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You And I Collide

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Chapter 4

Casey took a slightly burnt Lasange from the oven, placing it on the side. He took a look at the living room, he'd also prepared a bowl of popcorn and some little candles dotted here and there. He had collected a stack of Sasha's favourite chick flicks and they were stacked beside the television. Heath and Brax were working down at Angelo's, so he had the place to himself until around midnight. He paced around quickly, stopping at the mirror to examine himself. He tugged on his black t-shirt and jeans, he'd already changed four times. Their usual movie nights concluded of take-out from the diner, action movies and hanging out in their sweats, but Casey had gone all out. He lit the candels carefully, and flicked through the movies, placing her favourite on top. Casey had dated girls before, here and there. He thought back to his ex Ruby, he had never done anything like this for her. He'd never sat around waiting for her to call, or made any effort if she didn't. What if Dex was coming round for movie night? Would he of lit candels for him?

His phone vibrated and he rushed to read the message from Sasha eagerly. "Never guess what, Stu asked me out! Mind if I take a rain check on movie night? Mwah! x"

Casey sat down on the sofa, re-reading the message. Replaying moments from last night in his head. The moment he surfaced the water and saw Stu kissing Sasha had changed him somehow, he suddenly saw Stu in a different light. Stu and Casey, as Riverboys had been friends for years, not close - but friends. He had seen the way Stu treated girls, he'd cast them aside when he had what he wanted and moved on to the next one. His blood boiled as he pictured Stu's hands around her tiny frame.

Casey blew out the candels and angrily smacked the dvd pile to the floor. He binned the lasange, took a beer from the fringe and took a huge gulp.

He grabbed a jacket, and made his way over to Romeos, leaving the romantic room looking lonely.

Sorry it's a short update! I'll update in a few hours, just popping out! :) It'll be Sash & Stu's date! xx

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Chapter 5

3 weeks had passed since Sasha and Stu'a first date. She was now officially his girlfriend. They sat hand in hand in the diner that morning before school sharing breakfast. Casey walked in alone and quickly passed them by heading straight for the counter.

"Casey, hey! Come sit with us." Sasha begged. She had been trying to call and text but he seldom replied. Always claiming to be sleeping or studying, he had become a social recluse, spending the majority of his time caged up in his room. Casey turned and saw Sasha's pleading look. Her face was bright and warm and her eyes dazzling. "Gotta go, sorry." He mourned, taking his coffee. Sasha jumped from her seat and he knew she was following him, she did so all the way to the beach.

"Casey, what have I done?!" She shouted, and he turned hearing the pain in her voice. He hated hearing her sad, thinking this was somehow her fault. "It's nothing Sash..." He started, turning to her, he watched her eyes fill up with tears. "I'm sorry, if I've annoyed you but I feel like I'm loosing the best friend I ever had." He watched he'd as a tear rolled down her cheek. He couldn't bare to see her pain. He put his strong arms around her and hugged her closely. "I'm still right here Sash, but you've got Stu now too..." He said, stroking her hair softly. He looked down and pressed his face into her hair, taking in her usual strawberry scent. "But your my best." She whimpered, "don't go anywhere else I don't know what I'd do." Sasha hugged

him tightly, tugging on his shirt. He felt her arms at his back, and more than anything he wanted to lean down and kiss her. "I'm right here Sash, always right here."

That afternoon after school students buzzed around happily excited for Saturday night's formal. Posters hung on every wall as a reminder. There was a buzz of excitement in the air.

"You going?" Dex appeared alongside Casey as he stated at them poster aimlessly. Casey shrugged. "Come on, I'm going, Sash and Stu are going..." He began.

"Then I'm out." Casey huffed turning to walk away. "I see it you know, I'm not stupid." Dex shouted as he walked away. Casey turned, eyeing Dex suspiciously. He placed a friendly arm around Casey's shoulder, "you like her, don't you?" He asked knowingly, raising his eyebrows.

Thanks for all the positive support guys!

The next ep will involve Dex's game plan to help Casey at theformal!

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"I know what you need my friend..." Dex twiddled his fingers in excitement. Both he and Casey were sat at Dex's kitchen table. "You need a girl!" he shouted, as if coming to some marvellous revelation. "But Sash?" Casey raised an eyebrow. "No you need another girl to make Sasha jealous, works with me all the time, when I get the ladies in..." Dex smouldered. "Mate, that's never happened." Casey stood from his head and grabbed his bag. "I'm off mate..." he trailed, making for the door.

"Get a date....for the formal. Get a date, that's it!" Casey wasn't sure if Dex was talking himself or to him. "What?" he couldn't see how him getting a date to the formal would change anything with Sasha. "No, you need a date. A pretty date. You always want what you can't have." Dex mumbled that last part. "Maybe, then once she sees you with someone else...." he continued.

Casey mulled it over on his way home, would Sasha even care if Casey brought a date? Probably not, she had her own. Casey didn't do formals or dates, or suits or anything of the sort - but hey. He didn't even know who he could ask, although Sasha was new to the bay the River Boys hadn't been around much longer. Casey began thinking of how much he missed Sash; her quirky outfits, her sarcasm, her laughter, the way she always knew what to do, her million earrings, the fact she didn't tan. He hated to amdit it but he was lost without her.

Casey took a break at the diner on his walk home, needing more time to think outside the four walls of his bedroom. He walked in and saw the usual groups - the River Boys were perched in one booth, all crowding round making more noise than everyone else. "Hello Casey!" cooed Marilyn. Marilyn Chambers was a mobile hairdresser living on the caravan park, she worked there part time. "What can I get you sweetie?" she pressed, her blonde beehive bobbing and her cherry earrings dangling as she moved. "Just a chocolate shake, please Marilyn." he smiled. He thought back to when the River Boys had first come to town, causing trouble and making enemies, but his two older brothers Heath and Daryl had moved out and they took Casey with them, and suprisingly he was becoming an upstanding member of society.

A date, he kept thinking. A date.

He pondered over to the table of River Boys and recieved their hellos. All of them crowded around Stu, and the phone in his hand. "Mate, she's hot!" one guy called from the back of the scrum. "What are we looking at?" Casey leaned in. "That new chick from the farm." he heard somebody say. "Sasha?!" Casey demanded. He leaned in and looked at the photo, Stu had taken it on the beach as she walked along in her bikini. She had no idea it had been taken from the looks of things. He snatched the phone from Stu's hand. "She's my friend, what are you doing?!" he demanded, eyeballing Stu's careless expression. "Mate, chill out! Check her out mate!" he laughed, tapping him friendly on the shoulder, holding the phone up to his eyes. He pushed it away.

How could Sasha possibly want somebody like him when she was so nice? He needed a date to this formal, he needed to protect Sasha. He needed to be there for her, to save her. He approached a table where he saw April Scott, a girl from his year, studying as usual. "Hey April, are you going to the formal?" April looked up, and pushed a pair of glasses up her nose a little. She shrugged. "Cos if you don't have a date, maybe we could go together?" he asked. April Scott was not the girl he wanted, nor was she his type. She was serious, organised and always correct, she wore button down shirts and plaid. "Okay, sure." she smiled, a little surpised.

He knew he was only taking April out of his own selfish needs but he needed to see Sasha, hang out with her again like old times. Maybe he could convince himself he didn't feel anything at all.

Now was his opportunity - "Hey :) just thought I'd let you know, changed my mind. I'm coming to the formal with you guys, :) x" Casey hit send, and within seconds a reply popped up on his screen.

"Omg? Really?! Awhhh Case, you've made my formal. Cant wait to see you, mwahhhh! xxx" he read the message and counted the x's. Why didn't she know? Why couldn't she see?

"Cant wait to see you." - he took those words in the most, re-reading them. He couldn't wait to see her either, even though she wasn't his date - she was the only reason he was going.

Next ep will be in the formal if you guys wanna hear it just lemme know and I'll post this avo! x

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