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Danni02, in terms of this latest WONDERFUL fic of yours, did Charlie/Joey ever happen ????

TOTALLY looooooooooooooving this, especially …..

 Ella picked up what she thought was Ruby pencil case from the desk. “I colour too.”

“Ruby isn’t colouring,” Ruby said. “She’s trying to revise for her exams and that’s not my pencil case, give me that.” Ruby grabbed the case from Ella’s hand causing her to squeal as Charlie walked into Ruby’s bedroom.

“What are you kiddies doing in here?” Charlie asked. “I told you to leave Ruby to revise.”

“She not sharing her pencils.” Ella cried as she pulled on Charlie’s top, wanting to go up.

“You can let them use your pencils, Rubes, surely.” Charlie said as she picked Ella up, as Noah ran over to her with Thomas safely back in his hands.

“Yeah they can use them if they want but this is not my pencil case.” Ruby said as she held up her insulin kit.

“Oh,” Charlie widened her eyes as she saw what it was. “Ella sweetie, remember we told you that you can’t play with Ruby’s black case. It’s doesn’t have pencils in for you.

 “They’re making signs for my bedroom door,” Ruby answered. “Red for stop and go away and green for come in and play,” Ruby said. “You think they’ll understand that?”

“It’s worth a try,” Charlie said as she folded up her son’s t-shirt and put it down on his pile of clothes before she pulled the iron from the socket. “Hopefully it will stop them coming into your room when you don’t want them too.”

“Yes, that’s what I am hoping,” Ruby answered. “I love the little munchkins and don’t mind playing with them but I’m also a 17-year-old girl so need my space.””

The ENTIRE coming out of the closet scene ……in partciluar ….. Do you know that when you are gushing over Johnny Depp or think 'I would' when you see Channing Tatum or think Ryan Reynolds is super-hot that I’m thinking the same kind of things about Scarlett Johansson or Mila Kunis or....Jessica Alba.” April almost yelled, sort of relieved that she’d finally told someone. ....................................AND ......

“April you...” Ruby trailed off as she saw the look on Aprils face. She was telling the truth. “You’re really gay?” April gave a little nod. “Well have you...” Ruby paused totally shocked. She thought she knew everything about April. She thought they had no secrets. “Have you ever kissed a woman?” ......... AND ......

Ruby smiled as she turned to face the TV screen again. “And Scarlett Johansson eh?” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “I know I’m straight but if she came knocking I’d turn.” April smiled lightly at Ruby’s comment. Although it was most likely said jokingly, she found little hope in it, as perhaps, when April told Ruby how she really felt about her, Ruby might find herself saying she’d turn for her too.

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Dani02, MANY thanks for answering my question!!!

Such a SHOCK reaction form Rubes. Hope she comes round …..Yeah, Ruby/April would be ACE !!!!!

That was soooooooo FANTASTIC, especially …..

“Leah’s shop.” Ella smiled up at the lady. “Mummy’s friend.”
“Oh is it?” The lady smiled as Ella nodded her head.
“Mummy and daddy shop.” Noah added as the twins pointed up to the restaurant.
“Oh right.” The lady gave them a polite smile. She didn’t want to stand and talk, she wanted a coffee and then she’d be on her way.

“Yeah but she’s still little miss terrible two’s,” Charlie sighed. “Although she’s been good today.”
“Aww that’s nice to hear,” Brax smiled down at his daughter. “You going to be good forever now?”
“No,” Ella shook her head. “I won’t.”

“Okay,” Ruby sighed as she put the pen down and looked to her friend. “Is there anyone that you like?” Ruby questioned. “Like, you know, like like?”
April pursed her lips together. Yes, there was. There was someone she was already in love with, but could she just come out and tell her that and risk losing Ruby from her life altogether? But maybe, maybe if she told her, Ruby would say she was curious, or she found herself being attracted to women too, maybe Ruby’s boy madness was just a way of Ruby trying to make herself think she was straight. There was Romeo right now, and before that she had a fling with Alexander the driving instructor, she was obsessed with Jason from year 12 for a while, although that was totally one sided, there was of course Casey, and Xavier and before him Pat, although April knew that nothing ever happened with Pat apart from kissing. “Eh, not really,” April shook her head. “I mean there might be this one girl, but....” April trailed off. “It won’t happen.”
“Oh,” Ruby widened her eyes. “Is it Violet from year 12?”
“Why, because she is a lesbian too, so it must be her?” April questioned.

“All the teachers are like 40 or older apart from Bianca and it would be highly disturbing if I fancied my sister.” April screwed her face up.
“Mrs Townley isn’t 40. She’s like....Bianca’s age, no?” Ruby questioned.
“Well yeah but she is also a Mrs with a 3 year old son,” April answered. “I’m not going to fancy every single girl on the planet you know,” April said. “It’s just the same as you liking boys. You find some attractive and others not.”
“I guess,” Ruby exhaled. “Ahh I just want you to be happy and find someone to love you. You deserve that. Let’s go to a gay bar at the weekend. I think there’s one in Mangrove River.”
“We’re only 17.” April sighed, wanting this conversation to end.
“So, I’ll get us fake Id’s.”

“Why?” Ruby questioned. “Who is it? Oh my God it’s not my mum is it?” Ruby sounded worried as she placed her hand on her chest. “I know she had that thing with Joey but she’s married to Brax now and.....please tell me it’s not?”
“No,” April shook her head. “It’s not your mum.”
“Well then who is it?” Ruby questioned.
“You,” April looked away from Ruby as she spoke quietly. Ruby’s eyes widened in shock as her mouth opened but no sound came out. After a while like this, April spoke again. “Rubes, say something, please.” April sounded as if she was about to cry as she reached her hand out to touch Ruby’s arm.
“Don’t touch me,” Ruby pulled her arm away. “You....gay....me?” Ruby questioned. “How....I....I’m not....” Ruby shook her head. “Just leave.” Ruby said as she looked to April.
“Rubes, please just -”
“No, no, just leave,” Ruby stood up from the chair and started collecting April’s books together before she handed them to her. “I eh...you just have to leave,” Ruby walked over to the front door and opened it. “Now.” Ruby’s tone caused April to jump slightly before she walked through the house and left as Ruby had requested.

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