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Happy NY!

I really hope the paternity results come back soon & show that Katie isn't Brax's .. I just want happy Chax back :)

Ruby is going so see April & violet kiss isn't she? She has too lol ... Things could get very interesting!!

More soon, please x

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LOOOVED that, most especially …..

Charlie sighed as she took the glass of wine from her friend. “Brax might have a 4 month old daughter,” Charlie said as she saw the look of shock forming on Bianca’s face. “Oh and she is currently living with us.”

“What?” Bianca gasped. “When did this happen?”

“Yesterday the mother dropped her off,” Charlie sighed. “Said Brax was the father and he could deal with her.”

And seeing him with her, I don’t think he’s sorry at all. The way he treats her, like she’s his little princess and I think he wants her to be his.”

Ruby stood and watched as April was chatting to Violet. As she saw April laugh at something Violet said, she couldn’t help but feel jealous that April was getting on so well with Violet. She felt herself wanting her to be the one to make April laugh and smile. She knew April liked her, so was April trying to make Ruby jealous? If she was, it was working perfectly.

Yesterday I told my best friend and my sister. Bianca didn’t take it so well so I’m staying at Ruby’s place. I guess it would be a shock for her.”

“My mum is still like that now,” Violet sighed. “I came out almost 2 years ago, when I was 16, and she refused to meet the two girlfriends I had since then,” Violet tucked hair behind her ear. “My dad and big brother are supportive though so I’m not all alone.”

“Well you can have me there for you.” Violet gave April a smile.

April laughed lightly. “We’ll be the talk of the whole school next,” April said. “The two lesbians hanging out together.”

Violet gave a little laugh. “Well we could really give them something to talk about then.” Violet raised her eyebrows as she looked into April’s beautiful eyes. She leaned forward and put her hand onto April’s cheek and rubbed it gently, before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her lips. April pulled back for a moment, before she smiled at Violet, and placed a kiss on her lips.

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