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Is it just me, or does April has SERIOUS feelings for Ruby ????

REALLY enjoyed that, especailly …..

 “Is everything okay? Are you having boy trouble or something?”

“Why is it every time that a girl looks slightly down everyone assumes its boy trouble?” April sighed.

“Well I know you and Dex broke up recently, although I can’t think why. He adored you and you got on so well.”

“I’m not going to listen to this,” April sighed as she stood up from her desk and picked her textbooks and pencil case up. “I’m going now.” April said before walking out of the classroom

 “But, still, I wish you’d named the restaurant after the kids instead of me,” Charlie said. “It would have been sweet.”

“Ah but if I called it after Ella and Noah and then we had a third child they wouldn’t be in the name and would feel left out, so really it had to be you.” Brax said as he gave his wife a grin.

“We’re having a third child?” Charlie widened her eyes sounding most alarmed.

 Charlie stood up from the table and went to leave the room but Ella screamed out stopping her. “No mummy, highchair for babies.”

“Well get back in your chair then,” Charlie answered. Ella sighed as she jumped down from Brax’s knee and climbed up onto her chair. “Good girl,” Charlie smiled as Ella began to finish her dinner. “She puts me off ever having another child. She is so terrible.” Charlie didn’t like saying that, but right now, Ella was a very defiant child.

 “God you guys are inseparable even when you’re not together,” April moaned. “If you’ve not got your tongue down his throat, you’ve got your hands all over him or are giving each other these stupid googly eyes, then if you not together you are constantly texting him, give it a rest Rubes, you’ve only been together a few months.”

“Ohhhh,” Ruby sang. “I think someone is jealous.”

 She knew something was bothering April. She hadn’t been the same for months, but she couldn’t push anything out of her. She’d just need to wait until April was ready to talk. April looked to Ruby and exhaled lightly before hitting play on the remote and they started to watch the movie.

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great chapter

had a feeling from the first chapter

that April is the person who as feeling for Ruby and the second chapter makes me think I might be right

cant wait to see where you are going with this

Ella is a handful to say the least :lol:

update soon :)

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Enjoyed that, especially …..

 Oh no mummy,” Noah shrieked. “It’s all gone.” Noah said as he slapped his face with his hands.

“What’s all gone?” Charlie gave a little laugh at her son’s dramatic pose.

“The water,” Noah said as he pointed into the empty bath. “Where it go?”

“It went down the drain because you pulled the plug out.” Charlie answered as she continued to brush Ella’s hair.

“Oh no.” Noah shrieked again as he kept his hands on his cheeks.

“It’s okay,” Charlie answered. “You’ve had your bath and you’re all clean so we don’t need the water anymore.”

“Oh no,” Noah shook his head. “I telling daddy.” Noah said before he disappeared of out of the bathroom in a hurry.

 “You’re not yourself. The April I knew would be revising like mad already.”

“Yeah well maybe I have other stuff on my mind,” April sighed. “Look, if you want to leave then go. I’ll walk you to the door.” April stood up from her bed and Ruby followed as they walked down the stairs in silence.

“Sorry,” Ruby said as she saw the look on April’s face as she opened the door. “I seriously didn’t think you’d mind.”

“It’s fine, sorry,” April exhaled as she smiled at her friend. “It’s just....exams and stress and....yeah, well I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

“Okay bye.” Ruby said as she walked out of the house. April closed the door and sighed lightly as she hit her head against it. Keeping quiet about this was harder than she thought so maybe she’d have to rethink what she wanted to do and perhaps the best thing was to in fact tell Ruby how she really felt.

 Charlie stood up from the couch and pulled Brax up to standing, letting their lips find each other’s again.

“Oh jeeze,” Ruby screwed her face up as she walked into the room. “Please stick to just doing that in your bedroom.”

“Sorry.” Charlie cleared throat as they pulled apart.

“We were on the way there for some fun now,” Brax grinned and Charlie slapped his chest. “Ouch, what was that for?”

“That’s my daughter.” Charlie said.

“She’s seventeen.” Brax exhaled.

“She’s still my daughter. She doesn’t need you putting that image in her head.” Charlie said as she glanced almost crossly at Brax.

“Yeah, I eh....I really didn’t Brax.” Ruby shuddered at the thought.

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