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In the late 1990s, Sally had a boyfriend called Tim.

He was mentioned in Inside Soap (a UK magazine) and I thought they stated at one stage he was going to become a regular character. The next thing was he became more controlling of Sally (I think this is what happened) and he disappeared.

Does anyone know why this is? I'm clutching at straws but this has always puzzled me. Inside Soap is usually quite good with their information and I thought he would stay around for a while longer.

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I found some information about Tim O'Connor in Sally Fletcher's profile on the main site... found here. I hope that this helps you answer some of those unanswered questions. :)

Around the same time she began a relationship with a local fisherman called Tim O'Connor. Tim genuinely liked Sally and their relationship was a slow burner and quite sweet and genuine. Tim worked away a lot which was difficult for them but they managed it until Tim was accused of being involved in a scam to bring illegal immigrants into Australia. With him under the threat of deportation Sally slept with him and he was sent away soon after.

As Shannon left the bay Sally succumbed to a gambling addiction, something she was first introduced to by Tim. The man in question flirted with Justine in an attempt to make Sally jealous but quickly twigged that her gambling was the real reason behind her mood swings. He surprised her with a dinner date and later asked him to join her up North for Christmas and Sally accepted.

With Pippa making the decision to go travelling with Ian, Sally assumed that she and Tim would be put in loco parentis at the caravan park. When Pippa instead turned to Travis and Rebecca, Sally was hurt but after arguments with Tim she contemplated going with Pippa before eventually opting to stay.

Tim though had begun to show signs of jealousy and after he upset he by bringing up Scott Sally finished things. Tim though wouldn't let her go and became obsessed, accusing Travis of having an ulterior motive in taking over the caravan park house. After flowers failed to do the trick and Sally made her feelings abundantly clear, he left the bay for good.

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