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I did wonder who that woman was and who she was looking for but I never once thought it was Brax.

Hmm, assuming it is...she didn't actually

see Brax when she dropped him off after all...

Pretty aghast at Bianca's reaction, she really had no right treating April like that.Poor April really is getting it from all sides at the moment, I was hoping Ruby would go see her.Wonder where she'll go now if Bianca really does throw her out?

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Given Bianca’s European background, I might have thought she’d be more open to the idea of April being gay !!!!! It’s also REALLY ironic for me, given that Bianca & Charlie are together of my current fic “Couple Of The Year” !!!!

Such an IMMENSELY SHOCKING [in a mostly good way] chapter, especially …..

They still shared a room at the moment, but Charlie knew once they got older, they’d need to put them in separate rooms so they’d have their own space, especially with them being of the opposite sex. “It’s passed your nap time anyways.” Charlie said and Ella huffed as she jumped up onto her bed and started jumping up and down.

“Not sleepy.” Ella shook her head.

“Yes you are, you always have a little sleep in the afternoon otherwise you don’t make it till dinner time.”

She had to go home.” Ruby answered rather sharply, Charlie knowing right away from her daughters tone that something wasn’t right.

“You guys okay?” Charlie questioned. “Didn’t have a fall out did you?”

Ruby sniggered. “No, eh....she just had to go home. Bianca wanted her for something,” Ruby improvised. Although she felt angry towards April for keeping something like that from her, she made her a promise she wasn’t going to tell anyone and she was going to keep that.

“I eh....she’s his and I can’t do this anymore. I’m not made to be a mother,” Charlie felt her heart beating in her chest; she instantly felt betrayal hit her. She tried to talk but no words came out. “Her name is Katie and she’s 4 months. I’m done.” The lady turned and walked away and Charlie stood as if frozen to the spot for a moment. A small cry from the child brought her to her senses as she walked out of the house and made her way down the driveway to the woman who was getting into a taxi.

“Wait, you can’t just leave the child here, stop,” Charlie reached out to grab her arm but the woman pulled away and closed the taxi door. “Stop, wait,” Charlie banged on the taxi as the driver pulled away, the lady in the car telling him to go. “Stop.” Charlie yelled as she watched the taxi drive off down the hill and around the corner out of sight. She put her hand onto her forehead, completely shocked at what had just happened.

April was in her bedroom, the tears streaming down her face as she looked at a picture of Ruby and her from a few months ago. She hated knowing that by telling Ruby her secret she’d more than likely lost her friendship, but it wasn’t her fault. At least, that’s how she felt. Ruby pushed at her until she told her. Ruby wanted to know who she liked. It wasn’t April’s fault that Ruby couldn’t handle it. She wiped the tears from her cheeks as she put the photo back down on the bedside table.

The WHOLE April telling Bianca scene …………in particular …… . “I’ve hid this for months because I was so scared of everyone’s reaction. Look at what Charlie had to face when people found out she was with Joey. Her car was vandalised, people talking behind her back, Joey’s brother gave her a hard time, and no one should have to face that for falling in love.”

“Charlie isn’t gay,” Bianca raised her voice. “Or if she is she’s the world’s worst lesbian, you know, for being married to a man.” ….. AND …..

“You are....it’s wrong for you to like another women. You’re supposed to like men,” Bianca looked almost disgusted at April. “It’s not right April and I will never support you.”

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