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LOVING this fic sooooo much, especially …..

 Heath looked back to Bianca and pursed his lips together, before walking away.

“Everyone knows you still love him,” Charlie said tentatively. “And he obviously still loves you. I don’t see why you can’t try again.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” Bianca shook her head. “There’s just too much....he reminds me too much of Rocco and I....I can’t be with him.” Bianca spoke quietly as she looked down to the sand.

“Bianca I -”

“Leave it,” Bianca raised her voice, causing the twins to look their way in fright. “Sorry, I eh, I have to go. Bye.” Bianca stood up from the sand and wiped her jeans down before walking away from Charlie and the twins.

 “Because I did and you love me.” Romeo grinned.

“Considering she was with Casey when she was choosing her Year 11 subjects, I highly doubt that’s true,” Dexter said. “More like her dashingly charming friend Dexter was in that class and she wanted to be with me.”

 “It’s guanine,” April answered. “If you’re really struggling with Biology I can give you some tutoring if you want.” April smiled.

“Nah, you’ve got your own exams to study for,” Ruby answered. “I don’t need to make you fail them as well as me.”

“You won’t fail Rubes, you’re really clever,” April smiled at her friend. “And when I’m studying Biology, I can help you. I find it easy, so I don’t really feel that I need to revise much for it anyways.”

 Ruby screwed her face up. “I’d say he was a cheating shi.....” Ruby trailed off. “Well it doesn’t really matter. We are over and I’m with Romeo and he’s amazing and I’m very thankful to be with him, so, yeah.” Ruby said as she gave Romeo a smile. April watched the two of them staring lovingly at each other and knew even if she did tell Ruby how she felt, she’d most likely not stand a chance in her returning the feelings.

 April sighed as she threw her pen down on the table, not liking listening about the guys who were lucky enough to have been with Ruby, when for her, she knew most likely that would only ever happen in her dreams. “I’m getting a drink.” April said before she stood up from the table and walked through to the kitchen. Ruby exchanged a glance with Romeo and Dexter before following her through.

 Trust me Ruby; he’s not right for me,” April exhaled. “Let’s just get back to revision yeah?”

“Sure,” Ruby exhaled. “And you know you’re gorgeous April so you’ll find the right guy soon enough. I know you will.” Ruby smiled as she nudged her friend’s arm, before she walked back through to the living room. April took a deep breath and she rubbed her arm where Ruby had just touched her and exhaled before following her back through to revise again.

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Im finding this Ruby/April situation so interesting it's a really good twist as nobody on the forum has never really done something like this before. Hopefully the relationship goes someone where for them

Wish Heath and Bianca were together again :(

Update soon love this story Danni xx

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