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Make Your Own Family (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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Great start to this fic. I'm enjoying it so far. Not sure I like Dallas with her attitude but to be fair she's probably really stressed with all the chores and the tiredness the kids are putting her through, and needs a break. I do feel sorry for Dex a bit though, glad he could talk to Leah. Nice seeing Sally, I liked her scene with Alf and his "welcome home Sal."

Look forward to more. :)

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WAAAAAAAAAAY enjoyed that opening chapter, especially ……

 “Well, you know how we always tell William and Louis not to play with knives?The same goes for you.If I actually thought you’d be a help, I’d let you but I’ve already got two children to look after and I can do without you being a third!”

Dexter had the strong feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to charm his way out of this one.He adopted the most dignified expression he could manage and headed for the door of the flat.

“Where are you going?”Dallas demanded.

Dexter looked at her stiffly.“I’m taking my ‘toys’ where they might be appreciated.”

 Now you remember the rules, okay?Most collectors keep these things in vacuum safes and never let them see the light of day under any circumstances.Now I’m being a generous old person and letting you play with them on condition that you’re very, very careful.Understand?”

 “Yeah but…I’m beginning to think that she’s reaching the same conclusion that all girls seem to do about me.That I’m great as a friend who helps you with your homework, not so great as a boyfriend and father of your children.”

 “Well, after all these years, I never thought I’d see you two back in Summer Bay.Even if this is still technically your house.”Alf’s gaze fell on the girl with them.“Good lord, is that little Pippa?You’re bigger than your mum.”

Pippa shot a glance across at Sally to check there was still a couple of inches between them.“No, I’m not.”

“Well…you’re bigger than she was when I first knew her anyway.”

 “Well, the house is still where you left it.Most of the town too.Not sure you’ll remember that many of the people though.”

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Pippa's turned into a pretty smart kid. I liked the scene at the beginning there with her, Miles, Sally and Irene. I wonder if Pippa and VJ will become friends. Poor Dex, he can't catch a break at all and I felt for him when he found the letter. I understand how Dallas must be feeling too, but that wasn't the most tactful way of doing it. I hope they both have a talk soon and sort things out for the boys.

Update again soon. :)

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WOAH !!!! that Dallas walked out on Dex !!!! hope they sort things out !!!!

That was ACE, especially ……

 Pippa barely seemed to acknowledge Leah’s presence.Instead she was looking at another member of the group, a smile on her face.“Hi, VJ.”

VJ shifted uncomfortably.“Hi.”

Sally and Leah smiled to themselves.Pippa had developed something of a crush on VJ when he and Leah had visited them in Phuket two years earlier.By the looks of things, it hadn’t diminished.

 She gestured towards Dexter, who’d been hanging back from the reunion, looking left out.“And this is Dexter, Stephen’s father.He’s been spending the evening with us.”

Dexter raised a hand awkwardly.“Hi, Mr.Copeland,”he greeted the only member of the group he recognised.

“Hey, Dex,”Miles answered.There was an awkward pause.

 Dexter wasn’t sure what to expect when he got in.Dallas yelling at him, probably, angry at him for walking out and not telling her when he’d be back.Which, he had to acknowledge, was fair enough, he had disappeared rather abruptly.It was becoming something of a habit.He suspected neither of them had adapted that well to the grown-up life of homes and children and landlords.

What he hadn’t expected was silence.

 I’m sorry for doing it like this.I know it’s the coward’s way out.But you know things haven’t been right for a while.I wish we could work things out but I’ve got William and Louis to look after, they don’t deserve us fighting all the time.So I’ve gone back to Yabbie Creek, a friend’s offered to put us up for a bit.You can come and see the boys whenever you want, you’re Louis’ father and you’re the only father William’s ever known.And the only person I’ve ever really loved.Maybe that’s why I want to end it now, before we end up hating each other.Love, Dallas.

Dexter stood still, reading the letter over and over again, not sure how to react.

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