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Everything Has Changed

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Title-Everything has changed

Type of story-Short/medium fic

Main characters-Dex and Casey

BTTB rating- T

Genre- Romance,slash


Any warnings?-Not yet!

Summary- When Dex and Casey are forced to work together on assignment sparks fly.

Title comes from the song everything has changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Chapter 1!

Dex and Casey are like chocolate and apples. Complete opposites. Dex, does well at school, has never been kissed and only has like two friends. Casey on the other hand like I said earlier is the complete opposite. He doesn't do well at school at all; he's been kissed a thousand times and he is the most popular boy in school. So when Mrs Palmer decides that Casey and Dex should work together for an English assignment it shocks the both of them.

"So, do you wanna meet up after school?" Casey asks awkwardly. Dex just shrugs.

"We have to work on it sometime… How does 3.30 sound?" Casey nods.

"At your place?"

"Sure. Why not" Casey nods and walks off. Dex sighs disappointedly. Why did he have to work with Casey Braxton? Casey Braxton, of all the people he could be put with he had to be put with Casey. Dex feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see one out of three of his friends smiling at him.

"Hi April, who did you get put with?" Dex asks as he and April walk towards the cafeteria.

"Ruby, who did you get put with?" Great! Dex thinks to himself. I'm about to lose another friend.

"Casey Braxton…" April's eyes widen as she pushes the heavy doors to the cafeteria.

"Wow! I feel sorry for you… At least you'll only have to put up with him for a week." April says as she piles her plate up with whatever was in the bay-maire.

"Let's just hope! "


Casey opens the rusty old gate to the Walkers house. Casey doesn't like Dex, and probably never will but that doesn't stop Mrs Palmer putting Dex as his partner. Casey knocks loudly on the door. It didn't take long before the flyscreen door flew open to reveal Dex's cute younger sister.

"Oh, it's only you. Come in I guess." Sasha says with disgust. Casey rolls his eyes at his 'warm' welcome.

"Nice to see you too." Casey says sarcastically. Sasha storms off down the hallway, in true Sasha fashion and bangs on the door until a very angry looking Dex appears.

"What do you want now?" Dex asks in a clearly fed up tone. His usually neat hair in a mess, it was clear that Dex was stressed.

"Casey's here. And lose the attitude!" Sasha opens the door to the room next to Dex's and slams it.

"Sisters." Casey adds with a smile.

"You only have brothers. You have no idea what it's like being the only boy in the family" Dex walks through a big arch-way kinda thing into a room that Casey guessed was the lounge room.

"Nice house. Much better than mine." Casey says politely. He sits down on the large brown couch and opened his bag and started rummaging through it to find his english book. When he finally finds he holds it over his head like it's a trophy. This makes Dex smile.

"Lets get started!

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Hey guys! So I recently got this story out of the vault! So I hope you like it!

Thank you to the lovely people who commented before! :wub:

Chapter 2!

"I don't understand!" This work is driving me insane! Dex tries to help but it's like he isn't speaking English… Ha! That's funny because we're doing an English assignment!

"It's simple al-"

"If you say it's simple one more time you won't make it past high school!" Dex cringes at my threat… My empty threat that is. Sasha walks out of her room in a nice dress and her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail.

"Well, I'm going! Kyle's waiting for me!" With that she skips out of the room. Did I mention that Sash and Kyle are a thing? No, well they are! Every one of my brothers has a girlfriend. Brax has Indi and Heath has Rosie, yes Rosie has gone for an older guy. Heath hasn't changed her don't worry.

"Are you alright Case?" Dex's voice breaks my thoughts. I look up to see that he's looking at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Urgh um um yeah I'm fine!" I don't think I've convinced him though, considering he's packing up his books and things.

"What movie do you wanna watch?" Did he just seriously ask that question? We're meant to be studying!

"We're meant to be studying" Dex rolls his eyes and grabs a random movie.

"Man of steel?" Dex doesn't even wait for me to answer he switches the TV on and pops the movie into the player.

"I like how you wait for an answer." I jump on the couch and sit down.

"Shut up and watch the movie!" I don't know how he did it but in less than thirty seconds there was a large bowel of popcorn sitting on the coffee table in front of me. "One day, I'll be superman" I couldn't help it! I burst out laughing; I laughed so much I rolled off the couch. Bits of popcorn hot my back, I'm assuming that it's Dex who's throwing them at me.

"Walker, I'd stop if I was you!" Dex laughs an evil laugh and suddenly all this popcorn comes crashing down on my head.

"Watch yourself Dex. Watch yourself!" With that I see the time and start collecting my things.

"I gotta get going! I'll talk to you later Dex!" Dex says something I couldn't quite hear. I leave the Walker house with the English assignment still very much in my mind.

Dex's P.O.V

I guess he didn't wanna watch movies. Fair enough I guess, who would want to hang out with anyway. I'm nerd, as Sasha reminds me every day. I don't know why I care so much anyway; it's Casey Braxton for god sakes! He's nothing special. Sure he's extremely popular and most girls are googoo over him, but still. Like I said, nothing special. Dad won't be home until midnight, Sash probably won't come home until dad gets home and sees that she isn't here. Indi doesn't even live here anymore, I live a lonely existence, it's quite sad actually. I spot my camera sitting on the table already charged and ready to use. I might aswell update my youtube channel.

"Hey guys!

I'm in a bit of a situation, you see Mrs Palmer thought it would be great fun to choose our partners for this english assignment.

Guess who she picked for me!

That’s right, none other than Casey Braxton.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, we didn't make any progress at all!

But ohwell! Suck it up and move on!

Everybody is scarred of the Braxtons but I'm not!

I kinda can't be, both of my sisters are dating a Braxton

NO! Not the same one! Indi with Brax, they even live together

Sash and Kyle, they're out somewhere right now probably at the Braxton house hold playing playstation.

I noticed something was up with Casey, he seemed… Sadder than usual.

It was probably because he had better things to do then work on an English assignment with me.

Oh well! I better go! My stomach is growling at me! Bye guys!

With that I end the video and do some editing, which takes AGES! My phone lights up in a message.

Casey Braxton

Could drop by and give me my jacket that I left at your house mate? J

What jacket? I look around until I find a black jacket hung over the edge of the chair that Casey st on when he was here earlier.

Just let me eat first then I'll be right over J

Why is there nothing expect for cereal in the cupboards? Nutrigrain, coco pops, special K T=that’s Sasha's… Don’t judge or weetbix… Nutrigrain it is! I'm not even gonna add milk, it's yummier then you think ok? I'll take it to go. So with my zip lock bag full of Nutrigrain I head out to the car and start my long drive to Casey's.

Hope you liked it!

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