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How do YOU personally divide up H&A's lifespan (1988-present)


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1997-1999 wasn't bad per se but there were stretches of boring and Pippa left a massive gap when she went. And plus I liked Neighbours a lot more during the time (as stated before).

I give the Nashes their props (Didn't get interesting until late '98, though).

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1988-97: Classic/Golden

1997-99: Dip

2000-03: Sutherland/New Dawn

2004-08: Emergency

2009-10: Lost the Plot/WTF

2011-15: River Boys/Underbelly

I pretty much agree with this, but I wouldn't dismiss 2009-10. I enjoyed that era partly because of the 'Lost the Plot/WTF' storylines, if you mean storylines like (I've tried to describe them in a way that emphasises their craziness):

  • Miles having visions of Rabbit (who had strangely accurate psychic powers and appeared in Marilyn's dreams despite being a figment of Miles' imagination), while trying to catch a graffiti vandal who turned out to be himself;
  • Alf being hounded by Mr Oddly and haunted by flashbacks to his fear of ventriloquist dummies... then being hounded by Penn, who was haunted by flashbacks to his time in a mental asylum;
  • plus, of course, the people smuggling mystery (severed hand on the beach; the police promote Angelo to head of a taskforce despite him killing fellow officer Jack; Irene goes to prison for murdering her lover out at sea; the diner burns down in a race riot; Hugo is responsible for a dozen immigrants dying in a shipwreck, then stages his death, then returns and gets away with using $100,000 of blood money to fund his and Martha's life on the run).

Yes, they were all crazy storylines... but at least they were ambitious, exploring new territory for the show, and I found them enjoyable. 2009-10 also had strong 'normal' material like Belle & Aden's relationship; the introduction of the Walker family and John Palmer; and the return of Marilyn and Roo.

So, I'd say:

2009-10: Slightly lost the plot, but entertaining for it.

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 I would prefer the Martha MacKenzie Show over Braxton domination any day. But it is not so much the Braxtons that are the problem it is just how they have been shoehorned into every plot going and the way they are written. I think we could one day see a return of Heath but hopefully with better scriptwriters he may be a more rounded character. I am not against a Braxton return, just against domination.

Maybe 2016 will see a new era and a new family.

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1988-1990 the fletcher years

1991-1993 the ross years

1994-1996 the Shangel times

1997-1999 the nash/fisher chronicles

2000-2004 the Sutherland era

2005-2008 the sally show

2009-2010 the Missing years

2011-2015 the braxton Bunch

2016-???? The Patterson files 

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2000-2004 wasn't that good, it was the reason why I stopped watching from late 2004 to 2007 as Neighbours was far better than it around 2003/04.


2000-2004 (The Sutherlands)

2007-2008 (Campbells)

2009-2010 (Arrival of Gina, a poor enough era)

2010-2011 (Improved lighting of the sets)

2011-2014 (Braxtons)

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