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About You Quiz

Guest KristinaLeigh

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About You...

- name?

- age?

- where are you from?

- siblings?

- pets?

- smoke?

- drink?

- relationship status?

- do you attend school/college/university?

- what do you study?

- job?

- future aspirations?

- hobbies?

Home & Away...

- favourite character of all time?

- hottest girl?

- hottest guy?

- funniest character?

- favourite couple?

- memorable episode?

- least favourite character?

- least favourite storyline?

- funniest moment?

- least favourite couple?

Other facts about you...

- favourite film?

- favourite genre of movies?

- favourite drink?

- favourite band?

- favourite tv shows?

- favourite colour?

- favourite season of the year?

- favourite holiday?

- celebrity crushes?

- favourite thing to do to to relax?

Let me know guys! Ill start you off :)


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