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LOOOVE the opener, especially …..

 . Ruby had been there for April when her mum abandoned her in favour of a life in Germany with her toy boy, when she had to get her tonsils taken out they watched movies and ate tubs and tubs of ice-cream together and before all that when April was nervous for starting Year 1, young Ruby took her hand and told her it would all be okay.

 “I wasn’t paying attention.” April answered.

“Dexter,” Bianca exhaled. “Would you care to tell April the answer?”

“Shark, octopus and seahorse respectively,” Dexter answered rather proudly. “The names of the animals in English.” Dexter gave April a smile.

 She was the boisterous, full of life one, who always needed to be on the go, whereas his son was very timid and relaxed.

“Thought it was more fun to throw her lunch all over the kitchen floor other than eating it,” Charlie answered as she watched Noah climbing up onto the chair. “So she didn’t eat her lunch so no lollypop.”

“No, it was Noah.” Ella scowled up at her mother as she cuddled closer to Brax. She was 100 per cent a daddy’s girl. Brax little princess, whereas Noah was more of a mummy’s boy right now.

 “Pulled his lolly from his mouth and threw it in a puddle,” Charlie shook her head as her eyes rolled. “Seriously she may look like me but she is all you,”

 “What you going to do with that?” Heath looked down to the polystyrene tube in her hands.

“Uhm....hit Noah.” Ella giggled cheekily before running over to her brother.

“Ella Braxton,” Charlie raised her voice as she glanced up at her daughter. “Don’t you dare.”

“I will.” Ella answered with a cheeky grin before whacking her brother over the head with the tubing.

MUCHLY looking forward to more !!!

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