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FANTASTIC start !!!!, especially ……

 .“Did you see a hurricane pass through here?”

“If you mean our two oldest, I think they’re having a pillow fight at the moment.”

 .“You’re going to be better behaved than that when you’re their age, aren’t you?”

Louisa seemed to think about this for a moment, then gave a grin and shook her head.

“No?”Ruby repeated.Louisa had had her first birthday two months previous and, while she hadn’t yet mastered the art of talking, she could usually understand what people said.Ruby tickled her on the stomach and she giggled.“You are so going to regret that.”

“She’ll be an angel,”Romeo promised,“Like she’s always been.”

 “Romeo, you’ve given her loads of help.Including giving that boy one of your kidneys.And giving up half your shifts at Austin’s, even though you’re meant to be the manager.”

 Mink came over to the bar and slammed her pad down on it.“Table 6 wants a bottle of chianti.Don’t know whether you should give it to him, he looks like the type who’ll develop wandering hands once he’s got a few glasses inside.”

“You didn’t say that to him, did you?”Indi asked worriedly.

“No but if he lays a finger on me where he shouldn’t, I’ll break his hand.”She turned to Xavier with a smile.“Hey, Xav.”She tickled Pammy under the chin.“Hey, Pams.”

Xavier looked her up and down.“Nice outfit.”Mink had adopted a black dress since she’d started working at the restaurant.

“Should be, it cost me two weeks’ wages.”Mink accepted the bottle Indi handed to her.“If it comes back broken, it means I hit him on the head with it.”

As she stalked off, Xavier shot Indi an apologetic look.“She doesn’t mean it.”

Indi glared at him.“How come you get all the smiles and I get a load of surly attitude?”

“Just charm, I guess.”

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Good update. Still get a horrible feeling everytime Mink is mentioned.....hopefully I am just being paranoid about her. Hope things stay okay with Peter too and Sasha and Drew trying for a baby would be nice. But this is a story so I am sure things wont stay happy for long!

Update soon :)

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Great first two chapters to this story.

I'm not going to lie I'm finding Mink quite amusing. The scene where she was moaning about that guy in the bar and saying she might hit him with a bottle made me smile. But I do think she is going to cause trouble for Romeo and Ruby. I can also sense Peter causing Ruby more trouble too.

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