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You And I Collide

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REALLY REALLY looooooooooove this fic, especially ……

 Sasha's breathing picked up pace fast, she felt as if someone was pressing down on her chest with a weight, the space closing in around her, she felt dizzy and sick. She jumped up and pulled off Casey's t-shirt slipping into her black dress again. "Sash, calm down." Casey said, he jumped to his feet and placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her. "He's gonna kill me." she flustered, searching Casey's bedroom floor for the rest of her belongings. "No, he won't. Nothing can hurt you when I'm around remember?" he said, and she placed her bag on the bed, he pulled her into a hug.

Casey went to work on breakfast as Sasha sat at the kitchen table, she felt so comfortable at the Braxtons. Suddenly a shirtless Brax submerged from his room. "Oh er, morning Sash..." he started, with a huge smile. She smiled and nodded and Brax headed into the kitchen. "Something you want to tell me mate?" he asked, nudging Casey in the side and giving a cheeky wink. Casey laughed ands shrugged, "She fell asleep." he explained and Brax smiled, "Alright mate, whatever you say." he grabbed some juice and wondered back into is room, saluting Sasha as he went.

 Even at 10am, in last nights dress with bed hair and remnants of last nigt's make-up, Sasha was the most natural, honest and wonderful thing he had ever known. He thought back to Ruby, with her blonde beachy waves, and tanned skin. Typical Summer Bay girl, he had never done anything like this for her, so why was he doing it for somebody who wasn't his girlfriend? Infact sometimes he couldn't wait for Ruby to leave the next day, but with Sasha he was sad the second she left.

 He pulled her into a long hug, and Sasha wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands against his warm skin. He leant down and kissed her cheek, Sasha smiled unexpectedly, she had never imagined a kiss coming from such a huge guy could feel so gentle. "Your amazing Case..." she smiled, she gave him one final cuddle and she was off.

He couldn't help being worried about her, or Stu but he was still absolutely amazed by her. He went back into his room and lay down on her side of the bed, where she had slept the night before. He took her scent in, in the sheets and sighed. Best night's sleep he'd ever had.

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"I'm going to ask you, one more time...where did you go the other night?" Stu spoke in a quiet hushed tone, his hands tightly gripped around Sasha's neck and he lowered his gaze, staring directly into her eyes. "Do not lie to me." he said slowly, looking deeply into her eyes.

"I went to....Casey's." she said, her voice broke as she spoke, and she trembled. Stu's gaze didn't move from her, his eyes totally fixated. "Why?" he asked. "To talk to him, he's my friend..." she explained, and Stu's grip got tighter on her fragile neck. "What did I say to you, about Casey?" he asked, his voice turning into a low growl. Sasha looked down at the floor and he pulled her hair sharply to bring her head back up to meet his face. "What did I tell you?!" he shouted this time. The house was empty, just her and him. "You told me not to talk to him again." she whispered through apologetic tears. Suddenly Stu lurched for Sasha, pushing her down onto the bed and he crawled on top of her, she tried to scream but nothing came out. His hands were pressed tightly to her neck to stop her moving, he raised his long, muscular arm - fist clenched and slammed it into her jaw.

After Stu had left, Sasha lay there holding her swollen face. She picked up her phone where she had a message from Casey.

"How did things go with Stu? I had an amazing night by the way. :) xxx" - She quickly read and deleted the message, she couldn't take anymore chances like last night again.

The next morning before school Sasha pondered into the Diner for a coffee, alone. She had on her usual Summer Bay High, slightly too short sundress and a pair of beat up black coverse trainers. She was wearing her hair down, to cover the side of her face. She'd done her best with her make-up that morning, but she couldn't pretend it wasn't there. Her lower face was purple, yellow, blue with bruising. She'd already figured out what she would tell people - she fell. Simple.

She ordered a coffee and took a seat in the quitest corner of the diner. She took a sip of coffee and closed her eyes, and she saw Stu over her, his fist coming back and then hurdling towards her face for maximum impact. She was totally dazed. "Sash?" she looked up and Casey stood there with a plate of toast, he took a seat and handed her a slice. She didn't lift her head, but she took it and nibbled on the corner. "How did things go with Stu?" he asked, pressing. She looked up, and sucked back the tears which were forming in her eyes. "All good." she smiled, "but I need to go. Thanks for the toast..." she mumbled. As Sasha went to move Casey caught a small glimmer of something hinding under her hair, on her face.

"Wait, Sash - what happened to your face?" he asked, looking concerned. "Oh, I...er...fell. I fell." she repeated and hurried out of the diner, Casey wasn't letting her go this time. He ran after her all the way down the beach, calling her name but she picked up pace and blocked him out, no matter how much it pained her. He finally caught up and tugged softly on her arm. "Sash, turn around and show me your face." he demanded, concerned. Sasha slowly turned, and he saw the tears and pain in her deep brown eyes, his favourite eyes. He took in how soft and innocent she was, as she moved her long dark hair aside and showed Casey her jaw and neck. Casey's eyes widened with fury and anger, he knew it. He knew straight away, Stu had been accused of this before with some of his exes. He'd hit her.

She looked around, scared as if someone were watching them. "Did Stu do this to you?" he asked, bluntly. Sasha saw a side of Casey he'd never shown before. He was straight faced, his breathing was fast and he shook. Sasha nodded, just once and bit back the tears in her eyes, one escaped and fell down her cheek. Casey stepped closer to her, and wiped it away, delicately. "When?" he asked, again. His voice was hard and foreceful. "Last night." Sasha mumbled. Casey pushed her hair back a little and slipped a warm hand around her neck, examining the brusing. It started on her jaw line and went down to her neck, he touched it gently and Sasha felt his warmth - as if he were repairing her like a damaged doll, with his healing hands.

"You, go to the hospital and you tell your dad." he said, "I'll take care of Stu." he said simply. "Case, no he's so strong. He'll kill you." she pleaded, she couldn't afford to loose Casey now. "Sash, I'm a big boy." he laughed. "I'll deal with it. Get over to the hostpital and I'll drop by when I'm finished." he said simply. He picked Sasha's heavy bag of books up and threw over his shoulder like a bag of candy floss. Maybe Sasha had underestimated how strong Casey was. "When you've finished what?" she asked, looking up into his gorgeous blue eyes. "With him." he said. "Case, don't do anything stupid, be careful." she said, worry in her eyes, she ruffled Casey's dark hair and they parted. Sasha made her way to the hostpital.

It had been nearly two hours that Sasha had been at the hospital, she had explained to Sid what had happened and they were about to leave for the police station, but Sasha was determined to see Casey, he would come for her she was sure. Another hour passed. Sasha called and left messages, no answers. Her fear grew.

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"Finally..." Sasha ran to Casey when he appeared in the doorway of the hospital, throwing her arms around him and pulling him close. He winced and she leaned back and took in his appearance, his once clean school shirt dirty, a few bruises and a cut on his forehead. She delicately stroked his arm and took him by the hand, guiding him into the hospital and sitting him down in the reception area. She leaned in close to him, still her grasp on his hand firm. "Are you okay? What happened to you?" Sasha asked, she leaned closer to Casey's face, searching for answers to the million questions she had.

Casey laughed, just softly. "I'm fine Sash, you should see the other guy." he laughed. "What happened?" she pushed. "I dealt with it Sash, he won't bother you anymore." he said simply and with that he placed an arm around her, and she rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart beating double time. "I'm sorry I let you down..." Casey whispered into Sasha's dark hair, she frowned and looked up at him, utterly confused. "You haven't let me down", she frowned again and he gently placed her head back onto his chest, "I said nothing would hurt you, but I brought you into this and I didn't stop it in time." he said. Sasha had never seen Casey cry but he looked quite close to it at that exact moment. Sasha jerked herself up, and placed both hands around his face, cupping it tightly. "You have done nothing but been amazing Casey Braxton, from day 1." He smiled as did she, and then both stopped and looked at each other, Sasha still holding his face. Casey leaned forward slowly, edging closer to her face. Sasha's stomach was full of butterflies, she felt dizzy.

"Come on Sash, let's get you home." Sid had come along and was akwardly waiting in front of them, never a man of tact. Casey quickly pulled away, making a break. "I'll call you later?" Casey asked and Sasha smiled and nodded. Sid raised an eyebrow suspiciously, another River Boy - that was not happening.

They called by the police station on their way home, and Sasha gave a statement. They brove back to the farm in silence, she would now have to tell Indi and Dex. Sid was silent, then suddenly for the first time he spoke. "So, er why's Casey Braxton getting involved in all of this?" he asked, his facial expression was non exsistent. Sash raised an eyebrow, she knew what he was asking. "He's my friend Dad, Casey's really looked after me through all this. I don't know what I would do without him." she explained, praising him. She thought of them, their friendship and everything they'd been through - he'd stuck around. "Remember he's a Braxton and a Riverboy..." he explained. "Dad, Casey is different." she said definantly, and with that Sid said no more.

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