I a big girl. I no nappies now.”

“If anyone was going to cheat it would be you,” Brax spat and Charlie widened her eyes in shock at Brax’s comment. “Sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“What the hells that supposed to mean?” Charlie questioned.

“Nothing I -”

“Brax.” Charlie almost yelled his name.

“Well you’ve just got the track record for this kind of thing, haven’t you?” Brax questioned. “You cheated on Joey and then you cheated on Angelo -”

“Ahh and you were totally innocent in that weren’t you? You didn’t have anything to do with it at all; I had to force you into bed right enough, didn’t I? You didn’t want me at all.” Charlie was furious that Brax had brought up her past. If anything he was the one who did most of the chasing, Charlie eventually giving in to what she really wanted.

Ruby was walking home from Romeo’s place when she saw her sitting on the ground against the back wall of the surf club. It was raining pretty heavily and she was soaked through, Ruby figuring she must have been sitting there a while now. She thought about just leaving her, but she looked so upset and in need of someone to talk to. She walked over to her and stared silently down at her. “Don’t,” April sniffed back as she looked up to Ruby. “I eh...I don’t need to be yelled at again today.” Ruby pursed her lips together before sitting down next to her friend, the ledge that ran down from the roof keeping the ground reasonably dry.

“What you doing sitting out here in the rain?” Ruby questioned.

“I haven’t got anywhere else to go,” April spoke quietly. “I told Bianca I was gay and she threw me out.”

“What?” Ruby was surprised at April’s revelation.

“She said I couldn’t stay in her house if I was gay.” April said.

“Look she is probably just a little shocked. Or a big bit shocked,” Ruby answered. “I know I didn’t expect that from you.”

“Maybe,” April wiped the tears from her face. “But I don’t have anywhere to stay now,” April said. “Irene has those kids staying so she doesn’t have any room, my best friend hates me now....I just wish I had someone’s support.”

Ruby exhaled lightly as she put her hand onto April’s shoulder, her t-shirt drenched from the rain. “I don’t hate you. April you....you’re my best friend and I love you. Not in the way you probably want me too, but I do love you. I was just really surprised that you fancied me and I was just a bit shocked. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I’m really sorry I yelled at you and told you to leave.”

“And if you want someone to talk to, maybe you should talk to my mum,” Ruby said. “She’s been where you are right now and maybe talking to another les-, well I guess bisex-, someone who’s been with another woman, it’ll help you.” Ruby screwed her face up, not really sure what Charlie classed herself as.

“Go where?” April screwed her face up.

“My place,” Ruby answered. “You can have the spare room until things with Bianca are sorted.”

“Thanks,” April looked to Ruby and gave her a thankful smile. “But what am I going to do for clothes?” April questioned. “I think its best I stay away from Bianca for just now.”

“You’re the same size as me. You can borrow my clothes.” Ruby said and April once again gave her a thankful smile before they made the walk back to the house.

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I am enjoying your new story. I thought Biancas reaction was very harsh. Ruby was supportive despite what April confessed to her.I am curious as to who the baby's father is. I don't think it is Brax's I think the woman is out to cause trouble. He certainly put his foor in it when he and Charlie talked about the babies father and who it could be and whether or not he cheated. I look forward to reading your next update.

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